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I don't really know what inspired this . . . It was just after an end of a relationship, but I don't really think the poem was about that. (Those are just usually the times I end up writing . . . at the end of something. ) I just remember for the first time in my life identifying with the ancient Siren from the Odyssey. She's always thought of as an evil monster, but I've never heard anyone ask the question, "Where did she come from? What is she like? " So, in my poem, I gave her human- like qualities of perception, guilt, love, bitterness, sadness, and hope. I suppose I was trying to convey a woman accepting that the thing she wants most she will never have, so she must close her heart, and try to make the best life she can without it.

Siren's Song

I sit among my rocks, waiting for the men to pass by.
The large rock by the door is scarred with my
Marks, a record of those I watched die
While my song rose to fill the sky.

I pass by that rock every day, and I see
Only how many more marks there must be
Before my time is done, and I may leave
This rocky tower for the blue blue sea

I often wonder if these men ever, ever know
As their ship is dashed on the rocks below
That I do not hate them. Nay, I love them so . . .
These men who come, and yet too quickly go.

For it is lonely here day after passing day
Watching my only joy slip away
Beneath the waves as I turn to lay
My hand upon that rock so I do not sway

And turn to save the drowning men that I-
With my beauty which so pleased their eye
And the voice that lured them to my side-
Have broken and condemned to die.
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3 Visitor Comments

Extreemly well writen, keep it up.
excelent, it portrays sirens in such a different perspecive, asking you to look at something in a whole new way

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