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This poem represents my inner feelings of what a teenager goes through in today times.

Take Me To A Dream

Take me to a dream
That I never dreamed of,
To a place so beautiful
That we can stay for eternity,
A dream that seems to be
More real than real life
A dream of no problems or worries.

Take me to a dream
A place for just the two of us,
Where we can express our inner
most thoughts, feelings, and emotions,
To a beautiful land where nobody
Is there but just the two of us.

Take me to a dream
A dream where I can have fun,
Where I am not being fused or abused at
Controlled or being yelled at,
To a beautiful place that I can lay at
In peace where I can think at,
Where I will have no worries
and do nothing but dream.

Take me to a dream.....
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24 Visitor Comments

omg. i love this poem im totally feeling it becuz theres this guy that i kno and rreally like, and i wanna go to that dream place with him too! i cud totally relate to this. loving it!
this poem is so dreamy! luv it! hmmm i wonder if there`s someone, who could actually take their love to that dream place . ?
baby g
i like this one b/c this real to all the peepz that need to go to a place where thers one at thx for makein aa poem like that cuz other will not talk the way u do so thxs
i like dis poem so much that i just to be taken to a dream.
that poem was really good although im sure you heard that before but it reminds me of my friends life of being abused as a child but she grew up and fought her mom with words instead of violence.
I love this poem. I feel the same way. I want to go to that dream place with him too.
wow, this poem takes my breath away. awesome
i have never neva herd a poem like this before it really touched me and i think it came from the bottom of her heart.
I love that poem! It says all the things that I was trying to say, but I couldn't find the words to descibe it. Your a natural poet! I love it so much!
i REALLY REALLY liked this poem. it what i feel but could never find the way to put it.
This is a great poem. I couldn't have put it better.
I love it! It really tells what shes thinking
this poem is really touchable ato teenagers because of the pressure from parents and other outcomes in life so this could be a poem to release your stress..very good poem
This poem really describes a teenagers dream!
The poem is very beautiful. It speaks of a place that can't be tainted by the anyone else''s opinons or thoughts but the dreams own. A place of no intruptions.
This is a beautiful poem, and it explains my feelings for somebody perfectly.
very touchable! is like "dreaming is living in your own world".
I thought this poem was well written and from the heart. It touched me because it says how I feel.
It is nice and romantic! Fantastic!
i loved your poem it was really good it made my cry and think of my boyfriend good job
I think she wrote a very good poem, it relates to a special place where two people can be together and away from the pressures of today. A place where you can just dream of anything you want to and with anybody.
I think this is a wonderful poem that is simple yet it explains many feelings at the same time. I could totally relate to this poem where sometimes you just want to be somewhere else.. like a dreamland. I think your poem is beautiful!

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