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I wrote this poem after my fiancée and I broke up. She kept coming back and telling me things would be better and that she would change. But she never did. She would reel me in and then, boom, break my heart again.

Garden Of Eden

Memories of you have stained me forever
To let you go would kill me
To make you stay is certain death
Total confusion of the body, soul, and mind.
Your eyes hold contempt
As you speak words of love so sweetly
Trying to tempt me to take some fruit
The garden has died at my feet
Yet you lead me to our tree
Where it all began
The stars cannot foresee what the future holds
I wonder what your motive is as you kiss me
The smell of flowers fill my senses
As you take all of me in
The garden appears to bloom again
Full of life
You turn from me, breaking our kiss
I try to catch you, but you run from me laughing
I look around to see nothing but myself
Alone in the night
Standing in the moonlight
Surrounded by the death of my sanity
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8 Visitor Comments

i read this poem n i was like. wow this is good! good job!
"surrounded by the death of my sanity" that is such a good description of how it feels!
I understand where you come from completely on this.
I love this poem. I can really relate to this situation because i feel like my ex-boyfriend of 3 yrs. is doing the same thing to me.
this is such a gorgus poem, this man is truly talented and i feel really sorry for what he had to go through. i just love how he relates his pain to adam and eve and the garden of eden, absolutely amazing. a* ! :P *clap*
I am the one he spoke of in this poem I can tell by the date. I never meant to hurt him circumstances just would not let us be. I still often dream of him and the situation cut me deeply also. I pray that when the time is right I can come back to our "garden" and this time I can stay forever. I will and always will love him
Very good work I can relate, to how u feel.
very well done! =)

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