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This poem was written by a friend and I when we were trying to write a song. The poem is about being a teenager, and being confused. But mostly it's about feeling like you don't belong.

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Very well put. I like it a lot. I can just sit here and and picture it in my head. It bring light into my eye.
Just want to say I loved the poem, I'm gonna use it for my English presentation if u don't mind. We have to make it into a slideshow. I think it will be really pretty!I'm gonna put your name in the end. THANKS
this was a very touching poem and i loved it i write poems myself but your one over powers all of mine.
I like this poem alot, It really moved me, I am a teenage girl who has been through alot, and this one poem has just calmed me down for the rest of the day, thankyou for writing.

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Angel's Wings

Angel's Wings are beautiful things,
like so many butterflies.
I want to fly free.

Angel's feet so soft and sweet,
Like the clouds they walk on.
I want to walk free.

Angel's hands are the golden bands,
which keeps the loved ones united.
I want to be free.

Take me back,
to where I belong.
Take me back to where I came from.
I want to be free.

Take my hand,
And walk with me.
Please help me,
I want to be free.
I want to go back to heaven.

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OMG this so describes da life of a typical teen including me!
I'm not sure why but i like your poem a lot it touched my heart your poem sounds like the words my litle sister used to say i dont no why but they do you are amazing at wrighting poems keep up everything you are doing i lovee your poems! i give you ten billion stars
Oops I forgot the comment!. You wrote a great poem. I envy yoou for being able to express the smooth feelings. Hope you keep writing !
Very touching. Its like a teenagers life in a box,
I really liked ur poem
In this poem you feel like you can float in the clouds with her. Its seems that she feels she dosn't belong hear.
this poem is very interesting. i like they way it was written and the way the words seem to melt together. its a cary good poem claire. you should write more.
I have to say i like this poem, but the wanting to go back to heavan is irrelevent, after birth, and learning right from wrong, i truly believe all of us will not make it to heaven right away, u would also look at this or write this poem differently if u have seen 2 of your best friends die at young ages! but on the up, truly a wonderful poem
I so agree with your poem. right now i rather be in heaven with my friend. but i'll just have to wait my turn. GREAT POEM!
Beautiful peom, it is very sweet.
Claire, Your poem was wonderful. It made me take another look at life in a different way thank you for having your poem on this site. You are a great writer, keep writing poems okay
It gives u a mystical feeling when u read it.It seems..alive..
I so agree with this peom,because when life gets so tough you want just to leave this world and go free.But you know that deep down inside you relize that you have to keep going on with your everyday life,but in the end you know that God has a big party waiting for you!So until that day when you reach the promise land you just have to keep believing in your angel, that someday it will set you free from life on earth!
this was a poem that really touched my heart
I Liked this poam because I am having alot of problems in my life and I just want to be free from al the pain!!!!!
I luv this poem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really feel that way to Claire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I like this poem!
I loved this poem. I am 14 years old and I just want to be free from alot of things in life, but for now is all I can do is stay strong.
I really liked your poem, I thought that it was very sweet and had lots of depth.
really nice cute and sweet! poem I like it very much i'm going to send my friends that poem!
I liked this poem very much. It touched me in a way and I Want to thank yu for that.
Your poem meant a lot to me. I really enjoyed it, because I almost died, and all I could think of was the angles taking me back home, so I could be free.
tis soooo good.
teens and adults alike should be able to relate to the feelings expressed in this work. if at any time in life, one has wondered "what went wrong?", this poem should find its way to the depths of their understanding.
I really enjoy this poem i feel that way sometimes.
it was so coooool! hope i can also express myself like what you did!

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