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This poem is about me and my best friend, and how we were once inseparable.


We were one.

We did everything together.
we talked
We sang
we walked
we laughed

All of a sudden,
something so cruel
had split us apart,
It was like a bolt of lightning.

everything we did was done alone.
I talked
she talked
I sang
she sang
I walked
she walked
I laughed
she laughed

Everything was done alone.
we never would be together again.
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23 Visitor Comments

This poem stood out of the others. Unique and wonderful poem. I love it.
oh my gosh thats good
Wow. so true. me and my best friend had a stupid fight and we're no longer best friends. she wont even talk to me. that poem really touched me. good job
this same things happend to me and my old best friend. she dithched me for her boyfriend. now we harldy ever talk anymore unless shes mad at him! so yea im feelin this poem its so real! good job!
this poem really touhed me that is so true i was really good friends with this one boy and one day we got into a big fight and my best friends came over and was like kaitlin it ok i was like you knoe how close we are and now we go to the same school but don't talk or even look at each other
this poem is really great. it reminds me of my best friend. we were best friends since i was 1month old and she was 3months. so basically forever. i love her so0o0o0o0o much but wen we r together, it just isnt like it used to be. maura, if u read this comment, please email me cuz i will luv u forever and will do anythin to b like sisters again.
Me and one of my friends do everything together and we have known eachother for 14 years now even though I am only 16. I don't think I could ever live without her no matter what. She means so much to me its hard to explain. Even through all of the hard times I still believe that we will always be friends but hey I can't read the future, I can only hope. Your poem touched me thanks alot. Age 16
I would say 10! Because I'm having a friendship problem so i'm gonna send her dis and I know we are gonna forgive eachother and when ever I wanna send my friends poems i always go to netpoets. com! it's AWESOME poem sight
this is a very sad poem , however the writer has written it very well. because when i read it i can already feel the sadness of the sepration.
this poem is amazing. it is like so many of my friendships. i love it.
good poem it made me sad. keep up the good work.
hi when i read this it was my favorite well see i have a best friend her name is amie and shes a ninth grader and well see we spent all summer together and then her mom decided not to let us be friends anymore that is why i like this poem so much it totally describes what we are going through
its very original and too the point. nice work
this poem is really sad a while ago i was envolved in a serious car crash and lost my best friend it reminds me of her.
my best friend and i are insperable. we are one together. "she is my other half". but i will be moving away this summer.
This is so true! This has happened to me and my best friend. we were best friends other for 11 years. since kindergarten and we were inseperable. Then we grew apart and had a fight. Now she has left my friendship goup and we hardly acknowledge each other when we pass by. It's so sad, but true
I like it. It reminds me of my really good friend that I have grown apart from. I think that it is a good poem for those people that lost a really good friend.
i know exactly what you are saying. i was tight with my friend for about 12 years, and when we went to different schools, we just grew apart. i wouldn't have been able to put that situation into better words than you.
Hi, I love the poem. I started to cry when I read it because it describes me and my "bestfriend". We used to do everything together. If I needed anything she was there and if she needed anything I would have been there.We were inseperable. People used to call us the "wonder twins". We still talk but its not the same. We have gone are seperate ways. I miss her alot but I can't change what has happened.
i lurve this poem. thanx jus 4 riting it. =)
This is an excellent poem that tells the story of me and an old friend. Ruby proovs to be very talented.
hey you have awsome poetry, id like to read more.

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