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I wrote this poem when I saw a movie about abortions. I could not believe how people could abort their kids. I mean they become sexually active and then they get pregnant and they don't want the kid. That is so selfish, in my opinion anyway. I could understand if the mothers life was in danger but...I will never understand anything else. Just look at all these people who want kids and can't have them. Abortions are just not the way to do it.

No Tomorrow

I am going to die tomorrow,
But yet I haven't been born.
My mother shows no sorrow,
For I am a product of love torn.

I will never see the light of day,
I will never smell a flower,
I will never walk along a waters bay,
Or feel the drop of an Aprils shower.

It hurts for no one to show me love,
I will never be hugged or kissed,
When I have gone to the heavens above,
I wonder if I will be missed.

Today is my last day to live,
My last thought, my last breath.
Just think of all I could give,
But tomorrow I'll be put to rest.
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58 Visitor Comments

man its sad cause so many of my friends are pregant and thinking about it but i have talked some of them out of it
i liked this poem because it is the truei was going to do an abortion but my friend gave a poem to me to read it so i did i dicided to not take a child life now im happy with my baby and i love him alot!
You are an inspiration! ur right no one should let a baby suffer for their mistakes its unhumane if u didnt want a kid then practice abstenence!- Alyxandria (Lexi) ur biggest fan
My sister had a abortion in high school and I always said if I was put in a position I could not make the choice to kill a baby. Well I lied to myself as well to others. I had an abortion a year ago. I cheated on my fiance it only took one time and I ended up getting pregnant. My fiance took my to get it done. The baby's father was a creep he wouldn't have help me in any way. I felt I had no other choice. At the time I felt that I could not look at the baby knowing that my fiance didn't father my baby. I thought that it would break my fiance's heart. It seemed the easiest way out. But what I didn't realize was that it would be the hardest day of my life. And looking back on it I wish it were just a bad dream that I was in. I just murder a human being and I will have to live with that for the rest of my life. It was the most painful things I could ever go through. But most of all my heart hurts aches. There is a piece of me missing now that can never be replaced. I have prayed for forgiveness but still I feel empty inside because I look at my little boy now 4 months old and think how could I do this to something so precious, that was once part of me. Having an abortion is one of the most painful and cruel things. They scrape the lining of your uterus without using any pain medication. When I was giving birth my pain meds. wore off I pushed for 2 hours but the pain of an abortion is far greater. To any one thinking about abortion know that babies are the most precious gift that God could ever give. I thank the Lord every day for giving me an other chance.
really good poem
This poem has really touched me.
It really touched me.
I would like to say that i liked your peom alot beacause people dont know how much that hurt for me to see people have an abortion then say they regret it after words
it is soo sad and sweet and it touches my heart that more people care about this kind of thing
Laura Jane
Very moving. A heartfelt story of something so rarely confronted
I had an abortion 2 years ago when i was 15, i was a silly school girl that just started having sex cos my friends were. When i became pregnant it was the shock of my life but my family werent gonna stick by me n maybe i was selfish but i tink i did the right thing by gettin rid of my child because it would of come into the world having no family apart from me to love it, i had no money, i was still at school and i didnt have the brains or courage to bring up a child. All i think in my head is that, the child will come back to me one day and i just have to look forward to that day. I love my baby and think about it each and every day .
this poem broke my heart as today my daugher went to have an abortion! I tried every thing to convince her not to. I will never forget this day! I WILL ONLY SHE MY GRANDCHILD IN HEAVEN. but here on earth i will never beable to hold kiss or look into its little eyes. If GOD would help me through this pain i am feeling it hurts so bad.
But you might be born and never experience the love and emotion that you talk about in this poem and then you grow up extremely unhappy for the rest of your life.
In my opinion if your not ready for a kid than you shouldn't be doing the deed. You should have to face the consequences of your actions, so face it we all know when we have sex that a baby is a chance we take so if you aren't ready than don't do it or use protection there are many types out there. Your poem was absolutely beautiful and so perfect thank you so much it truely touched my heart.
i cried because its soo touching
I Before reading this poem was a girl who always thought that if i ever fall pregnant at a young age abortion will b the best way to relieve the stress but this poem has touched me and made me realise that a young life like that will never be able to feel all of the happiness i have felt in my life it makes me cry!
i am only 14 years of age and my boyfriend got me pregnant got so long ago. when i told him he left me and told me if i had the baby he'd have nothing to do with it so i had an abortion. this poem has really touched me and i fully agree with it all. in fact its the best piece of writing i have ever read!
So sad, but beautifully written. Thank you for writing this poem.
You're parents picked out the most perfect name, it fits you so perfectly. I don't believe in abortion, if people don't believe they could raise the child, they should give the baby up for adoption. Trust me, babies will always find some one who loves them, I am having difficulty conceiving, and i don't see how people can kill gods greatest blessings. May you be blessed and keep writing!
This is the most beautiful true to life poem i've ever read, Beautiful just Beautiful! for all of those who think the choice of killing your baby is the best thing you can do for them, think of all the wonderful things you'll be taking away from them, Like a midnight walk along the beach seeing the waves glowing in the moonlight, Thier first kiss, thier first love, Your first grand child. Your not just "terminating a pregnancy " your killing the most precious gift you'll ever give the world
I was especially touched by this poem because I am 17 years old and I have a 2 month old baby girl and I believe I may be pregnant again. It tears me apart inside because I plan to abort this baby so I can give my baby girl a better life.
hey this is tina i love your poem it's really sad but i no what you mean people who get abortions even if they dont want the baby they could have it and then give it up for adoption well your work was great and now i have to go so see ya I HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU SOON
This poem is really true. Anyway, keep writing, Angel. I think you are somewhat of a guardian angel for unborn children. who have a RIGHT TO LIFE!
This is an amazing poem! I honestly cried reading this.
The poem is really sad and true
i thnk the poem was good and is something that can be related to but only in the eyes of some. i had an abortion a year ago and it wasn't that i didn'tlove my baby, i just couldn't go through with in due to different reasons. i loved my baby very much and the fact is i still do and always will.
God bless you! I was 16 when I had an abortion and it was absolutly the hardest thing I've ever had to do. I was wrong. I know I was wrong and I would do anything to take it back but obviously I can't all I can do is pray for other mothers contemplating abortions.
I do like your poem but i think that you don't understand alot of things about abortion, when you said "and then they get pregnant and they don't want the kid" that hurts because i know how it is going through with an abortion. It isn't that you don't want the baby b/c trust me i did, it just wasn't the right timing. I am a straight A student and i have dreams that i want to accomplish in life. Having a baby is for after i am happily married and secure with myself. Giving a child up for adoption is not always the right decision in life b/c for me that would be harder knowing that i "gave" my child away after i was the one to carry it. Don't look at abortion in the wrong way, you don't know how it feels. if i could take back what i did i might have b/c now it hurts deep down, but then when i look at it in a different view i always remember that my baby is still my sense of joy,just up in heaven. Please try to understand where i am coming from. It breaks my heart to hear someone bad mouth the subject, b/c then it makes me feel like i am the one at fault, or the bad person. I did love my baby with all my heart and still do.
I dont think its fair for a person like you to give there opinion if youve never been in the cituation of having an abortion. I dont think any human would want to be brought into this world and not be with there birth family its hard to be an adopted or a foster child there are some great losses if your not with your real family it can damage a person selfestem and self respect they have for them selve
almost a year ago at age 19 i gave birth to a baby girl. please let me thank you so very much for that poem. it's people like you that help people like me realize we fit into society too. aborting a helpless infant is wrong. when you think you are ready for sex you should be ready to have a child or atleast ready to face your parents with the fact, so that you can carry the child for adoption. so many families need children
I think this poem is an inspiratin i am a teen mother myself and i don't understand where people under estimate the value of life. THOU SHALL NOT KILL!
Just recently i went with my friend so that she could get an abortion. Your poem is exactly how i felt as they stuck her with the needle of saline. I appreicate this poem more than you could imagine. god bless the writer.
thats a sad poem.more people should read it and think of what they're doin.
Wow, that's so sad! you never really think of it that way!
Extremely moving, it brought tears to my eyes. I've always leaned towards po-choice but this poem broke my heart!
This is great! A baby, although unborn, is still a human. Do we have the right to take away what God has blessed us with? How would we like it if we were in that baby's position?
This poem may be true and moral in some ways but has this author thought about rape. I was raped at 15 and became pregnant. It is not fair to let a kid have a child at 15 years old.
That was the best well writen poem i have read yet. I do agree with what you are saying and i am very strongly aginst abortions! It is NOT about what a mother has to give her child, but what a child is and it's love.if a woman gets pregnant and decides she dosen't want the child for the reason she has nothing to give she's WRONG! Have people never heard of adoption? that is to me somthing a mother has to give and thats a chance to LIVE!
I like your poem allot. It really touched me. I agree with you to a certian point. I don't think that you should ever abort a baby if there is ANY way possible that you can support it. I say this because my mom was going to abort me. She already had the papers sighned and everything. But my dad wouldn't let her. She had someone to help raise this baby. And yet, she still wanted to ge rid of me. Trust me I would have rather been aborted though. Like Collette said, It's better to be killed before you are actually born than to live as an unwanted child. I ma 14 years old, and have already moved back and fourth between my mom's house and my dad's house 6 times. So it really hit close to home with me. Keep up the good work.
My friend is going through a rough time with her babys fater and she was concidering an abortion. I am against them all the way. Reading this made tears come to my eyes, I hope after she reads this poem, shell think twice
This is really good. I'm doing a speech ina a class about abortion. It help me out alot.
This is a good poem, however, I have to agree with Colette that unless you have been in such a situation it is difficult to judge others. The simple fact of a women having an abortion does not mean that she does not love her unborn child. It simply means that - after having taken a step back and looking at her life situation, looking at what she can/has to offer to a child (and love is not enough these days), after crying several nights and beating herself over the head - she makes that heart wrenching decision to terminate the pregnancy. It is not because a pregnancy is terminated that she no longer carries around the pain of that day. She will/does think about it for the rest of her life.
moving poem hun but just realize one day that could be you ALL ALONE and wondering what other choice you have... dont judge someone until you've walked in their shoes.
very sad but good
No one will ever understand unless you have been there. It is about the choice - not the act. What about all the children that are already here that are not wanted? How many of those have you lifer's taken into your home? Why don't you try to get the adoption laws changed instead of telling women what they should do with their OWN bodies.
I really like this poem, it is very well structured. I do not agree with your point of view but nevertheless i can appreciate what you are saying in the poem. Very nicely written.
Thanks for being one of the disappering minority willing to say theis anymore!
This is awesome! I'm an ardent pro-lifist and am sending this poem to all my friends! Great job & keep up the good work!
Probably the most moving poems I've ever read.
A simple yet poignant display which touches deep into the depths of one's soul. I wish more people could possess the perception and sensitivity of the writer. Only then, will others come to realise the pain and hurt caused to Life around. Thank You, Angel!!!
I think that is the sad truth about what goes on in our society today.When I was reading this poem tears started coming down my face. I think that before a women even think about getting an abortion they should read "No Tomorrow". Your poem is hope!
That is a great poem: Heather, if someone doesn't want a child, they shouldn't just wear a condom, THEY SHOULDN'T HAVE SEX. It is time for poeple to open up their eyes to the fact that they need to take responsibilty for their actionsinstead of killing an innocent child. IT IS WRONG!
That was a very sad poem.But I think more poeple should read things like that before they take a life of a unborn child away.
I love this poem and I also think that it is truly unthinkable to have an abortion. its wrong. if you don't want a kid wear a condom!
It's to bad that people don't read this poem before they actually decide to have an abortion. Great Job
I really liked your poem it was very touching. The reason i found it was because i was researching stuff on abortion for a class discusion. this is a poem i would be able to read to them and actually make them think about abortion in a deeper way. Great poem
I absolutely love this poem becasue I was in that postion and thanks to a wonderful lady sitting in the room my mother changed her mind.

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