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Cosmic Garden speaks of the youth begging the adults to allow them to grow in this wild world - despite the dangers, the trials, the heartaches.

Cosmic Garden

Like a young seed thirsting for rain,
I want to grow, and feel the same
In your vast world where love is born,
And good-bye is the painful thorn

Like flowers open their petals,
I embrace the sun’s bright signals
In your fields of fresh aroma,
Poison is the ultimate karma

Cultivate, and I’ll blossom on earth
Shower your love, and I’ll find my worth
For I am your vine, you are my wall
Cling on as we learn to rise and fall

Let me survive in this Cosmic Garden
Of wild orchids & dangers,
Of wild beasts & strangers.

I will survive in this Cosmic Garden,
Our own blessing, our own curse
Our shelter, our universe

Home sweet, Cosmic Garden
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8 Visitor Comments

What does your poem mean? I feel there is so much meaning, and it really touched me. but I want to know what the meaning was when you we're writing this poem.
i luved this poem. you are an amazing writer. the way you coul dmanipulate a garden into the growth of light and the way you explained it all was really cool and i could realate.
i like it
This is awesome.
this poem really caught my attention. i thought it was a creative idea about how you used the garden and the flowers to signify life of a teenager. very nice. u have a natural talent there. keep up the good work. and keep them poems coming. :D
I'm feeling the poem you are agreat poet keep it up.
this is the most beautiful poem. it really portrays the life of a teenager well. especially when it seems that you're not growing up. thanks and keep writing.
Very awesome and real.Also very well balanced.Well Keep peace and live long and prosper

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