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This Poem was written for Electra, my young fifteen-year-old web net friend.

Power Of Love

The power of love can bring a grown man
to his knees in tears...
The power of love can bring a icy hearted
woman to meltdown...

The power of love can bring a wayward child
back to the fold...
The power of love can bring light to the darkest night
and soothe the beast...

The power of love is binding
and can make right the world...
The power of love can make the weak strong,
...take some and pass it around.
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23 Visitor Comments

because i have people who remind me of this peom and i cry cause they never loved me since i was born except one person who still does i will forever know as my grandma jackson whos my dads mom and i will never forget her kathlena jackson
My mother was sick for 6 years befor passing away of cancer. She was the stongst person i knew and my best friend and I have been looking for the right poem to put on my myspace for some time know. I cant even tell you how many i have read. When i read this poem it made me happy but also mad me cry and that how i wanted to feel. This poem really got to me and I have decided that im posting this on my myspace. Thanks alot I also wanted to know where i can read more of your work.
this was deep
Meaningful poem. I love this poem alot and it's really true indeed.
~thats is a really cute poem! !~
This poem really spoke to me because my life was in hell and never came out til i reed this poem. well got to go Bye Bye
i love it
"I read your poem just now and I think it was really good. Love is truly powerful to make a positive difference to the whole world. A genuine and a well written poem! I hope to see more such poems in the future! Keep up the good work! Good luck!" Anwesha.
that was totally class it really makes you think!
i luv this so much, the first time i read it i could just feel that vibe saying that we do need the power of love, some people have that luv we jus need lot more people to get involve. thank u so much, i jus need to pass the news around.
i liked it
thanx 4 the poem it really made me think n was touching good job keep it up mwaaa!
This was a very good poem. It makes you think i know i was.
Hey, great poem! i enjoyed it alot! its too bad everyone isnt like that.
I am impressed with this poem, and i am no poem reader either.
Hey nice poem!
this poem came from your heart it was tuching thanx for writing it
I personally thought that was ace your very talented obviously Good Work
I liked this poem alot. I write poems myself and I write love poems and poems for my older brother. But I just wanted to tell you that.
this was a o.k. poem
i thought the poem was very moving and i just can't wait to put one of mine in
Was touching!
that was a beutiful poem thankyou for sharring it

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