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I wrote this poem about my boyfriend who I love dearly. He means the world and more to me, but it seriously hurt when other people expressed the way they felt about the love that we share. You see, he's black and I'm white and my parents do not approve of our relationship at all. They look down on it so the support that I get is very little. I wanted to reassure him that I didn't care what other people thought of us and that no matter what I would always love him for him, not because of his color, so I expressed my feelings through this poem...

More Ways Than One

When I look into your eyes
I see the beauty that lies...
Deep within your heart

You dream what I dream
You feel what I feel
Baby, don't listen when they say
That what we have isn't real

The sound of your voice
The sight of your face
when I'm with you
There's no better place

You say that I'm an angel
But you gave me my wings
You treat me like a princess
And the best of all things

You've given me love
And all of my pride
You've showered your beauty
On this little heart of mine

So many nights
I've cried over you
Trying to find the wrong in this
But what I'm feeling is true

Never once
Did I think this would happen to me
That a piece of heaven would fall
And set my heart free

Free of the dark
Free of the lies
Free of the loneliness
Free of the lies

Sometimes it's hard
To say what's on my mind
And breaking through the hesitance
That I'm leaving behind

I wish that we could be together
just how we want
Just me and you
No hiding no lies
But for now this will have to do

I pray for the blessings of the Lord that
we can stay strong
And that this hopeless devotion
could seem right for the poor souls who
feel that it's wrong

When it's cold and dark I can feel the
the warmth of the sun
Baby please believe me when I say
"I love you forever
In more ways than one"
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47 Visitor Comments

girl you really poored your heart out on this poem maybe love can help me out on this the love that i have for one person it cant be because im in love with him but he aint in love with me what can u say to help me with this problem
i lik dis poem b-cuz im goin through the same thang. im black and so is he. his ppl dont thank im the right 1 for him. no matter wat i do they still thank im not the right 1. but ive learned that i cant care wat they thank about us. because im here til the end. and ima always remain his baby bo. all i hav 2 do is jus show actions b-cuz dey do speak louder den words.
Whoever you wrote this to must be important to you i can feel yo luv in this poem keep it up
i really like this poem it makes me feel like it relates to me in so many ways
i liked this poem it helped me relize the love i have for somebody
this is really deep to me . i luv this poem . thanks for writing this ;]
Your Poem really touched my heart from the monent i reafd it all the way to the end.
That poem was really touching and beautiful.
im sorry that you have to deal with this i loved your poem and i think if you love him then tell him everyday so that he will never go away!
wow! i can really say that when i read this i did cry. there are so many girl's out there right now going through what you are going through. lik me. i am a white girl wanting to love a black man. this is really really good. hope you will come out with more poems like this to help out me and other girls or guyz with there feeling for the other race. i give me respect to you! bye, dee
I completely agree, if you dont get support from n e one eles, just know that I got your back.
Dat poem woz big in da game she needs 2 give me sum lessons dis grl has got serious talent out of 10 i give her 20 u go grl
I absolutely loved this poem. It helped me alot. Believe it or not i'm in the same situation and I was acually told today by my grandparents that they would dis-own me if I countinued to date this guy and it is killing me inside. Thanx so much and thanks for that poem it helped!
the poem is very toching and i think itsl great.
I am so sorry that people think yhay of you and you should not worry about how people feel about your relationship the only thing that counts in your relationship is you and your boyfriend feelings and nobody else's so they shouldn't speak on someone else relationship people need to stay in their on business including your parents the should be the last people to judge you because they are your parents they should be by your side oone hundred percent.
I really like Amanda's poem. I have been in sorta the same sitution for years. My mom doesnt want me to be with a black man, because she disapproves of it and the way the world is. But even though i dont know Amanda, if ses happy with him, then thats all that matters. he could be pink, or blue. shes happy with him then let her be. And like my Aunts always told me "I'd rather see you happy with a good black man then with a bad white man. "
hey, girlfriend i think that what you do is right my boifriend left me because of that too well anyway good luck with your boi'f and you ok and i like your pomes alot so keep writing k bye bye bye bye.
whats up girl look i loved you poen i knoe sometimes people will try to make your relation ship go bad but you just haft to keep your head up. your poem was (tight). It remindes me of what i am filling for my baby dexter he is the love of my lif. Your poem was so inspiring to me.
Whoa. I would cry if I was born with operable tear ducts. That was beautiful. I hope my girl can think of me as most of this poem said. I do call her an Angel, and I try to have her feel like I'm a great guy. My history just doesn't back it up. Great job!
Hey I just want you to know that I really love your poem. Hey don't listen to the others just remember God has a reason for everything happening sometimes it true and sometimes its not but what matters is that you feel that it is love and it rightfully could be. Just believe what is in your heart and don't let no one tell you other wise.
i love u'r poem. If thats wat girls really think then u r all angels. i'm a guy but i understand it because i have a girl friend that thinks i'm the same way
girl i just love that poem it come right from the heart.
gyrl, im feelin your poem to tha fullest! i am a black gyrl and i understand it is hard, but you have to keep your head and remember that NO ONE knows the feelings that you have for one another and they probably never will. so keep your head up gyrl and dont listen to the haters that wish they were as lucky as you are to!
I like this poem alot it hits a certain feeling that I have about my lover. Especially the part that refers to the part when she/he is his/her angel and the lover gives her/him the wings to fly. !GREAT POEM!
I think this is a great poem and it touched me in more ways than one and I liked it alot.
This is a really great poem because it lets him know that even though your parnets dont accept the fact that you are dateing a black guy you still love him for who he is nott not what others think or say about him.
Hey! I loved ur poem it really touched me seeing as that its what I'm going through with my parents. They will not accept that my boyfriend is 4 years older than me, So, don't think your the only one going through this! AWESOME POEM
Your poem really touched my heart. I am in the same situation as you, but he's white and I'm black. So many people criticize me and they really don't understand that true love knows no color or race. It shouldn't matter what race you are. You don't really have control over who you fall in love with. That poem really touched my heart. Thank you very much
Hey Amanda. I Loved Your poem! It ws really great. I used to be in the same situation but with a lil difference. The guy i liked was also black and im white as well but he was also my BEST FRIEND! I had a bf and he had a gf. I was alos afriad of what people would think. My parentd made me transfer schools. I miss him and think about him everyday. I see him everyonce in a while. But girl dont worry itll be ok and will work out. Bc u really and truly cant help who u love
I really like your poem. i am also in a relationship with a black man and i am white. i get alot of problems from other people but i love him so much that i dont let it change my views on ouir relationship. love sees no colors
when youre in love theres no limits, and if people don't understand than they would'nt know what love is
Amanda. u dont know me, but i read your poem, and i can understand where u are commin from, im white also, an i go wit a black boy, an he iz in prison also. my family doez NOT approve of it, i dont understand why its such a bad thing to them. but i dont lissen to whut any body sayz about him, i love him wit all my heart an nuttin or nobody will eva change dat, keep ya head up gurl. peace. oh by the way, i loved da poem
Amanda: Your poem was really beautiful and it really got to me because I am in the exact same situation you are. I've been dating this guy for almost 9 months now and he's black and I'm white. Most of my friends are cool with it but my parents are not at all. Even though it's hard, we still continue to go strong because we love each other and know we want to spend the rest of our lives together. When I look at him I don't see color, I see the boy I fell in love with for all the right reasons. Once again, your poem is wonderful and I just want you to know that you're not alone. :)
OMG! That is the same exact thing wit me & my b/f! He also livez n another state so my parentz think they can use that as another excuse. They try 2 tell me that it wouldn't b fair 2 our kidz but thatz a bad excuse cuz half of my friendz r mixed & they don't have a hard life 4 it! But newayz i jus really loved it. i really connected wit it, bcuz he is my 1st love & i really don't care what color he is!
This poem was really touching. I believe that if you love someone then it doesn't matter what color or anything else. People will always be judgmental and they will pay for that one day so in "their" eyes it may not seem right, but if you love him then you know what is right. I am white and I talk and hang out with everyone.(Actually at my school the black people are better to hang out with then the stuck up white ones) Good-Luck and I wish you the best.
This poem I could relate to more than I could have imagined. It made me cry because it totally showed how I felt for my boyfriend, Aaron.
this poem really got 2 me. i met this guy. he was black i was white. i didnt express my feelings to him because we'd probably never see him again and also my parents and other people wouldnt agree, but i know when i meet someone and i know that i love him even if hes a different color. nothing will talk me out of loving that person
I thought the poem was good and it was exactly what i was thinking about my boyfriend and when he read it we got much closer
I cried when I read this poem because it seemed like it was speaking to me. I have been so in Love with a guy for 4 years, and I can't tell anyone because he is black and I am white. My family doesn't agree with interracial couples, so we have to keep our relationship a secret from them. One day I will be able to tell them, but now I am just 17. I know people may think we don't know what love is, but we do. He also feels the same way about me. His family has no objections. I just wanted to thank the author for such a moving poem. Its words has really helped me in my life. Thank you and may the Lord Jesus Christ be with you always!!!
See this poem means alot to me, because I know exactly how she feels. My parents are otally no for interracial realtionships, but this poem made me realize I should do what makes me happy and that is being with the guy I love. Also this poem made me realize that I need to show and tell him how much he REALLY does mean to me!
very nice poem!!! it expresses the feelings very well.
This poem touched me in more ways than one. I am also in an interracial relationship. Not only is my boyfriend black, but he's in prison too. No one approves of our love, but I know it's true.
This poem is really emotional and it's good that she is expressing herself if it's true love go for it. It shouldn't matter the color of there skin it your feelings that matter. I support her 100%.
I think that this poem is really good. You are a very talented person you should be proud.
I now go out with a black guy and so does my sister so i know exactly where you are coming from.
I was looking for a way to express my love to my boyfriend one day & this poem did a great job of it. You see he's my world, but sometimes I do a very bad job of expressing my feelings. I also like the part of don't listen when they say what we have isn't true because a lot of people say that so us, and we've been through a lot because he's Puerto Rican & I'm white. He usually doesn't get poems,but he got this one & it helped him see how much he trully means to me.

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