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I am a 12 year old student. Not too long ago my parents went through a divorce. Sometimes, I feel very lonely and have to try and fight those feelings that lie deep in my mind.


Loneliness is blue like sadness.
It tastes like a sour lime with salt on it.
It smells like rotten food and causes madness.
For fun it likes to do nothing but bad things.
While almost everything makes it angry
Everything makes it sad,
But nothing makes it happy.

Loneliness is smaller than you and me,
But bigger than peoples' minds.
Happiness is its enemy,
But nothing can be its friend.
Loneliness keeps its happy feelings in a secret place.
Its favorite place is in peoples' minds.
But it hates to be anywhere else.
Making people feel bad is its greatest success.
Not cheering people up it is greatest failure.
Loneliness makes me feel as sad as a deserted island.
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48 Visitor Comments

This poem reminds me of myself. I never had true friends in high schools. I seldom talk to them. The question Was why can't I talk. I felt like I was being to childish but I don't know how to overcome it.
this is nice poem. you have a good imagination. continue to write. =) rock on!
i love your pome it touched me
My parents just ended their six year divorce i know how you feel. Then just a week ago my dad filed for another custody battle so it is going on seven years. I loved your poem keep writing
This is a truly sad story that has serious truth to it, I to have problems with my parents devorce and it has left most of my family in total disorder.
geat poem
i understand ur feeling, as i just had it happen to me plus more my dads dad died i left my friends and family my dads in the army and now i live with my mom so yeah i understand u great job! :)
it was a nice poem.
i know how feel cause my parents were together when i was borni nmy mother hates my dad and all i wanna do is meet my dad
Wow. that was a great poem. im around the same age as you are and my parents have divorced not too long ago. I can remember the feelings like it was yesterday. you really embraced the concept of lonliness. not everyone can put their finger on what it means, if its good or bad, or anything at all. you really did a great job on this poem but at your age try to pull away from that drama and talk to somebody about it. writing poems and keeping these feeings to yourself isnt always the best thing to do.
awwww i fort ur poem was gr8 u really explained how ppl feel. well i hope u feel better soon!
i know how u feel my parents divorced when i was little too sometimes i feel alone too
i read this poem and knew exactly what it is saying. i have been lonely for days at a time but didn't know how to define it but to read this poem it does it for me.
very interesting got the point across
wow that was deep and it kind of expresses what i feel at times.
This Poem is the real reality it really touched me this is the thing that people fear of the most but i dont know why it gets to you. and everyone else thats here. Everyone has felt loneliness before.
thats great!
i know that this is just a vote but it really touched me because it happened to me but when i was a lot younger so i know exactly what your going through. thanks for your time!
i really liked this poem. im not going through my parents divorce (that already happened) but this is soo true to my break up with my boyfriend because i loved him but he never even liked me. sad i know, he's such a jerk. well great job on the poem!
This touched me. I have been feeling very lonely lately and it was such a heartfelt poem. GREAT WORK!
this is a great poem and like other i want you to keep writing, this reminds me of when i lost my best friend because we both found different friends, she found it easy and i found it hard. I felt so lonly and still do and this reminds me of the bad times. Its great, keep it up.
Its one of the best poems that I have read. I write a few myself but coming from a 12 year old, its definitely great. Describes LONELINESS to the word S. Little T, u might be little but to me you are mighty.
Hi there. my name is Leah i think you see that nad i love this poem. i as well as mnay others ive see ncomment have been through this same feeling. it is not a good one indeed. we all prolly have different stories to tell, but we all still have the same outcome. nice writing!:)
u wont get over a divorce ever, don't let your parents tell you that you will. But not trying to sound bad, my parents divorced when I was 4 and now I am 14 with step parents, 3 step brothers and a step sister. You will learn to love the people that you grow up with and you will learn to deal with the pain.
this is exactly how i feeel bacause my parents just had a divorce and i feel like all the pressure is on me and i have no one to talk to and no one will listen and i am so alone all the time. i'm definitley voting for you and i very very very GREAT poem. it made me realize a lot of things.
hey i like your poem it was great my mom and dad got a devorse to it this is how i feel
My parents are going through a divorce right now and it can really put some damage on a kid. 3 things to remember : you're not alone, you are 10 times stronger than lonliness, and don't let your sadness take advantage of you and keep you from doing what you love.
This poem is fantastic and i loved it!1
My name is stephanie and I am 17 yrsold. When i was 10 yrs old my parents went thru a divorce. Except if they didnt they wouldve killed eachother. They were very abusive towards eachother. And even tho i was so young, i was so hurt and felt alone and unknown. Thats why i had to vote for this poem. Because i hear where the author is coming from. And just incase i wasnt blunt enough. It SUX!
Ana LĂ­dia
It's a nice and sad poem. It's really the reality.
your poem really got to me. even though my parents arent divorced, your put loneliness in a whole different perspective. its touching, good job on it, i could never write a poem that great :)
I loved ur poem. My parents divorced last year right before my birthday, and i'm still trying to deal with it. I express my feelings in poems as well, im glad to see someone else that feels the same way. Your poem has helped me alot, thank you!
hey. this is a great way of putting how divorce feels and trust me i know for i went through one when i was three and i am going through one right now and i am 14. just know that the lonliness does go away and is relpaced with a greater love then before.
hi !-- i think that your poem was fantastic! sometimes i feel very lonely ,my parents are divorced also and its so hard to tell my dad personal things cause im a female. keep writing good luck!
I think that poem was very touching. My parents, have also, been through divorce. Best wishes to you!
Little T. i suffer from depression and i kno how u feel. nice descriptions in poems. couldnt have said it better myself
love ur poem. i felt da same wae wen my parents divorced six years ago.
That's a great poem!That poem reminded me when my parents got divorced a few mths ago and I took it harder then my younger sis and bros did.
my mom and dad had a divorce. it hared some times i use think to myself that it was not ture and i was dreamin but i finlly know its not a dream and i most move on. but i cry some times. it was a good poem u wrote
my parents went through a divorce when i was five and i live with my mother and step father and i don't get to see my real father because he lives in Colorado. Now i'm 14 i'm turning 15 on March 11. :)
Very true and very good poem!
I myself have never gone through a divorce personally, but many friends have, and I've had to be there to hold them up. This hits the target dead on, I'm sorry that you had to experience it. I'd love to read more from you.
That was a great poem, it reminds me of when my parents divorced and I was the only one who was in pain.
It is a Very good Poem and I know how u feel, i've seen my mom go through 3 divorces and It's not All that Easy Specially when the Guy just won't let go.
i have felt that before i am also 12
It was a good poem. I related to it very much.
i like this poem it reminds me of my little sister she acts just like this poem always down never happy regardlesswhat it might be

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