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This poem has a double value. Obviously, it is about my endless fight against anti-skate laws and skate-hating cops; but it is also about finding peace when the world around you falls down... on top of you.

Forget It - Let Me Skate

Pavement - my boundless world
free to fly
empowered by this feeling she sends;
free until the pigs roll around -
they clip my wings,
taking part of me away;
make me feel empty inside.
I can't go on this way;
I need somewhere to go.
When love has me down,
when school pins me down,
when her shit holds me down,
when all luck has escaped me,
let me strap on my skates.
Let me roll down the street;
let me try the tricks
even if I break myself.
I do it for my mental health.
I need to feel her there;
I need to be in peace.
I need to hear the silence;
I need to live.
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13 Visitor Comments

tight poem
i dont exactly skate, but my brother does, and this is how he feels. im sure he'll be glad to know that he's not alone. but i support all the hot skaters everywhere anyway.
ur poem is so true ive been busted so many times my mum snaps my deck every time i get a new one U ROCK!
i can relate to this as my friends and i skateboard and we are always getting dissed by security guards and police officers. the whole world is now obsessed with matters of insurance which in my opinion is why this great sport isn't getting the full acknowledgement it deserves. excellent poem.
keep writing, i to am a sk2er but ive never been chaght by police man or stuff like that but ny friend ryan has beenarested
I like this poem because even though I'm smart and an A student, I absolutely despise homework and the stress of trying to be the best I can be. I just can't bring myself to face the world, and I also retreat. Whether it's through skating, or listening to music, or reading books, many of us are too tired to face it all. The writer has brought up a struggle that more people face than many people realize.
your an awesome poet im a skateboarder and i know how you feel me and my friends got busted by this lame cop last week and now my friends gotta pay a huge fine. why are people against skating? its just like any other sport keep writing man
I like this, i like skateing, it explains alot what you wrote. and i like how you put the SKATE OR DIE thingy at the bottom, this rocks, keep writeing
yo guy i no how u feel. whenever i feel down skating just makes me feel a thousand times better. SKATE OR DIE!
yeah! you speak the truth! skate or die! i feel just the same, i love to skate, pain is really insignificant if its form falling over skating, i always go skating when i need to get away from it all.
i really enjoyed your poem and so did my best friend u do make a good point!
ROCHE, this is a great poem, i loved it cuz im a skater 2 & i know exactly wut u mean, SKATE OR DIE!
from skater to skater you rock! props given where props are due. keep on keepin on roche

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