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I wrote this poem after I realized that my friendship with my best friend was over. We had been fighting for a few months, and then after a day in school where we walked by and totally ignored each other, I knew we could never be friends again.

The End

I turn the corner, and there you are,
While we both pretend not to see the other.
We keep walking, our eyes straight ahead,
And I'm grateful, as we pass one another.

We were best friends for one year,
A year of laughter, a year of tears.
In the short time of bliss,
We had promised to be friends for years.

But those ‘years' have now been altered,
And the friendship has lasted just one.
I know that it is the end,
This is a friendship that will not be won.

You don't understand why it ended,
Or that I didn't want it to.
But sometimes in life,
You have to do what you have to do.

This was one of those cases,
I could no longer call you my friend.
I now know it can never go back,
And I have to realize, this IS the end.
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This poem is so true i've had a ton of best friends ans some of left for stupid reasons at that. I realized just this year that i stopped hanging out with my true best friend we were not close anymore and it was all my fault but she was there for me when all my friends weren't but it's a sad poem but losing one friend always means ur getting another and that is a great feeling
This is what iam feeling this really hit the point for me you are a great writer and really know how to put your feeling on to paper great work
i really like that poem, well done keep up the good work.
This a great poem. Since I can't write poetry at all, that probably doesn't mean much. But recently one of my best friends and I stopped being friends, and I feel this poem really sums it up. Thank you.
This is like. my life. I love this poem. its great. I know someone like this.
i have to say i love this poem as soon as i read it i sent it to an old friend as i sent it i felt some what of an relief that i let her go and i thank you for sharing the works of your poem with me and with many other's that may have appreciate it. thanks nikki
Samantha E.
I love this poem! My friendship with my best friend seems to be heading that way. Hopefull it won't! I love this POEM!
this poem really touched me. it described, perfecly, what my soon to be 3 ex-best friends and me are going through right now:(
These is a good poem i like it. to me is bad lol. it reminds me off one off my friends but it was 3 years lol it is good. every one sould like it i now i do.
omg!this is the perfect poem! thnk u soo much,im cying becuz i just got in a fit with two of my bffs,and never ever want to c thier ugly faces again,hnk u soo much i luv htis poem it is soo true for me!
so true. well written aswell
this is the end for my firned and i TODAY. we aren't friends anymore
this poem really touched me. My best friend was my best friend all through 7th grade. we were really inseperatable. I don't know what happend. we just both changed and i see her everyday in school but its like we never even knew each other. anyway we both made new friends and we havent spoke in over a year. i really do miss her but weve both moved on.
that was a realy good poem
i love this poem
This is a really good poem. It is sooooo Me and My best friend or should I say ex best friend jackie.
This is really a painfully written poem, yet so beautiful in its own ways. Love it to the bottom of my heart.
I really feel this poem because its sumthin that has happened to me not to long back. Sumthings are meant to happen others never have a meaning but u learn to except the fact of reality.
omg i love this poem its exactly whats happing to my friend and I. I just sent it to her asking if were still friends. I dont know what she will say. but I love the poem. it is awsome.
Reminds me od my friendship.
I can really relate 2 this poem. This happened 2 me and my best friend. I thought me and him were gonna be friends 4ever. But he proved me wrong. Nicely written.
Its really touchy friend! me 2 in zis phase. my so considered bestfriend thou we were just friend coz she has her bestf. told me she hates me even b4 i culd tell her my feelings. till 2day she neva told d reason
I reall love this poem it connects to my situation
this was a good poem coz me and one of my best mates are fighting and i think thigs will never be the same. . . like the good old days
it describes my own feelings toward some friendships.
It's totally the same as me and my soul sister. We had a fight for months when we're nine, and throughout the whole year when we're ten, we didn't talk to each other or even bother to see each other. The surprisingly WEIRD thing is, we became closer than ever this year, when we're eleven.
That was an awesome poem. I loved it!
i read through all the poems for my assignmnet but when i came to this poem i was so touched by it coz i understand how the poet feels as this thing have happen to me. I have a good friend in primary school. After graduation me and my best friend went to the same secondary school but were in different class. I did not know why. One day i passed her i smile and waved to her calling out her name but she did nbot reply nor give any sign to show that she saw me . she walk away with her groups of new friend. I am hurt . We were best friend in pri sch n now. ? Does heving new friend means having to abondan the old ones. Did i did anyhting wrongly. ?
This poem is really emotinal and i really loved this poem.
This poem touched me so much. I am currently experiencing losing one on my best friends and this poem said everything
gr8 poem. keep it up. !
I loved this poem because it meant a lot to me even though my friendship was for more than one year i loved my friend and slowly slowly we are drifting apart. I would give u a 10 on 10.
I would have to givbe this porm an 11 on a 0-10. This poem shows exaccally what i am going through this year. i mean being in 9th grade is hard enought ecpeally without you ex-bestfriend, but i can work my problems out with someone new and she has become like a role model so ending a friendship isnt always bad it just depends on how you look at it
Wow that was like my life story right there. thats crazy. exactly what happened to me and my ex best friend! yea this really touched me and i could never put those feelings into words
excellent poem my frindship with an American girl has come to an end. It says, more than a thousand words.
this poem is awesome im going through the same thing w/ a friend soon to be ex-friend theres just things u could except and theres others u cant
hey this was a great poem. It really touched me. I started to cry thinking of how things are with one of my well use to be best friend. We are now just friends and never have as much fun as before.
i loved this poem it really touched me. i had something in common with it
i loved this poem cause it is soooooooooo ture about me and my ex-friend!
i like your poem the best its tru
This poem is so true for me and one of my used to be friends. Our friendship ended b/c she wanted to take a wild ride and go out w/my exboyfriend. Her and my friendship is over and this poem describes exactly how I feel/felt.
this poem has touched me just because this has happeded to me before. very good poem!
that was a very good poem the same thing happened to me and i lost her and we dont talk to or even say hi well anyways good job it was a nice poem
this poem really touched me because i've been through that before and it really describes the feeling and the hurt
hey i do understand this poem! I have been in some of the same positions where u just have to tell ur friend that your friendship has to end. even if they didnt get it u had to tell them this. i have done it before and it hurts but u just have to sometimes. i have also had it done to me but i just took what she said and that was that. Dev, u r and awesome poet! this is a great poem.
This poem showed me what happend to my friend and I in real ylife. It really ment alot to me and, I showed it to someone who went through the ame thing and he was like, "oh wow, that exactly what it was"
your poem was really good. i know exactly what you mean. the same thing happened 2 me and one of my friends ( Katrina ). i met thins guy Tom on the internet and then we started "going out". so he gave me his # and i called him while i was over her house. well they started talking. and then she started calling him when we were still going out! then he said to me one day "dont be mad at her but were going out. " he dumped me 4 her. shes fat and a total traitor. i hate her guts
this is a very true poem. it helped me realize exactly how i feel about my best friend
This poem is really great, it seems to have come straight from Dev's heart, and its touching mine, i can say i really relate to this poem, and this is just a great piece of work!
I loved this poem, it was very special, i went through the same thing, so i feel ya. Y ou are very talented
That is exactly how I feel with my friend right now and I'm glad to know others feel it, too.
this is the best poem i had a friend for a whole year and a after that the friendship ended .
I loved this poem. my friend and i have recently just broken apart and this really helped me. thanks to the person who wrote it! LOVE YA
This poem is excelent! i moved away from my best friends without even saying good bye. but i realized in this poem they will no why and understand. I loved them soo much I think about them all the time and now i hate where i live i want to be back with them!
this is an amazing poem I LOVE IT. Why?Because I've lived everything in it.
really cool poem.
This poem was so great! I can totally relate to it, and it's so realistic as if you can tell it was a hard decision. I reallllllly like this poem!
I think that poem is amazing. I just hope this won't happen to me and my friends. Thank you for writing that poem.
I really liked this poem because i had a really good friend that we had just grown apart with and now it is the end of our friendship so it kinda relates to me!
This poem really moved me. I recently stopped speaking to my best friend of 15 years. This made me cry and laugh, because it is eactly what i had to face at school everyday.
from 0-10 i would give this poem a 10 cause it also reminds me of my ex best friend, we were such great friends until someone came into our lives and i started hanging out more with that person that with my best friend, now everytime we see each other we give dirty looks and not even say a word to each other only when we say like "what's your problem, if you have to say something about me tell me in my face!" i know it hurts her but she won't admit it only to my brother, and i just wish i felt the same way like her but it's just that. i don't. i mean it doesn't hurt me cause i know that i got friends and that i got to meet new ones, but like she won't understand and now that she is mad at me and wants all the best friends bracelets and charms, and like i say i hate her but sometimes deep inside me i think i still want to be her best friend but i want to be the other girls best friend, too. I love your poem! it actually reminded me of all the happy moments i went trough with my ex best friend.
Oh My Gosh! when i read this poem i thought of nothing but a friendship that i used to have! we were friends for one year and we had laughs and cries and i thought it was really weird that it described exactly what our friendship was like! THIS POEM ID GREAT!
Me and my best friend have a huge fight in this last week. It was so huge that we got into a physical fight at school. Neways, i just wanna say that this poem rocks. It says what you are thinking and it is good because it is so real. Keep up the good work.
i love this poem so much and it realtes so much to how i feel in my situation now with a friend i btoke up with recently. Ur poem gives me a sense of security , knowing that im not on my own. thnx ali
hey that was a great poem. it made me cry. U explained exactly how i feel. It hurts so much. and its never stoped hurt even a ful year later. Maybe one day it will who knows but great poem. keep it up i loved it!
i put it in the testimonials fo my friends coz it sounds great.
good work well done! keep it up
man i lost my friend because of something that happend between us but i know it was wrong and for that i am sorry 4 but this remines me of my frind she was a good friend but i guess it had to end like this i love you girl your the best
i enjoyed this poem. i was recently wondering how to let another friend of mine go. now i realize that things need to be let go of, and it's okay to give up things. it shouldn't take effort to be a friend, it should be natural to be a friend to that person. and if it is not, get out.
this poem was talking directly to my siuation, i had a friend that i loved but she some times maniplated my hospitailty as a good friend, the words in this poem have always been in my heart, but i never knew how to utter them
i had a great friend for 10 years and now it's pretty much gone. i don't know the reason for the abrupt ending, but this poem really was great.
It was a very good poem. It will touch alot of people going through this problem.
i think that everyone that has a backstabing friend,that they should send it to . !
hey this peom describes me and of of my ex-freinds PERFICTLY! begining of one year we were as close as could be . then the next we dont speak. we barely exist to one another now. i just wanted to tell ya this peom is brilliant. keep writing! scincerly Jodi.
This poem fits! This is what its like with one of my x-mates and it made me feel sooooooo much better thnxz!
i liked this poem because i'd experienced that life. well anyway i really like this poem
Wow! Nice writing and i just wanted to say that by reading this poem a few month ago i have been able to connect it with a simmilar situation in my life. That problem was resolved and ended with the return of my greatest friend. Thank You!
I really like this poem cause it reminds me of my friendship with my best friend the only thing differnt is are's lasted 4 years and she ended it.
wow me and my friend of 5 years just ended our freindship over a he said she said thing this poem really touched me cuz i am taking it really hard.
I know what this poem is saying it tellin me to get over the old friend and stay close with my bestest freind ever
i loved your poem. I had a best friend for 4 1/2 years but it ender over a stupid fight. i just want to say when i read that poem i couldnt take my swelling eyes off it. GOOD~LUCK with ur friendship[ as to mine
This is a very good poem. When I read it I felt like it was derected to me.
this is the best one becuz ive expierenced this recently in my life and it touched me.
this poem is really good. i've just been over the exact same thing. it's almost the worst feeling ever. but it's really the end. anyway, keep up the good work!
Wow. this definitely reminds me of my friend Caitlin and I. we were so close in Elementary School and then all the sudden the guy she really likes moved way down south --we live waaaay upstate in NY-- and I noticed that things changed with her. Her and I drifted sooo much because of things she started doing afterwards. Thankfully we haven't drifted completely and we're trying to get our friendship back. ANYWAY. great poem!
i can totally understand this poem, it's like i wrote it guess it is exactly what's happening to me. My friend got a boyfriend at a party, and it's all about him, we used to go see every movie together when it was in the theatres, but now i can't even talk to her about. anything, either he's around and they are talking or sje only wants to talk about him, anyway i lve this poem, and you shoul ddefinatly keep writing, you are great, keep it up!
I loved this poem when I read it. You have a very special talent
This poem thouched me in a different way. the same thing happened to me and my best friend but luckly we gave each other a week or two and i can't say that we are best friends again but we are friends. GREAT POEM!
i liked your poem! i lost one of my bestfriends not too long ago do to differences but after reading your poem i desided that i was gonna try and make things better between us! Good job on the poem!
this is a really good poem it happend to me and a best friend she was really cool but as the years went on we went ower seprt ways just becaus i did not go to a stuped hockey game with her now ken you tell me how stuped that is ower friend ship ended all becaus of that
this poem really touched me cuz the same thing happened to me. i was friends with this girl since grade 5 and we just drifted apart, and now its like when we pass each other in gr. 11, we don't even say hi. newayz. good poem.
This poem is great. The same things happened to me and my best friend Calvin. This poem helped me understand friendship a little better.
Hey i just thought id vote and say this is a really good poem because i know how it feels to once have a friend and then them be gone an ur not friends anymore, if that makes any since. Anyways good job. keep writting!
i loved this poem, i thought it was really moving. i am going through the same thing with my best friend, i mean ive only known her for like 2 and a half years or something and we have broken up, its hard and this put things straight for me
Fabulous! I loved it! Bravo!
that poems was quite a simple poem which gets the message across. i too, had lost my best friends and it was terrible. but over time we worked things out. Friendship is about mutual negotiation and understanding. this was a well put poem.
Wow this peom is exactly what is happening or happended to me last Friday, we were just best friends and now one moment of what I thought was fun our frendship can never be repaired. Will I will miss you and all but. I digress really great poem.
This is probably my favorite poem because it relates to so many things and if you've been through it, it hits you dead in the heart.
I just lost my best friend tonight. My best friend was a guy. But, regardless, he was the sun in my sky and the rainbow at the end of my storms. I will miss him so much. This poem really moved me and it made me realize that I am not alone with this feeling of emptiness.
this poem is from the heart and i like that. i know what it feels like and its okay cause ive been through it plenty of times. life goes on and to get through it i write poetry also and this poem is just the beginning of what kind of good stuff this young girl can write
this poem says everything i feel about loosing my " best friend", we were so close but a stupid guy seperated us and he perfered him than me, knowing that he was my boyfriend!
Oh my god. That same thing is happening to me and my "best" friend. Last year we promised to be best friends now we both have moved on. And its taring me to shredes.
I loved this poem. The same thing happened to my friend and I. we had been friends for almost 8 years and then she suddenly stopped talking to me. For weeks i didnt do anything and when i did it all went down hill for me. We just started talking about 3 months ago after a 9 month avoidment toward one another.
thanks so much for the poem! in 6th grade, me n her were sOO close. in 7th grade we stopped talking--I'm in 8th now and its been so hard. i can really relate to this. same thing happens to us--we pretend not to see each other altho i kno that she sees me and i see her thanks
this is a great poem and exactly how it goes when friendship ends. I lOVE this keep it up
This is REALLY cool poem!
I so know how you felt but me friendship was 7 years long. And it ended with no reason.
Dang girl that poem is tight its all good it reminded me the girl who used to be my bestfriend and just like you i'll always miss her
I think that this was a REALLY GOOD poem and i cant really relate to it this same thing happend to me a couple of months ago with my Best friend and we had been friends for a yr and 5 months! This is GREAT POEM
i really loved this poem it really moved me!
This is the very best poem
I love your poem THE END. It really showed me how far apart me and my friend really are,but I think it's for the better
how sweet
This poem really impressed me i can really ralate to it cuz that's just what happened to me! my "friend" was all about forever until we started going to the same school and she will present me to her friend as her mom's friend son. and that's when i thought this is the end!
I can relate to this poem alot I had a friend just like that sometimes even though it hurts we just gotta realize it's the end!
hey. me and my bestfriend stop talking about 2 years ago. This poem really ment alot to me. and i just want to her know i think about her all the time and i would do anything for us to be friends again. i will never forget her and she has always been there for me no matter what. and i never got to thank her for that. thankx for the poem.
your poem is great. i really liked it
ur poem is nice ! and i'm going tjrough the samething now . only that maybe my fiendship can be save. wish that u will find a good friend and don't allow history to repeat itself again .
Your poem is awesome. I just started highschool and I knew that everyone always says all your friends change and go in different directions. Its only the 2nd week and I'm about to lose my best friend. I love your poem it so great it really helped me out. Thank you so much!
This is the only poem I've read that actually reminds me of my life. I had a best friend for one year and we just stopped talking. Then I realized that we couldn't ever be friends again. It's crazy how that works and I'm glad I'm not alone!
i loved ur poem it was realy good cause i have trobles w/ my friends and one of them i don't talk 2 anymore so it reminded me it ok things like that happen
I like this poem it says so much and explains even more.
I liked the poem in some parts. You really put the feeling into how much friendships mean are how fast they can be lost. Although, even though this is my opinion, if you lose a friend over a fight, then they were never a true friend. Friends are people you love and who will always be there for you no matter what happenes and if powerful friendships end that fast then something was missing.
I know what this poem is about and it is just like what happens in life. The ones that you think are the ones that will be around forever you aren't friends with a year later. I love this poem and I think everyone knows what this poem is about.
When I read this poem, I got goosebumps. Its such a true poem in that friendships come and go. Thats just how life is.
This poem explains exactly what happened between me and my best friend. We were so close, and then in an instant with all this other stuff, it was gone. At the end of it all, she put this poem in her web info. and I knew right away it was for me. This poem made me cry for hours. It's such a wonderful poem, but so sad and so hurtful at the same time. If only things didn't change.
Hey, dev! I can really relate with what you are talking about. I've had 'sorta the same situation. (a few times) You see, I've had to break off like 3 friendships, two of which were people who were once my best friends. It's really a tough and sad thing to do. One of the girls that i told even started crying. Thank you for writing this.
I really wish that it wasnt true, but it is, and i hate myself for not understanding why. this poem is the exact thing that happend between myself and "Nicole". I just really wish i knew how to tell her i wish it hadnt ended. this poem i will give to her, with a final goodbye.
I think this is a great poem i would like to send it to one of my x-friends but i though it would be to sad
this poem is really well written. i totally relate to this poem, as this happened to me but with about 6 different girls who i was relaly close to and it really hurts. its been 6 months since ive spoken to them and in the last week i have been having little conversations and it feel so weird because we shared so much and it was like nothing happened but deep down i knew it was the end and things will never be the same again between us, because thats just the way it has to be. but it does make you feel like you're whole world is gone and takes a long time to get over something like this. thankyou for writing such a good poem and wording everything so brilliantly!
This poem describes my "friendship" with this one guy perfectly. I started Crying when I read it
This is exactly what I went throught this year. I thought I was alone. Me and my 3 best friends(we were inseprable) split apart this summer because of our boyfriends or should i say theres. I thought oh they'll get over it in a day or two. but as it turned out they never really felt the same for me again. This is the way they feel. This poem is very touching and I think whoever wrote this should write more, you have great potential!
Hey, your poem is brilliant. I've been having a lot of problems and fights with my best friend lately and I didn't know if I should forgive her or not, but I knew she'd hurt me again. Your poem really helped me decide what to do. Thanks a lot and more for your help. Your poem is definitely inspirational!
I read this poem, and a tear came to my eye. This is a very touching poem. i thought that going to college, people would grow out of the whole high school scene, but they don't. I lost some very good friends, just cause they had nothing but jelousy. It's hurtful. Whoever wrote this is very's a wonderful poem
This poem really made me think about me and a friend and how we were kinda fighting and that I really didnt want are friendship to be other so thanks for letting me think about that you really opend my eyes
This poem is very good, it gets me thinking on wht if tht were to happen 2 me, i would feel sooo sad, i feel bad 4 the person who would have to go through finding a new best friend, but i hope they do, cuz u always need som1 ele ther 4 u.
ur poem is perfect! its like im reading my own life and nearly brings me to tears to think that me and my best friend have grown apart after such a short time. Thankyou for inspiring me to really work hard to get my friendship back. i hope i never see the day when i walk past my friend and act as if we dont know each other! Good luck with finding new friendship!
I liked this poem coz I'm experiencing the same thing right now.
That is so good! It feels like that I feel at the moment. Ur a champion..Keep it up!
it was one of the best poems i have read in a long time
This is probably the first and only poem that I have ever read that is exactly like my life...I was so shock to find that there is even a poem like this that exists... Well..I really like it so I sent it to my one and only use to be best friend who I know will never be friends again...but I guess that is the best way for both of us to take part... Well it was a pleasure to express old times...and I hope that this poem will continue to touch the world like it has this day
i know where you're coming from....very sad...but very true
I love this poem. It is so like life!
This was a very heartfelt poem, i had a best friend of 9 years, and we haven't spoken in 3 years, and now with high school graduation next year, i will probaby never see her again, but the friendship was over a long time ago an it help to know that other people have went throght the same thing as me.
This poem describes my heartaches when my friend and i have fought and that i realized that im also wrong for i never think that friendships would always change.
This poem touches the inner core of so many broken friendships. I'm currently going through this, and i'm grateful that you have written something that helps me understand.and accept. Thank you.
i really can relate to this poem!it is so incredably describes me and my ex-best friend perfectly>>>i cried when i read this,keep up the GREAT work!
Hey great poem Dev! It's just like what happened to me. I'm glad other people had this happen and I'm not just stubborn!
It reminded me of my best friend last year!
This is a very sweet poem, it describes a friend and I exactly. We've been friends for 6 years and we have grown apart within 3 months. It's really hard to except but i'm coping!
this poem is really good for me since the same thing is happening to me and my best freind this poem is jkinda comforting in a way thanx.
This was a really sad poem. But it was also the best poem. It fits the situation I am going through right now. It hurts, and it is sad. Great Poem, Dev.
this is the saddest poem and i feel exactly the same way w/ my so called best friend jessy...
This made me cry, recently the same thing happened to me, except we were best friends for 4 years. she has better things in her life now, something she has never had ever before, a boyfriend! I vote for your poem.
This same situation happened to me!!! You couldn't seperate me and my bestest friend. Then we went into 7 grade and we didn't have classes together so we kinda drifted apart. I got mad at her for some stupid reason and I was to ashamed to say I was sorry. We said that nothing could break a friendship this strong but then my one little mistake screwed it up. When i read this poem i cried and cried becasue i finally realize what has happened and now it can't be changed!!! So part of me thanks you and the other part wishes that I never read this!!!!
this poem is so real. it applies to me perfectly! its really awesome
I think that this is great because this describes exactly what happened with me and my so called 'best friend' thanx
That was beautiful....I'm facing a move and my best friend and I are closer than ever, but some of my friendships w/people here are going to end....u put into words what I feel inside. thank you.
I love this poem she wrote. The reason: I once had a friend for three years, she moved away, and now won't even talk to me. I have tried to talk to her but she won't answer back and I know it is truly the end even though it is hard to understand when you don't know what went wrong. Thank you for writing this poem and helping me realize to just let go. I think it is for the best.
I thought that this poem was very touching cause there have been many times as to where I've had to say good-bye to people that ment a lot to me, so yeah, I rate this poem Extremely Good.
Dev, This is the sadest peom i have ever read! I'm to hear that u lost ur best friend i dont know what i do if i lost my mest friend she completes me, but u shoudn't of given up so fast u should of tried to talk things over. but thats my opion.
i love the poem in fact i went through that/ am going through it right now
i love it.,
This poem is very true about many friendships I have had in the past it is very tough to lose someone that you thought was your best friend but in the end you just really weren't.I really think that this poem will touch many people
I really liked this poem a lot. It reminded me of what happened to the relationship between one of my close guy friends and I.
I found this poem really touching I broke up with my best friend a few days ago, and the exact same thing happend to me.
Well, when i read the poem i really felt that the poem was made for me. I mean, i just had a fight with my friends and now, because of this poem, i really felt better because i know that there's someone else feeling the same way.
This poem is amazing, the same situation happened to me , and i can realte to it,
i just wanted to tell you that i really enjoyed this poem. i'm doing a project for english and i chose yours to present to the class because i really liked it and it reminds me of a situation i was once in with a friend!
a sad poem that express your feelings. the truth of reality is cruel and sweet.
the poem was very nice as i could relate to it to? could we get in touch /?
it is the best poem i have ever read
This is a really good poem and I can relate to it!
This is a great poem. Because I have lost many friends from changing schools that were completely far away from each other!
This poem expresses the feelings of how must friendships end up. It is a wonderful way 2 express mixed feelings all in one. Its not harsh, but gets the point of break up out. If anyone has gotten in a fight i bet they would enjoy reading this poem 2 c, lots of people each day are going through this, they are not alone. Very well done.

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