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This poem is about a girl that I had wanted to go out all of my freshman year and most of my sophomore year. She shared the same feelings too. Then when we got the chance, finally, to go out, she said no.

Our Time

I knew it was you
when I first laid eyes.
I wanted you so bad
but I thought you were way out of my league.

Throughout the year
we had hurtful confrontations.
We kept waiting and waiting
but it never did happen.

We each had our times
with somebody else.
Some were short
Some were long.

But either way
we never got our chance.

We grew apart over time
but still had our memories to fall back on.
Though we hid them deep inside
we both still knew they were there.

Now our chance has come.
Now our time is here.
Now we can be.

But only if you let us.
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33 Visitor Comments

i really like this poem. i write poems and it just remembers me of some of the stuff i write.
omg i never thought someone could say what i really feel about someone for me. Me and this guy have been like tyhis since last year i love him so much he has even asked me out but it is me that is holding back not him. oh well i love you person how wrote this poem, you did a great job!
c2739 lover
Love ur poem i'm goin' through somethin' like that w/ some1 i really want to me with. great job!
Hey , this poem is gr8! Im a girl but i feel the same with a boy, no matter how much we love each other we never gt it togther, now were close again but hell always b confused' the last line sums it up. if only he'd let us in my case x
nice job! i love it it really tells your feelings. it's sad it never happened, you and her, but i hope it dose cuz no guy should feel like that. also i agree with rendell we do need more guys like this but you guys can count one more. me :)
this poems really touched me in many ways. i had a guy that i liked and i told him about it and he never got back to me but acted like he was in to me
I can totally relate to this one right now i loved It great write. ~Mary~
Nice poem to be just about time.
luved it
man,this poem is off da chain, keep up da good work. We need more sweet guys out there like us to express our true feelings to these gifts from god called"women" god job
this poem really relates to me, i mean i was basically with this girl for about a year but we were never accually together like she always had a boyfriend and she never told me how she felt and when i confronted her she was 'confused' and then we quit talking it was like my chance had come and gone with the blink of an eye and now i miss her more than ever
This is a great poem, I am currently going through this right now, and hope you will continue to write great poems
WOW! This is an excellent poem it totally relates to me and my first love. You have a great talent.
incredible. just amazing it's definitly one of the best I've ever heard. i usually don't comment on these, but this time i'll make an exception
it was the most beutiful poem i've ever heard.
That's so sad. Actually..this almost happened to me before.but at that time i didn't realize that i was thinking of her 24/ i didn't dare approach her.. I hope i don't make the same mistake again.sigh
this is basically the same thing i'm going through right now. it's nice to know i'm not the only one like this. Great poem!
This poem is exactly what I went through for almost 2 years. I know exactly how you feel. Its excellent
I commend you for writing this poem. It really can open a person's eye. I just wonder if this is how "my guy friend" feels. I am happy to see that a guy can express his feelings through poetry.
wow! this poem is amazing... it totally descirbes what i am goin through with my best'z explained so well and touched my heart as soon as I read it...Now i kno im not the only one feeling that way
I really liked that poem because he tells how he feels about the girl he has had his eyes on.
I was looking for a poem for this guy i am in love with, he recently told me he wanted a relationship. But he hasnt done anything about it so I wanted to tell him and to explain to my best friend what it was like for me. I was really surprised because this explained it exactly
I loved this poem so much because it brought back memorys as well as how I was felling at that time
WOW! that poem sounds so much like my life. i just starated crying. i love that poem.
this poem is great it described interacrtions with girls that i've had before.
Its a good poem. It matches my situation.great work. keep it up
EXCELLENT! I'm getting my ex-girlfriend back with this one!
I thought this poem was very interessting and very well written, but it could be a little bit longer..thanx
i think that this is a really good poem it really relates to how i feel about a girl at my school
I really liked the poem.
I liked it It was a sweet lil peom about something that happens far to much in life
this is exactly the way we were only i said yes, the first time we had an anniversary, i gave paul this poem and chain, it was kind of love at first realization. I wish you luck, you have a way with words.
I really liked this poem because in fact I have been in this situation. And this is just a word to whoever is in love right now: Do not let it go, there are people out there who wish they had somebody. And to those people who are in love but do not say anything to that person: You should tell this person because everyday that you do not say something is another day that you could last be seeing them. Do not take a chance. Live life to the fullest.

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