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I wrote this poem a little before my sixteenth birthday, right after my dad died.

I love to write poetry and to read others! It is a good way for me to get my feelings out on paper considering I'm not the kind of person who likes discussing my feelings to just anyone. It usually stays locked up inside me.


We will reunite one day in that clear blue sky,
and start over where we left off, with your silent goodbye.

It's almost been a year now and tears still fall,
but tears from a sorrowful heart seem to have no time at all.

We had a bond, not like one you'd find everyday,
I wish you were here, for this I really wanted to say.

Your face I still see clearly, your laughter is still in the air,
why were you taken away from me? It is more than unfair.

And now I must learn life not sure of knowing the way,
you promised to be here to help me, someday.

I feel lonely now, scared and unsure,
why can't you be here to help me through this dark door?

It was you I loved and adored for so long,
but now I'm expected to move on and be strong.

I miss you more as the days go by,
sometimes I ask questions but can't help to cry.

Why were you taken out of my world in a blink of an eye?
only if I would have had a chance to say goodbye.

Life's different now it's just not the same,
I still try to remind myself no ones to blame.

You live in a memory now, a special place in my heart,
and I'll carry that memory close by me,
because there we won't ever have to part.
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59 Visitor Comments

i love your poem,ur a great writer keep it up. i have big tears in my eyes ,i can relate 2 ur poem kinda cause my grandma just passed away a couple months ago &i terible miss her,this poem reminded me of my my papa who passed away 4 years, but it still seems like yesterday
WOW where to start well your poem really touched me cuz my grandpa passed away and it reminds me of what we had GOOD JOB
Wow thats just. wow words can not even explain. my friend recently passed away and i just started crying reading this because that is exacly how i feel and actually i write poems all the time about my feelings and i usually don't let people read them but this year i just started sharing them. great job! i'd love to share mine with you sometime!
Heya. Your poem is Beauty ful babe. i no how your feeling i also lost my dad its been 10 years in june Im 15. i also right down my feelings in poems. it helps alot. and helped alot by reading your peom its really touched me. and i bet ur dad is looking down proud of you. i done a page on my websyt for my farther and was wundering if i cud put one of ur peoms on ther?. take care babe xxxxx your peoms great u shud carry on ryting more xxxxx
that poem touchd ma heart i feel the same way about my lil ducky it died 2 dayz ago n i cant stop crying i know it might sound stupid but i just wanted to say this but thanx 4 reading this comment any way.
Hello! My grandmother who was my best friend died when i was 14. When I read your poem I recognize how it felt when she passed away. I am 36 years now but her face is stll so clear in my mind. You write in a lovely way. Hugs Anna in sweden
This poem relates to me.
I just wanted to thank you for writing this poem. I was sleeping over at my best friend's house when her father died of pancreatic cancer- three days after Valentine's Day. I had such an awful February- my house burned down, my brother was in a bad car crash, and I broke my leg in the three weeks before his death. For a while, I couldn't seem to feel happy; I felt like I was alone, like I had nobody who understood how I felt and could help me. Now I see that I'm not alone. You are a beautiful writer- thank you!
It was a very sad poem but it seems that you have happiness written all over it. Awesome Job!
so great.
Hey, im not 14 years of age, but this poem touched me dearly, my father died when I was 6, and I miss him dearly, this poem is beautiful!
Im seriously in tears right noww I just lost my dad and i feel the same exact way as you. Im sorry for your loss. Your a great writer, it was amazing.
this poem really touches me because my dad died when i was 12. it's been 9 years and i hope this poem will get me to accept my fathers death
this poem is absolutly amazing . my dad kiled him self when i was 9 & im 13 now so this poem made me cry .
i completely understand u! i just lost my father this year and he wasn't here for my 16th birthday either.
Hi, my name is Jessica and i am 13 years old. Your poem has touched me in many ways because I have just lost a loved one. I was in a 4-wheeler accident about a month ago with my boyfriend. I made it out ok but unfortunately my boyfriend didnt. He was killed instantly. He slammed his head into a telephone pole. I always used to blame myself for him not making it, but it was a freak accident that neither I or anyone had control over. At 13 years old i never thought i would go through something like this. After reading your poem I felt like I am not the only person on the Earth that has gone through this. Your poem is so true and relates to my experience very well. It brings tears to my eyes because i enjoy reading it. I just want to tel you that your poem is wonderful and I support you. Thank you for writing this poem because it means the world to me. Thanks again!
This poem is so great. Im 13 and my dad died when he was 27 and I was 6 and my brother was 9. he died from pserosis. he was an alcoholic from a young age and began to drink so much his liver was practically gone. im so sorry for you're loss I know how it is. it made 7 years March 31st. this is a great poem. goodluck in all you do, God Bless, Devan!
This is an amazing poem i'm sorry about your father and remember that he will always be looking over you from heaven and he will always be in your heart
i really like your poem because i can relate, my father passed away on december 16,2004 (16 days before my 16th birthday)and it really helps that someone else can relate to me.
when i read it i actually started to cry. i am so sorry u lost ur dad but now otheres can feel for you 2.
I was so touched redaing this poem. I too lost my father and this poem its remarkable poem. Thank you for sharing it with us
Hey um, that is really really good. It is like exactly how my ex-b/f use to feel when his mom died of breast cancer. um, you have a great talent, as do many, but dont stop writing your feelings. i know it helps, i'm a writer too. Just keep writing, your good at it.
Hey Sarah i thought ur poem was really touching, 2 thumbs up! My grandma passed away last month n i cried jus reading ur poem. I'm not sure if i can relate 2 losing my dad though, but my fren lost her mom 4 yrs ago. I hope u won't b 2 sad, but it's gd if u let ur feelings out n not bottle them inside. Thx 4 ur poem again!
Absolutely wonderful, a close friend of mine just lost her father and i think you summed up the way she is feeling right now perfectly.
Your peom is really great keep writing.
Your poem was very touching,and inspirational to other people like us. I can relate to you and your loss because my father died when I was 8. Dont wry its hard, but it will only get easier as time goes by, just remember to never let go.
EXCELLENT! I lost my mother when I was 11, this poem is like you read my heart!
that was an awesome poem ! n i m sorry about who ever you lost
You really did a good job. You have a cool talent for writing. Your poem made me cry, and that's the first poem that I ever cried to. Good Luck on writing more poems :)!
this poem is so awsome i love it it makes me cry this is one if the best poems ive ever read good-jod thumbs up
I love this poem. My dad passed on too, and when I read this poem my tears shead all over my keyboard. God bless you for your gift, lots of wishes. Thank You
omg!this poem made me cry. i just lost my father 4 months ago i know how u feel. im sorry about your father. bye. this poem is awesome!
your poem was really touching i started crying in your lil intro and even more when i read it! but u defenitly gots talent girl! i just cant imagine life without my parents not being here! i hate them sumtimes, but i really do love them. GOD BLESS YOU and your family alwayz
Very emotional one!it made me cry. touching yaar!can't really imagine o be in ur place.
my father died when i was a little over 5 years old. just change that part of one year. to nine years, and you have exactly how i feel and thats why now i sit here reading this crying
this poem is great. it touches me in alot of ways!~! keep up with the words and sum day you'll make it!~~
this poem is exactly how my moyher feels about her sister its beutiful and yet very sad great job!
Sarah , Poem is too gud . Do express ur feelings as poems, that will help u . even i do the same
I really like this poem because it reminds me of my father who passed away when I was only 5 years old. I like the poem and keep on writing them.
WOW! i haven't yet experience a death from a loved one. You beautifully described your thoughts and feelings. i was very touched by your poem. i hope you continue writing poems!
I love that poem it almost made cry just to think how I'll feel to be in your place.
I never met my mom she died when i was 9mths my dad was my mom he had hep. c that is somthing serious he would have let everything go and died but me and my brother stopped him and now he is so much better, im sorry for your loss i only know how it feels when you almost loose someone and it hurts! good poem touched me very much
It has almost been a year since my dad passed away, and the feelings expressed in this poem are the same that have gone through my mind. Thanks for putting together the words into my random thoughts.
This poem reminded me of my dad. He died suddenly on July 27,2001, almost a year ago. I was 14 years old. Thanks for writing this poem, it made me feel good!
i do not like tellin ppl my feelings to. i never had some one close to me die but i had someone to me move out of my life and its harded but well all most move on. you wrote a nice poem.
my father died to but i never got to know him it hurts. Just stay strong.
wow..this poem.. just made me remember my dad who dies 5 years ago.
This poem brought tears to my eyes. My dad was diagnosed with cancer almost 2 years ago. Everytime that I think of what it woould be without him i break down. This is a beatiful poem. My thoughts I send to you.
your poem made me want to cry. It was great.
This poem is great. My father died when I was 12. Am now 17. i was at school when it happen i didn't out untill that after noon. i miss him so much.
I really like this poem. It reminds me so mich of my dad. he passed away when I was 12 am now 17.
I feel for you.i know what it feels like to lose someone that close to you.I am sorry that at such a young age u had to experience something so tramatic.learn from it though and try your very best to stay strong..
I know what u are goin through I felt the same way but u have to be strong and believe in yourself and u will get through this I have never cried before while readin a poem and yours made tears come to my eyes and I wish u the best of luck
Sarah, I totally know what you are saying! There is much meaning and confusion in the four letters H-U-R-T!
what she said you can relate to if you lost someone close.
i know what she is going through!!!!!!!!
When I read this poem, I cried. It reminds me of 2 years when my boyfriend [also my best friend] died. This is an outstanding poem that I think lots of people, who have lost someone, should read.
Sarah, this poem is beautiful. the first to lines had me in tears. i wish you all the best in life.

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