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Several years ago, my nephew was shot and killed by a friend of his. Two years later, on what would have been his 22nd birthday, his sister was rushed to the hospital with bleeding in the brain. She died a few days later. To make a long story short, there were some mistakes that the doctors made which caused her death. But in my heart they will always be my "Butterfly and Star"!!!!!!

Butterfly and Star

There was a young man, only twenty years of age,
Shot down and killed by a violent rage.
I close my eyes and see your smiling face -
It hurts so much! Are you in a better place?
One sunny day as I sat and thought of you,
A beautiful butterfly appeared out of the blue.
For the longest time it rested right on my hand,
And a peaceful feeling ran through me as if by command.
Then just about the time that I learned to accept God's plan,
Your sister was taken by the mistake of a man.
What was the reason? Was it just fate -
That she left this world to enter heaven's gate?
Just nineteen and had a baby of her own,
Yet it gave us some peace, brother and sister are not alone!
A little boy that loved you asked where you are?
Then he made a wish that God would give you a star!
Brother and sister, my butterfly and star,
I often wonder just where you are;
But every time a butterfly is near, it brings to my eyes a peaceful tear -
And on clear nights, I look to the sky;
The brightest star brings a twinkle to my eye!!!!!!
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15 Visitor Comments

this tear bought a tear to my eye. its excellent. however it is very sad that you lost both your son and daughter and it is a shamne that a mother was lost to. i believe you expressed yourself extremely well in this poem and i believe anyone to read it would see how you feel and how you love you r family
this poem is wonderful and it made me cry
this was so sad it brought me to tears! good job on this poem! did this really happen???
I am so sorry about your losses. I have had 4 miscarriages and a stillbirth, and yet I could never imagine the pain of losing your grown child. I just went to a friends funeral in Oct, he was stabbed and had his throat slit with a machete because he was protecting his little sister, Brent was also 20, with a son, a baby on the way and a fiance. I hope you can find some peace within.
This poem reached me because the something very clse to this happen to me and when i read this poem it brang back memories about my friend that was only 15 and died by being eletricutied then just 2 months after that his sister had a baby then dies after giving birth to a beautiful little girl.
I think that this poem is really saying a good thing well I say it because I had a friend that got killed two years ago and when I read this poem it made me think of him and is very good.
this poems made me brake down and cry sorry 4 the lost
This poem is a lot like the movies we teenagers see everyday which makes a lot of us believe that those type of things can never be reality, but what they don't know is that no matter how much money they have or how popular they are there is someone out there who feels the same way with a different crowd and died the same day they put that thought in their head.This was a good poem, keep on!
I thank you have a lot of Faith in the lord. Many people usaly don't know how to express them self when a love one is gone. But you knew just how, buy writting the most beutiful poem I have ever have hard. PLease keep on expressing your self!
oh my, this has left me crying and speachless. I am so very sorry for your loss, and I hope that you and your grandsons hours are getting easier.
This poem realy touched my heart. This is realy good. Sorry about the loss.
this poem is the best it should have top ten
dear .. i didnt lose any one .. i love in my life yet .. GOD fobid .. but i really lost something few years ago and still crying for that .. still regrating for that .. still spending time .. on .. it grave i lost my slef .. and couldnt find it .. tell now .. happy for you bec you learn how to be cope .. but i didnt yet .. i'll keep searaching ... keep waitting .. keep staring .. and loveign the rainbows .. cause i belive that thair is alovely place somewhere over it love and bless asha
I am Audrey's husband. The litte boy mentioned in the poem is our grandson (5 yrs. old) and the star incident helped him and my wife accept our loss.

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