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When I wrote this poem I was in a mood of great excitement, for I just experienced my first date. I guess the poem is about finding the right one, which at the time seemed like that person which has stolen my heart was the right one and held that precious key.


Is there a soul in this whole universe
that holds that precious key
to a sacred treasure chest beyond the level of the sea

So many souls have tried
but have not succeed
hope there will be tears, joy and laughter
as one must believe
That one day this soul we now speak of
will hold the right key

Once that chest is open, out comes the spark
along with tears, joy and laughter
which again enters the center of our hearts

But, there are also rules to the mission
that one must abide
showing love and affection
is mainly how two souls collide
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9 Visitor Comments

I love your poems you know why my heart was broking till I saw your poem. I love you! just to tell you you rock at poems
On a scale 1-10 i rank ur poem a 8. 5 Keep up the good work!
i love this poem its so good keep writing
this must be one of the most sweetest poems I have ever read. It's very moving and can definetly relate to how I feel nowadays.
Wow. This poem was definatly straight from the heart. IT was a beautiful poem.
This is a great poem, Jason was right, hold your cards tight. HaHa, sorry i'm a newbe and not really into poetry, but I can still appreciate a good poem. Keep up the good work.
this is very good it is real deal it touches me right done to my heart call me a siss but i will be the one to tell u this is a very heart felt poem.
This poem is just wonderful..I needed ideas for a poem for my boyfriend for valentines day.. this was just what i was looking for!
your peom is very good and reminded me of my many dates with my boyfriend and how i feel about him

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