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This poem is dedicated to Stacey, who came into my life and taught me how to love, then left me so quickly on a spring day


27th floor
I'm sitting in the windowsill, your picture taped to the glass
Feel your arms around me but you're not here
I wear this shirt cause it has your scent
It's the closest I will ever be to you again

City sounds remind me of when we owned it all
We walked these streets and drank it all in
Never in my life had I felt so close to heaven
Never in my life have I felt so alone

There's a burning inside me that won't go away
It won't let me sleep
It won't let me think of anything else but you
Let it rain to wash me clean
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34 Visitor Comments

This poem is very beautiful. but awful whenever i remember my ex-girlfriend. You know what?I gave evrything for her but still she go away to marry somebody else.
i like your poem and i can deffinantly relate to what your sayin in it
This Poem is so touching it makes me think of my EX-BOYFRIEND and how bad i want him back into my life but i know it can never be. I LOVE YOUR POEM
wow this poem made me cry not because i've been through it but because i hope someone would love me like that miss me like that. im sorry u lost them.
this poem is the truth most people wouldnt think to sit and rad these poems which has a meaning to the. i write my own poetry and i will be glad to send them in. there are a lot of teenagers that has been through alot of stuff while being inside a relationship then older people. teenagers has feelings to
I really liked this poem!
this is a very good poem!
This really reminded me of my ex boyfriend and i! It made me cry. i want him back but yet it still seems so impossable.
beautifully written, very emotional. I love it.
I love this poem! great job man! It reminds me of how memories can torment you in everything you do and everywhere you go.
that was a beautiful poem
I just broke up with my long time girl friend. This poem touchede deep down inside where it hurts like hell. I cannot sleep. It's 1 in the morning and this pain is killing me.
dam dog i love this poem. i know what your going through i too had gone through that stage. but anyways best of luck to you and keep up the good work
wow. that was completely awe-inspiring. so touching, so moving. one of my favorites. much love, much respect.
I feel your poetry and I understand your mind stat. I was there once too but over a perioud of time I learned to keep my head up cuz there is nuff fish in da sea.
this poem captured endless nights perfectly, i think everyone's felt this but michael fry put it into a beautiful poem
damn i know that feeling. liked the poem, even if i was a little close to home
after reading your poem i really felt the hurt you felt and i didn't realise that guys feel so strongly about this subject aswell as girls!
I loved the poem, and the realistic graphics that ran through my head!
omg. i love this poem, it is the first one i have EVER liked that doesnt ryme. this i can relate to like exactly , every word, its like u have the exact same situation. 3am, im always up a night thinking, and the streets we owned thing, i had to sneek out to be w/ my boyfriend, and we walked and owned the streets at 3am literally, keep writing, its great.
I almost didn't read this poem, I was going to skip it but the title 3am made me think of most of my nights. I loved it and your poem hits close to home. I really liked the beginning but my favorite part was the last line!
lovin it. i could relate so much. loved it!
This definitely sounds like a song! I love this poem-its great and deep.
AWW hope sad :-( this just shows how hard love really is! its a great poem, it made my stomach go to my throat!
your poem was so sad, I cried. I know how you feel. I hope you find new love.
3am is really good. i am often awake till 3am. i just cant sleep. you brought out the right feelings!
This poem is really fabulos and i like it alot!It's a good poem i wanna hear more of ur poems!
I like this poem, kinda reminds me of one of my favorite songs, by third eye blind. Motorcycle drive by, ever heard of it?
It is beautiful. Thank You
Michael, I have written a somewhat similar poem about losing someone I loved. In fact, the words:"3AM" are also in this one. You are are very smart to express your somber feelings through an an outlet such as poetry.
this peom is fabulos it is very sad but in a way it happens every day
This is a very good poem

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