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Back before I was with my ex-boyfriend, I met a guy through Infoseek Chat. He and I fell in love and went out. You could call it love at first chat! *lol*

However, a few months into our relationship, I didn't hear from him for four weeks. I couldn't go on and assume that he was still out there... so, I assumed we had broken up. I still haven't seen him, to this day. During the few months of our relationship, I was sitting in one of my classes, longing to be with him, and this is what came from that. If you ever get to read this, Tom, I still love you, even though I go under a different name now.

My Love For You

My love for you is like a summer rose;
Always blooming, hardly dying.
My love for you is like a newborn kitten;
Cautious, yet soft and sweet.

My love for you is like a well-written book;
You can open it again and again.
My love for you is wide as the ocean and deep as the sea.
My love for you is everlasting,
Always patient, and true to thee.
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7 Visitor Comments

i like this poem i think it should b five star!
I want to say i can totally relate to this poem. In fact i'm in love with someone like that right now. It started off great. I mean we're not dating, but we've shared some pretty deep things with eachother. and just yesterday as a matter of fact i found out that he's had a girlfriend for like several months. my heart just shattered. I hope you find your man! Don't ever give up on your heart!
I really like poetry. I am 14. When I first read this poem, I thought of my boyfriend, Brandon who I love and wish that he will never leave me. I hope we live happily ever after and hope that someday you who read this, will find the one for you. Poetry is the best way to express your feelings towards someone who you can't describe excatly what your feelings are. I just want to wish you, Rima, and whoever else, the best of luck in love and poetry.
Ure poem is the best it like u said it all! Thanx
Sweetie, don't give up on finding him. I met a man over aol about a year ago. He is now my fiance. We will be married in one year. If you love this guy as much as you say keep searching for him. Good Luck!
i liked ur poem.. It is very easy to fall in love with ppl over the web.. trust me,it has happened to me!

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