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Nice soft poem, it touches your heart and sentiments softly
It is so true! So many times we run out of words to tell our dear friends what they mean to us!
I especially love this poem because I've tried numerous times to try and explain to my friends what they mean to me. It's so hard so I find the easiest way to show them is to be the best friend I can be in return. Very good, I love it!
A wonderful poem. Something that really just shows how I feel about people in my life :)
A simple but poignant drop of magic. Not just a poem. Thanks.
So simply said but it said it all. A beautiful piece of poetry
Aww, this poem made me smile, because it is so sweet.

Friendship Poems (51-75)

  • by Ryan Jennings
    A unique image can sometimes reveal important Truths. Explore, for a moment, the sands of your life.
  • by Janice Wolf
    True friendship is such an invaluable part of our lives. We should always take the time to appreciate those that we have.
  • by Dolores Lee
    Sharing special moments with a friend, relating soulfully to one another, and sharing poetry, is surely enhanced by the seduction of a waterside tryst.
  • by Christine
    Saying goodbye to a dear friend is never easy. But, sometimes, it's the only right thing to do for them.
  • by Cynthia Kepp
    Sometimes, friendship is fleeting. But that makes it no less important.
  • by Emily Fessler
    Friendship is very . . . natural?
  • by Ryan Waege
    We all need to say it more often. And, maybe this beautifully.
  • by Bernice Ellrick
    This delightful poem uses metaphor after metaphor, to explore just how very important one human being can be to another.
  • by H. Lamb
    This is a very simple, very beautiful poem. About friendship and love. But, also, with a very complex and equally beautiful Truth.
  • by Veronica Ann Cech
    What is friendship? Oh, so many things…
  • by Kim Crow
    We establish very, very close ties with our childhood friends. We share some our most special times with them - times none of us will ever forget.
  • by Jordanna Tillinghast
    True love - or true friendship? When the two are one and the same, we are blessed, indeed...

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Friendship Poems continued

  • by Becky Williams
    Friendship means sharing things - even the writing of a poem.
  • by Becky Williams
    What should you be willing to do for a friend?
  • by Sheila Blair
    A metaphor is a powerful tool, especially when it's handled with such beauty and wonderful insight.
  • by Robert S. Bise
    This poem will delight you as much with its structure and rhythm as with its wonderful message.
  • by Pauline Hamblin
    Given fourteen years of friendship, just how well could get to know another person?
  • by A. Mother
    When a young friend has doubts, what advice might you offer?
  • by Rossdale Gabrielle
    When you care about a friend, really care, it's hard to watch them make mistakes. Especially the same mistakes again.
  • by Intimate Knight
    Sometimes we have to learn to accept friendship. And learn to be a friend in return.
  • by Heather Stoop
    Friendship can be very beautiful. And it can be very beautifully expressed.
  • by Trudy Starling
    This poem is a very feel-good way to tell another that they have a friend.
  • by Rima Darkstar
    What larger metaphor for a beautiful friend could a writer find?
  • by Joe Leblanc
    When you have a special friend, you need to tell them so…
  • by Judy Burnette
    Don't ever make the mistake of thinking words of friendship are unnecessary.
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