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This is the first poem that I ever wrote. I think that I was 16. I sat in front of a mirror in my room in Haiti and started to question my identity and what everyone else in that little town that I lived in thought of me. In that culture they are very quick to judge by the outward appearance, which really troubled me. But after living there for a while, this is what I came up with . . .

Who Am I?

I am who I am
No matter what you may think of me,
Because I am me,
As you can see

But inwardly what do you see?
Do you see me differently?
Can you compare this inner me
With the outer me?
Who am I? I ask myself.
Myself being many books upon a shelf.
In a quest for character I search myself.

I do not doubt that I am someone . . .
A different someone,
Most different someone,
Because I am me,
Most definitely,

Because ALL of me,
Inwardly and outwardly,
Makes up me.
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25 Visitor Comments

youre a genius Ludie! you know whenever i read this poem i couldnt help but shed a tear and remember the times that i am misunderstood and misjudge. your poem has helped me to believe in myself that i am ok and nothing is really wrong with me. this poem should be included in chicken soup for the teenage soul to uplift more spirits. more power to you Ludie!
hi this poem is so touching ans so truthful. its really nice!
This was an amazing poem and it hit home with me all the things that people will judge. Great poem!
Wow its an amazing poem. it really helps a person to know who they are. i really liked your poem
this is an awsome poems couldn't say it betta myself
that was amazing it really made me think about myself as a person. Thanks for opening the door for me.
I liked the poem.
i enjoyed your poem, ONLY you know who you are no matter what people perceive you as.
One can not be judge by their appearence though many things are based on such. Truly to anyone of importance your actions should speak more then you do physically.
waaaaaaaaaaay true :-)
Very good poem, really straight forward.
Oh my god. that poem totally sums up how I feel about my life and people in my school! Wow.
Great poem. It's what you are that counts, not what you think you are , not what others think you are.
de milioane, millions
Wow, your poem really made me think. I'm goin through a stage at the moment where I'm not fully happy with myself and reading your poem really made me think about it. Now I relise I am who I am.
this is a very good poem it really hits the hart when you read it and i always read it more than once
that poem was so true about so many things a person is faced with as to how he or she is seen by there outward appearances
hey i thought your poem was very interesting. keep up the good work!
I like this poem alot. It helps me to be proud of myself. Proud of ME.
She sais straight away, what it's all about. She really knew how to use all of the words on the right place, on the right time.
I really like this poem because I think some thought was placed into it.
Right now in my life everything is changing and I dislike every change. My friends, family, way of life, look and everything else is changing and I dont know how to be the old me again. I am only 14- thats the sad part.
Awesome Poem about life, and really finding who you really are inside. I had 10 poems written by teens and four of my friends said that this one was the BEST!
An excelent poem, i am sorprise.

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