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This is a poem that my friends and I can relate to. It is an experience I hate and have gone through more than once, with more than one boyfriend - but it happens. It's not that I have never tried drugs myself, but people who abuse them or lie about taking them, are what I have a problem with.


The smell of the just smoked joint,
Intoxicates my lungs.
My boyfriend pulls me closer to him.
I pull back and look deep into his blood shot eyes.
Does he think I wouldn’t notice?
Does he think I wouldn’t care?
As he tries to kiss my fatal lips,
I smell the mint he tried to use to cover up.
The pot is too strong and overpowers the mint,
And the cologne his body is smothered in.
A single tear flows down my cheek.
I wonder why he is doing this.
He told me he has stopped and it hurts.
It hurts that he lied.
It hurts that he had the nerve to show up,
Acting and looking high.
What if he gets addicted to drugs?
What if one day he O.D.’s?
I turn around and run into the darkness.
I’m sorry my love,
I’m sorry my friend,
I’m sorry I don’t
Please tell me
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112 Visitor Comments

i can really relate to this poem. this guy i really liked did drugs and toald me he stopped but i know he didnt and i knew he wouldnt do it just for me neither. we are no longer friends because i couldnt deal with it any longer. btw i LOVE this poem. good job!
this is a very good poem. it really means alot of things that some people just cant explain. Ur awesome for inspiring readers.
i just wanted 2 know if u really went through this see im 12 and my boyfriend promised me he didnt do that and i found out he did and i was soooo hurt!He told me he was sorry and i said than why did u do that,know he really stoped and were still together so yea great poem!
I'm sorry if your boyfriend is like this. I really think you made a great point.
this was the same way i lost my girlfriend years ago.
Awwww. touching and wonderfully written.
i once had a boyfriend like that so i can relate to this poem and it also hurted me when i saw him that way. But he finally stoped and now i understand
O My Gosh! This poem was really deep and it was a great poem! You did a really great job on it! This is like my favorite poem and i really really like this 1! Great Job once again!
I just e-mailed u one where i really need ur help in,. pls reply as soon as possible But for now ur poemis great. it makes me understand the situation better ans stuff!
omg that poem was so true! i had a boyfriend that was like that once and he died in a car accident! but anyway i really like your poem and i hope you write more cause your very good at it!
i like this poemit tuches my heart i feel the same way my boyfriend did it to its a sad sad thing.
WOW. this poem really touches me because i am and have gone through it all.
i loved this poem becuase my ex boyfriend used to smoke weed and i started writing poem during the time i went out with him and this was one of them
i really was touched by this poem i had an experience just like it. it was like my thoughts already on paper.
Awwwwww! That's such a sad one. Its very good though. And I hope its nothing that serious.
this poem was very touching I really liked it!You have a nice way of expressing yourself. Good Work!
I voted for this poem as I can really relate to what the poet is writing. I was in a long-term relationship 3 yrs ago when I was young and naive to drugs. My fiance used to think he had one-up on me because if this naivity, until I soon learnt his ways. It does hurt when someone treats you like that, no1 deserves it no matter what
i love this peom b/c i have friends that do that and i tell them that is not right i show them ur peom and they got touch with it i love it is great.
i liked this poems cuase i have friends that are like this!& i feel that way. bout my boyfiend
Hey i had a b/f that o. d. it was the hardest thing for me to get over. It was a year ago from Oct. 8 and i'm still having an estremly hard time movin on. I loved your poem sooooo much. kepp up the awesome poems. ihope to read more. Luv ya, *::Manda::*
I had the same problem once girl i have been there. but your doing the right thing stay strong and never let that be in your life if you dont want it there
i know how you feel
this poem is really good.
The reason why I like this poem is because my boyfriend smokes weed and I asked him to stop but he did not. Everytime I see him and he is high he tries to hide it but i see it in his eyes I love him to death and im going to help him through this addiction even if it takes my life to do it.
this poem is the first poem in a long time that has made me. it made me think about my friends who do drugs and i will pass this poem on to them. thank you for opening peoples eyes with this poem love melanie
I feel your poem cause that what going on know but if i were I would break up with yuor man
This poem really affected me cuz the same thing is happening to me right now.
this poem reminds me of my boyfriend. hes lied to me about doin drugs and now i dont kno if i can trust him ne more thr not the best person if they lie the most they could do is tell us the truth
this poem really touched me becuase my boyfriend did the samething all the time and then one day he ended up getting himself kill. so i know how you feel in ur situation. it's hard, even hard when you lose then. missy
iv ebeen in the same sittuation
I've just read your poem , as i am 14 years old and have never been in such circumstances but i am writing to say that this poem touched me and made me feel as though i was living it. The poem goes in to all the thoughts and feelings. It deffinatly deserves a vote and i encourage you to keep on writing. Thank you for writing such great poetry. xxx
good one ya. It was very touching. Good show.
That was very good ! Keep at it and never give it up !
thats a very sincere poem and its nice that someone cares so much about another person. I just want to inform you that "pot" is not addicting. it is however a gate-way drug but pot itself is not addicting and u cant O. D. from it.
I love the poem that you wrote. My boyfriend loves to smoke and when he tries to hig and kiss me I tell him to get out my face and he always lies about not smoking. I would live to hear another one of your poems!
i think that it was just great! I love poems and urs was hte best ever thanks 4 letting me read it
This is an awesome poem! I guess that I can relate to it. Very effective imagery!
This poem is really good and it is also true and this has happened to me. The guy thinks he is ok but he isn't and tries to kiss you or maybe more. This poem is a nice poem and keep written more.
This peom touched my heart I know a lot of people like that
This was a great poem, just make sure you neva start on drugs. It will do things to you you could neva imagine. It explains a lot, nobodys know the real reason y people even start on drugs, it does no good for anyone.
I loved this poem, it is so true, to many people in todays society are doing drugs. When it is going to stop ? What does it do, if u think it is cool, your wrong, pushing friends away and injuring your body is NOT COOL! I just finished writting a letter to a sucideual friend who does drugs. i hope i got through to him . i really do. it's not only hurting him. it's hurting me.
It touched me because i used to be in a relationship just like that
many people can say that they have been in love when i no they havent when i read this i feel like she was in love n thats y it hurt her lies do hurt i no ive hurt people by liein trust me he prob feels just as i do he dint mean to do it there is no WHY?
i liked this poem, i can relate to it. i was put in the same position where a guy promises not to do drugs, or to drink. but he broke his promise. and it hurts cuz i actualy thought that he would at least try to keep his promise
This is a great poem. It reminds me of that there is this girl in my school who has a boyfriend who smokes pot, but she is still sticking with him, and I think that is really brave. But still, I agree on this poem.
Im only in 7th grade im 13 i like that poem because well i dont realy know all i know is my x-boyfriend did pot i dont think he really did it well we were dateing i think he might have done it 1 or 2 times when we were together but after we broke up he did it like every day. well g2g comments to stand by man they start early now days!
Your poem was good, i liked it. I know where your comin from with that whole boyfriend thing just want you to know that your not alone.
I enjoyed your poem it really touched me!
the poem was really good but,if your friend or boyfriend is smoking pot,they are gonna do it if you like it or not,mabey they are already addicted,mabey they need you,now!dont be mad at them if you care about them dont let that come between you!
I really like this poem. My friend knows I know and don't find it amussing, he tries to cover it up w. colange and gum and stuff like that. I can always tell when he has been smoking because of the smell or his eyes or the way he acts. This poem has really touched me in many ways. U did a great job on this and touched many keep it up!
i liked you poem
sometimes when we care about somebody so much we except things they do even if their harming themselves. ive known a lot of people that have been addicted to drugs including myself and its a big mistake. i really like your poem. good luck.
i did like the poem indeed. perhaps mainly because i've been through this stuff and i know your inner feelings. the only difference is that the boy never let me in his world. i wish i could understand it too. just as you do:)
I vote it because it has happened to me befor! I feel the poem is great.
Don't give up on people after they try stuff, they still have a soul, sometimes they are doing it to feel better, if you show them that other things can make them feel much better without getting them into trouble or making them depressed they might just stop. A lot of people who really carred about me just acted like i had killed someone. What they didn't realize was that i was slowly killing myself. Reach out, you will be answered, you could save your friends.
i like this poem because my ex used to be addicted to drugs and i asked him to stop but he wouldnt so i broke up with him i still really like him, but i cant stand the horrible smell and taste of the drugs
this is a very nice poem that is so cool not everyone could write what you wrote my vote is very good good job.
this is a good poem
I love this it actually made we wonder and it let me feel what you felt when you wrote this it's great. even tho i've never been through an experience like this it brings the reader to that level. u r a great poet and i hope u keep writing toucking things like this.
I had a boyfriend o. d and you are so right. And you should never have to put up with that. I really like your poem
this poem realy made me think i did this to my best friend, i mean takeing the drugs and hopeing she wouldnt be bothered, she worned me to stop but i carried on, she was my best friend and i thrugh that away just to fit in with a croud of people i didnt even want to hang arount with i did it all for an image and now i wish i never had thanx this is a great poem and it really opened my eyes
this poem was really good. i know exactly how u feel. not to sound like a copycat or nething, but i'm going thru the same thing with one of my close friends. he's recently moved back to town and has already started the history in the making.
I love this poem because my boyfriend does the same exact thing to me all the time and he knows how i feel about it but all he cares about is himself and he says he cant stop. I think he is very immatuure and needs to grow out of it. Thank u soo much for posting this because it made me realize that i am not the only girl out there with the same problem! Bets of luck to you!
I love the way that you describe the way you feel and to know how you feel. I wish that my friend would stop smoking but it's just to hard for her and if she does stop, it's only for a day at the least. I support your poem my friend and hope her boyfriend will stop
this sounds like my bf but i do it to and im very stupid for doing that thank you
I agree with that poem a lot,my friend got involved with drugs and I didn't know what to do I just wanted her to stop. so i told her mom and now she hates me but shes better
i love it i go threw th exact same hting he tells me he quits but i am not so sure cuz he has told me this time and time again but i love him! but i aint so good at poetry! thats the best poem
i like this poem. I can relate to the part where the boyfriend tries to cover it up. I've been in the same position.
i like this poem because i havea friend that does drugs and i want him to quit. i go over to his house somethimes and the look in his eyes is the same as the one that you described in your poem maybe if i show him your poem he will realize that he is not the only one ith a problem and he will quit. FOR GOOD. Thank you for putting this on the internet for the eorld to see and react to!
i loved this poem it was o good.and ive been going out with hits guy for 2 months and he told me he stoppped but i dont think he really relates to me in a way!Byee!The Best Of Luck to You
this poem is relly good .my best friend is going threw this right now..:(
The sad part about this poem, is it' so true.
this poem is good
i know how you feel b/c my friends boyfriend is in this situation right now and they broke up and now he is all over me and i dont like it . so yes its hard to quit but well give him a nother chance
That poem was very good! I know exactly what you went through. Cuz i went through it too!
i can relate to this poem so much because my last boyfriend and i broke up becasue of this reason and i know that someone else feels the same way
Your poem said alot about how you feel and it's just fantastic to see people who have the futs to do that. I was going throgh the same thing I know how much it hurts and you seem to trust them and they do this to you well you are brave and I'm glad there are people like you who have the courage to write what they feel. luv the poem keep it up.
I know what you mean by this poem (being into a bit of drugs myself) It's happened to me with not only my boyfriend but my best female friend. Well I told them both how I felt (at seperate times) My boyfriend just laughed and my 'best' friend told me I wasn't a true friend. Talk about killing me instantly! That night I had to cry myself to sleep and when I woke up I recieved a phone call.They told me that my boyfriend had died from an over dose of acid. It gets worse. My friend got sent to juvee about a month later and she strangled herself to death with her shoelace strings. I'm only 15 and I've lost two people I care about deeply. Because I told them how I felt? No! Because I didn't tell them soon enough.and I regret not saying anything sooner.
Gosh this poem is exactly what i am going through i am dating this guy and i have been with him for 3yrs. and i just love him so much but he started getting into drugs and i got upset and told him that if he did'nt stop i would leaveso he told me he would stop but he did'nt he just did'nt do it as much as he used to things arnt as bad a s they used to be between us yes he still smokes weed but when i met him and feel in love with him i excepted everything about him even if it was wrong i could'nt just walk away so we are working on this issue and i see how hard it is to drop the habit but i have faith in him! thankyou this poem really ment alot to me:)
I really like this poem i know what it is saying i have had a lot of boyfriends that who does that and it really hurts that they do that. i just broke up with one that was doing that.but i really like your poem.
this poem truly hits home i understand what she is saying
i had this same problem with my ex but his drug wasn't pot it was K. he told me for months that he quit and i caught him one day sniffing a line and i just burst out in tears. very good poem.
Kara, I think that your poem is great. I totally understand where you are coming from when you explained it. I am having the same problems.
im goin to show my friend she is goin through this at the mo and its really good.
That poem really meant alot to me. A lot of my closest guy friends do that. I mean they do it a lot. It is a "hobby" for them. My best friend does it every single day. I care for him tons, an dso does his girlfriend. ut his girlfriend doesnt really care she promotes its, by doing it with him. But i worry about him, i know it is going to get him no where, but i try my best. The best thing to do is just try your best to cope with him, and slowly help him out, cuz it will hurt him, but if he doesnt want the help dont kill yourself over it!
Very well written & sad!
I love this peopm because i can really relate to what you are telling the one you love..i was in this situation and now im giving him a second chace because he got help..i hope it works out for you..if this poem is about a personal experience
It's a cool poem, Shows alot of emotion. Just one problem,, There are no known deaths related to cannabis itself, so is improbable. but depending on the person he may go on to harder drugs, leading to an addiction. Slinky :-)
this is very good. it is also sad and i know how you feel,it has happened to me.
I'm sorry this is happening. He probably really loves you but doesn't understand what's going on.
that was really good. some of my friends are into drugs and i just get it they jurt so many ppl but they just don't see it
I've been through this exact same thing before just recently and when I read this poem I could relate to exactly what she was saying.
this same thing happened with me and my ex. he smoked out every day and he said it made him feel better. what was i, chicken liver or something. i could make him feel the same way the pot did but he never gave me a chance. he promised he would quit but never did. he just never called me when he was high and i knew what he was doing behind my back. i would pop over unexpected and would catch him. he say he wasn't doing it but i could smell it around him and on his breath. Girl no one knows y people do drugs but i can tell u this. don't let it ruin ur life. keep strong and things good will come ur way. ur ex needs help. don't be the one to drag urself into it. give him #'s to call and stand back to see if he really does want to give it up for u. if not it's his loss. =)
I have watched people die of o.d's and I hope that you can find a way to help your friend
i think that is a very well written poem people who do drugs also bother me
i think this poems is really great because of the stuff that happenings to th girl i feels so sorry for girls that have to go through things like this. this poems is the best yet!
I thought this was a great poem, and it's very realistic, because many people go through the same thing. They get caught in a tug o' war between their morals and the one that they love.
I think that this is a very good poem. This is exactlly how I feel somtimes about my ex-boyfriend! I think that I am just going to have to read this to him. I would rate this as a 10. Out of 1 through 10 that is. Good job and keep up the good work.
This is a Great poem. my bf is a pot head and i smoke sumtimez too but i'm afriad of gettin addicted. But i have stopped and now when he is wit me he alwayz is high or drunk so i cant handle it..
so true
This is a rella good poem. It explains exactly how i felt when my boyfriend @ the high then he would come around me n hope that I didn't notice but it's not that way n I did..he got addicted now We have broken up and I have mopved on but he still does what he wants to.
I think that this is a wonderful poem and it is beautifully written. Thank you for posting it.
Although I've never had this experience before, I really related with what you wrote. This poem is very vivid, and it had a very natural flow.
This poem is great. I was just like the guy she writes about. My girlfriend sent me this poem and told me how it is. Now I am straight. And I can look in the mirror and like what I see. This poem helped me realize how much people care about u. Even at the lowest point in your life.
I love it that was really good!
this is an awesome poem!
The poem is very good I can relate to it

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