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This poem is fiction. It's my first attempt to write a poem about something that doesn't have basis in the personal experience of myself or my friends. It's the story of one stormy night in the life of a man living a solitary existence and mourning the loss of his love.


The storm roared in as darkness fell
And cold winds shrieked like fiends from hell
For the warmth of her my soul I'd sell
But no one's buying, just as well
Dear God, I am so lonely

Throughout the night the cabin creaked
Until the storm at midnight peaked
And banged the shutters 'til they leaked
Then icy fingers through them sneaked
And snow blew in my kitchen

The snow I gather in a pot
Then on the stove for water hot
To make some stew from game I'd caught
And dream of her whom I have not
To dream of sweet Diana

Although her name brings me remorse
Her mem’ry comes with wondrous force
My only joy, she was the source
But never was she mine of course
For Heaven took her early

She died some twenty years ago
Alone in darkness - drenched with snow
She’d asked me to her home, but no
Said through that storm I would not go
To her the storm meant nothing

She lost her way that soul-less night
All blinded by the swirling white
And wearied by the wint’ry bite
She stopped to rest - too weak to fight
And Angels came to claim her

I know this now, I’ve known it long
She was my heaven - was my song
My life without her - life gone wrong
Dear God I am so lonely
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4 Visitor Comments

Beautiful wording, compassion, but mostly the memories of losing someone deer.
Very well written. I like the lyrical pace. A tragic but heartwarming tale.
I read and write quite a bit of poetry and I must say that I have never read anything written in such beautiful form. Truly a great story to tell and well written. It is a very good first attempt and believe me when I say, that if you keep writing. it only gets better! Fabulous!
Great poem! I love it.

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