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This poem is about the desired view I'd wish my ex and first boyfriend would have. It describes how he finds me alone after we've broken up and then regrets breaking off our relationship. It also describes my reaction to him coming close to me again and the tears coming down my face. He's in a state of regret, trying to figure out what he can do to get things back to the way they were. It ends with a sad separation that seems it can never be mended.

Another View

Her silhouette standing in the starry night
I want to be next to her
Hold her hand, smell her hair, and gently kiss her
What have I done?
I can never forgive myself
For all her pain and confusion
How do I tell her?
Gently holding her
I can't resist her soft shivering skin
Her waist fits perfectly into my arms
How did I ever let her go?

What I'd do for her to turn around and let me be part of her world again
A drop of rain falls on my hand
I soon realize the sky is clear
It was a warm teardrop
How can this be fixed?
Silent standing in the cool breeze
Two shining stars far apart in the clear night.

If only this was coming from *someone* in reality.
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7 Visitor Comments

i love this poem, at first i thought (hoped) my ex ad written it, it all sounded so familiar, then i realized that could never be true, it was sad, but i just loved your poem!
i LOVE this poem! its awesome
I loved this poem. I can completely relate to this, and I read it at the perfect time in my life. I hope the author continues to write more fantastic work.
i love it so much. it has so much heart to it. its great
i thought that poemwas really sweet i liked it a lot!
After my ex boyfriend broke up with me, this is the only thing i had hoped for. i figured that he would ask me back out.what a fool i was (lol). but its been 4 months and i've finally moved on. my boyfriend now is better to me than he ever was in 6 months. when people stop going out.yeah it hurts for awhile, but everything happens for a reason.
That was a really touching poem.. yeah only if that was in reality. you see most couples just walk off and say goodbye. nobody (rarely)forgives their spouse if i could give it a mark it would be 9.5/10

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