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This is a poem about a girl I recently started dating. I thought of all the ways she affects my life and wrote them down (this is quite possibly my longest poem yet). I am greatly influenced by music (mostly punk, ska, alternative, and hard rock), so my poetry is like lyrics to songs. I hope to one day put this to music and play it for her.

What She Does To Me

I can't remember
The last time I was this happy;
And I fly so high
Whenever she's with me.
She makes me want
To be better than I am.
She makes me long
To hold her hand;
But I'm not very smooth,
And I hope she understands
That all I want
Is to have her there.
I love her eyes and smile,
And I love her hair.

Yeah, that's what she does to me;
She makes everything fine.
Yeah, that's what she does to me;
She makes it sublime.

She's my Josie,
And she makes everything jake.
I'll give her my best,
And do everything for her sake.
She makes me sing
The lyrics I write 'bout her;
About how much I need her
And don't want to be here without her.
But I can't do her justice
With the words I write down,
And I could never do justice
To this angel I have found.

Yeah, that's what she does to me;
She makes everything fine.
Yeah, that's what she does to me;
She makes it sublime.

For her I'll keep
Road rage under control,
And I'll never smoke
A joint, a bong, or a bowl.
Just to hear her voice on the phone,
I'll push my homework far aside.
When I'm talking to her,
Nothing else is important in my mind.

Yeah, that's what she does to me;
She makes everything fine.
Yeah, that's what she does to me;
She makes it sublime.

In a crowded room
She's all that I see.
Everyone else dissipates and disintegrates,
'Cause having her there comforts me.
I have so much more fun
Whenever we're together.
She clears my dusty eyes
And life looks so much better.
She brings the sun up
And pushes the rain away;
She stops the wind
And makes me smile everyday.

Yeah, that's what she does to me;
She makes everything fine.
Yeah, that's what she does to me;
She makes it sublime.
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24 Visitor Comments

this is sooo sweet have you read this to her? i think she'd probably love you forever
this poem is awsome!
Like the others said. it describes the way I feel about my man sometimes. (if you change the she to he. etc. ) ;)good job
Dude, This poem is sweet. You said it perfectly down to a T. I hope my husband someday is like this!
OMG! that was really good! seriously! thats how me and my boyfriend feel bout eachother, it describes us perfectly! great job!
i sent this to my girlfriend
HOLY CRAP! Great poem. God, I'm 17 and never had a boyfriend yet, but once I do, I sure hope he's like you! You truely are talented! Once again- RIGHTEOUS POEM BABY!
This is THE best poem i have ever read. This is EXACTLY how i feel about me g/f. Thank you for writing this.
what a great poem! it is the best one here!! only if i change all the her to hims and like that that exactly how i feel about my boyfriend
awwwwww..thats such a cute poem!¡! i liked it alot..some guyz should just act like that!¡!:-)
this is a great poem. it fits my girlfriend and me perfect. great poem and keep up the good work!
Very Nice I really like this poem!! I change the she's to he's and her to him and it is the same way i feel about My baby!
Damn good, man. I feel like that right now, too- except her name's not Josie... Good luck.
this poem discribes exactly what i feel towards my girlfriend right now
that was the best one on this whole site..... a true masterpiece
great poem.says everything a guy should say to the gal he likes.
It's really unique, not one of those cliched love poems.
peter feelings bout my g/f in a nuttshell:)
cool poem great meaning
what a sweet poem! i love it so much! p.s. ska and punk rock!
Awww! This poem is so sweet! I've read some other of your poems that really really good, but this is my favorite. Your girlfriend must be so happy to have you! p.s. ska and punk are the best!
This is a very good poem. I think it is the best one I have ever read. Good job and keep 'em coming.
this girl is the luckiest girl in the world to be loved by you. i hope she knows that. this is the best poem i have ever read!

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