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I wrote this one day, out of bitterness because I heard rumors of someone that I cared about liking another. I've realized now that things aren't in my hands and that if you just lay it all at Jesus's feet, he'll take care of it. I'm sure a lot of people can relate to how I felt in this poem, but it's a lot of symbolism.

I'm Not A Rose

I take yet another step away
close yet another door
the coldness of my shoulder - and yours
is yet becoming more.

There are no longer kind words
there is no open addressing
the art that we once knew
no longer needs confessing

We used to face each other
on the bridge inside the wall
now it's desolate and empty
it's begun to crack and fall

There is a constant dripping
yet tears go unshed
a puddle gathers at my feet
a pool of deep dark red

you forgot your average flower
and found a beautiful rose
if I were you I wonder -
which I would have chose?
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6 Visitor Comments

It touched me cos this poem relates to an incident that took place in my life and its exactly how i felt. Well written!
This poem. was great. i really liked it!
Your poem was fantastic! It was heart felt and I enjoyed reading it. But most of all the ending was so mysterious it made that poem GREAT!
I think the poem was just fantastic. It really reminded me of myself and someone else. And I think you should make more about how one girl can't always have the guy she wants.
I will never forget this poem it is so awesome. You have a great way with comparing things i love it. This is exactly how i feel. I know this world sucks and that "pool of deep dark red" it will never stop growing.

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