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This poem was written for a man who swept me off my feet, appearing to be everything I ever dreamed of; at 16 years old, it's easy to fall in love. Suddenly, this love was ended with no explanation, and I was left picking up the pieces of my heart and my pride. When you're young, it's easy to let one aspect of your life control every move you make (at least it was for me). Love hurts... no matter which way you look at it. However, this poem was the beginning of my loooong healing process and hopefully, I'll be over my Tommy one day. I loved him with every fiber of my being, while he had luke warm feelings for me... Go figure! He treated me like dirt, but I never noticed it.

Hindsight is 20/20, though, and I know I'm better off now. This poem helped me to heal the wounds in my fragile little heart... I put a copy of it in his mailbox about 3 months after we broke up... that's why it was written, I never found out what he did because of it. But I love to dream about the look on his face, maybe even the hurt in his eyes...

Anonymously Yours

The days have turned into weeks, now months,
And I'm not sure why I'm here; for once
I'm missing you... missing you still.

It's like I've lost every ounce of pride.
Where there was a heart, now I'm empty inside.
I'm wondering, "How should I feel?"

I'm curious if you still know I'm alive.
My world is so messed up, I will not survive.
I'm so lost without you; I'm oh so alone.
I see the light's on, but is anyone home?

Just the smell of your cologne...
I see a car that looks like yours...
I drive by your house a lot...
Wonder what's behind those doors...
Does she treat you like I did?
Does she know how good you are?
Would she worship at your feet?... and even if so,
... she's no me.

No one's done you better,
And no one loves you more;
And it's so hard to write this letter...
But, it evens up the score.

I know the guilt won't kill you;
But, I hope it does you good.
I pray you figure out it's me...
... Baby, I wish you would.

Anonymously yours . . . forever
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13 Visitor Comments

this was such a brill poem something i would write myself ive been through a similar relationship breakdown and your poem rele related to me thankyou
This is how I feel about my ex that left me and I hope this never happens to anyone else out there. i do hope the ones we love come back. Love ~Isha Baby~
Your poem almost make me cried. it really touched. (",)
Igive u props for letting him know how you feel. . . If you need a friend to talk to hit me up
I can really relate to this Poem. It really fills my heart with tears
I have never herd a poem that fits me so well. You really know how to write from the heart.
Ha Ha Girlie you got it! This poem does kick but! IF A GUY LEAVES YOU FOR ANOTHER WOMAN, GIRL HE AIN'T WORTH IT!Were all right behind you! Stay strong and keep writing! *smiles*
Hello, well i really like this poem. and i think it truly fits me feeling. Thank you, i almost cry while reading the poem.
I know exactly how you feel! Guys don't know how much it hurts to not be loved! I promise you, it will get better! If he doesn't realize how good you could be to him, hes not worth your precious time!
Girl u are so right. i went through this exact thing.the poem kicked major wuz really wuz the most interesting and truest poem i had ever read.keep writting girl.lata:)
You are very good at speaking the truth men/boys can treat women/girls so badly and not give a care in the world afterwards I honestly hope the person that treated you like that read it and choked no-one should ever be treated badly by someone they say they love. Dont worry there are plenty that are'nt like that you'll see!
This is a very good poem.This happened to me..i never realised how much it is to love but not beinng loved in return..But believe me..u will find urself inlove again with the rite guy..sooner or later..Live up to it..Keep up the gd work
i love this poem. iwas looking for 1 to send to my boyfriend and when i read this 1 i knew this 1 was the 1 to send so thank you for letting me read it

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