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Just two verses in and I was starting to cry. It describes the relationship I have with my best buddy 'spot-on'.
Tshepo Hope
Jeez! This is beautiful,I really shed a tear when reading this poem for it gave me some sort of comfort, like it was really written for me as i read it at a time when i could use a shoulder to cry on! Keep it up. That was a wonderful and very creative poem.
This poem really touched me. You're an awesome poet.
I really like this poem because this relates to me and my best friend
This poem really touched me because it relates to stuff I've been through.
I loved this poem so much! It was a perfect poem to write for my friend. I hope she likes it as much as I did!
This poem almost made me cry, and it did make me think of someone, the only person, who hasn't left me high and dry.

Friendship Poems (101-125)

  • by Kristi Maxim
    Friendship is a part of our lives, and it's also a hope for the future.
  • by Annabelle
    Memories, of times past, are a large part of what makes us unique as individuals. Especially if those memories are ones shared between friends.
  • by J.B. Jamison
    This poem is about fantasy. Or is it about reality?
  • by Rose
    If you like short poems, you'll like this one. If you like delightful poems, with a simple and meaningful message, you're going to love it.
  • by Angel7
    Who says computers isolate us from other people? This poem was inspired by a friend met on the Internet.
  • by D-spice
    This short, four line poem uses beautiful words and imagery to paint an important Truth about friendship.
  • by Angela K. Dyson
    Friends serve many functions in our lives. This poem is about one of the more important ones…
  • by Diane Blue
    A good friend brings light into our lives, guiding us along treacherous routes. And this talented poet found a wonderful metaphor to express that.
  • by Chuck Pool
    If you're going to build something to last, you need to find the proper ingredients.
  • by Nancy Ness
    Scientists will tell you that symbiosis is an organic relationship where both organisms benefit. Hey, sounds like a definition of a good friendship to me!
  • by BSC
    This is a very special poem, about a very special friendship and the growth it brought into one poet's life.
  • by Chris
    This poem isn't about friendship, but rather is encouragement to a specific friend in need. And that, of course, makes it a poem about friendship…

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Friendship Poems continued

  • by Angell
    Friendship isn't always perfect, but that makes it no less important.
  • by Christine McClimans
    Butterflies and beautiful friendships have a lot in common.
  • by Christine McClimans
    Friendship can offer us many gifts, including a strength we didn't know we had.
  • by Christine McClimans
    What is the best gift for a special friend?
  • by Meaghan Brickley
    When we need a friend, we really need a friend. And, not surprisingly, the good ones are always there…
  • by Sam Smith
    Simple declarations are, at times, the best.
  • by Maria Byrne
    Friendship and Love are very close cousins, with some great similarities. And, too, some great differences.
  • by Nicole Moore
    While few things in life last forever, good friends might just be one of them.
  • by Wendy Flora
    This is a wonderful poem that describes, in beautiful language and rhythm, just what the love of true friendship means to one poet.
  • by Christine McClimans
    This is a lyrical interpretation of one poet's delightful friendship…
  • by Fox
    Sometimes, it takes very few words to say something very, very important.
  • by Shawn Pearson
    A friend can give us much…
  • by Shawn Pearson
    Does your friend need encouragement? These gentle words can truly work miracles . . .
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