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This poem is about a woman, maybe a wife of an inconsiderate person, who had already suffered a lot. She had been serving her husband without fail, but still she was treated as badly as a slave. It is quite straight forward because I want people to feel and have mercy for her. It ends up with a tragedy - one which actually changes her life.

Now No More

I'm an ugly, worthless creature...
I lie down and think
Do I fit him?
He pulled me,
pushed me, anytime, anywhere...
My pain,
everywhere, nowhere
to hide.

Please stop, no more yelling...
no more shouting, no more swearing...
My ear hurts, my heart bleeds,
my life sinks.

I stand tall, wipe my tears, shut my eyes,
stare at his angry eyes, smiling -
a cynical one indeed.
I gather strength, Oh my, a powerful one
so far beyond my expectation.

Red fluid oozes everywhere.
There and then he pleads, pleads, pleads again.
I whisper to the breeze,
Now no more shouting,
now no more yelling,
now no more beating,

Let me rest in peace.
Let me bury the bitter memories.
Let me sing gracefully.
Let me and let me,
I can now fly...
I'm sorry, my love...
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11 Visitor Comments

very good, captured the truth of what happens in a controlling relationship. let's just pray mine doesn't end up this way.
it was really touching to my soul
I hope it wasnt you who had to go threw that type of realtionship! if so im sorry i know ti hurts. all the yelling and screaming i totally understand. or be with you or who ever this poem is about.
kinda creepy. very strong. very good
This was an excellent poem telling of suffering at the hands of love. Just wonderful
A tear started down my cheek as i read this. Forever inside me it will stay.
I love this poem it is just what happen to me and my ex boyfriend.
I know how you feel. I am still tryinf to forget. Thanks for having the courage to write about such a thing in the manner that you did. You were not and are not ever alone.
why such a sad ending? :( good poem, i like it
Ok that poem scared me, but, it was good
Very good poem!

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