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This poem is an attempt to imagine my feelings if my wife left my life forever.

Natural Disaster

Darkened clouds, wind and rain.
Left alone with all this pain.
It’s winter here without you.

Landslides always drag me down
Trapped for days, will I be found ?
I pray for skies of blue.

Flooded plains within my head
Tornadoes draw near, leave me for dead.
I feel alone without you.

Drought from tears I know not for
I’ve cried for days, I cry no more.
I’ve made mistakes, it’s true

Hurricane waves pound on my shore
I’m drowning on my bedroom floor.
Will we never be together?

This natural bridge from heart to heart
Collapsed in shreds, fallen apart
These seasons last forever.
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17 Visitor Comments

The poem is so cool. I really love the name. Even though Im 14 years old I know a good poem when I see one.
this was great it made me cry thank you by ilove you
this poem touched my hearth? i just feel like crying peace yall thanks luv:ce
this poem was so good thats was the best poem ever u should write more!
many days i wanted to scream the pain i feel inside ,but when i read this poam its just like the exact translation of what i feel inside ,it realy touched my heart ,thank you
i luved the poem,it was excellent. well done to the person who took time in writing it.
i absolutly LOVE this poem! You are so good at writing i would never be able to write somthing so magnificant and meaningful!
that poem was tight gurl if anyone know how to write it's u u odda write one 4 me
this was a touching poem. i would like to get to know more about you because you are vary talented.
this was such a moving poem , so much depth within it, i wish i had wrote it
I really like this poem, it has lots of meaning behind it.
I like ending the best, inspired me loads, first in a long time .
simple. Related to reality, full of emotions thousands have felt yet few have understood. i bet you're mommas proud.
I think this poem is a work of art.i had only reached the second stanza and already my heart was touched.a great writer,a great talent.
its reali good! i love the way u put so many mataphors similes etcetc. i liked the pattern it had n the was so touching must have taken u forever to write this.
It is sad....but true!
its true, all to true, i thought i was over my x b/f, but i cant stop thinking of him ever since he likes some1 else.

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