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Sometimes we have a love that we take for granted. Two people eventually grow apart and even if they try to save their love, in the end it's too far gone.

We Were Meant To Be

Somewhere in time
We fell in love
Our feelings were so strong
Stars sparkled up above

Somewhere in time
Nothing else mattered
We were together
Until our hopes and our dreams were shattered

Somewhere in time
Great memories are there
Our love was once great
Nothing could compare

Somewhere in time
Our love stands still
A love that we lost
Somehow, against our will

Somewhere in time
We'll meet again
Somewhere in time
Our love will never end

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37 Visitor Comments

this poem was so awsome it tell exactly what it is to be screwed with itleast thats what i think and thats what happened to me with so many people ive been hurt so many times and all i wanted was someone to be with and to love but i got cought up in my own life and they cheated because i was too busy to have a relationship and i miss the one i actually feel in love with it was the type of love that you can never forget but i guess it wasnt right it wasnt ment to be and he went out with me for all the wrong reasons but i miss him i want him back and if he sees this tim i love you i want to be with you and ill always feel that way because i need you
this was so great that i started to cry i sent it to my mother this really expresses my love for my mother
this poem is so so beutiful i love it to death i want to recomend this poem to my baby benjain that i love him to death and was this love was really meant to be?
I really love this poem this one touched me in so many ways. ~ashley~
i just lost my boyfriend a week ago and i am three months pregnant with his baby. this poem really touched me because it really sums my feelings for him up. and it is ironic that your name is justice because that is what my boyfriend wanted to name our baby. i really felt your poem as if it was taken out of my head.
This poem is absolutley magnificent. I love it! it reminds me of this boy Joey Davis i as really l=in love with SERIOUSLY IN LOVE WITH but we were young we still are i mean were still in High School, but seeing makes me just wanna grab him and kiss his beautiful lips but i dont think we will ever BE again. email me sometime. Autumn
This was the greatest poem i have ever read it reminds me of this girl i met when i was 7 and who i know im ment to be with but she lives so far away now
this poem was PERFECT! it perfectly describes what i'm going through right now. Kimberly Wall i still love you and i always will, no matter what happens.
This poem hits the spot for me. I fell in Love with my ex-wife, we got married, but I was so young as well as her. I made some foolish things and I was just very ignorent. We seperated then we got divorced, I drank alot got married again, but the Love I felt for my 2nd wife was not the same. Finally I got seperated to my 2nd wife and by fate me and my 1st wife got the chance to meet again, by taking care of my grandson, while my daughter who's in the Air Force and had a 13month tour to Korea. All my feelings for her were awaken again, I don't drink anymore and I pray that this is the Love that was meant to be!
My bf and I have had 4 kids and have been together for about 12 yrs. on and off. I feel just like the poem says. I love this poem. It explains how I feel about our relationship. Thank You.
i can relate to this poem so much, it makes tears come to my eyes when i read it. i had a boyfriend for 3 years, then he had to move. i miss him so much, i still love him too!
it was vey touchin and vey true good job
this poem is how i feel about my ex i dated him for a year and that was 2 years ago and im not over him yet i dont think i will ever be i miss him. so very much and i want him back it made me sad to read this poem.
I really admire this poem it is so crucial. I think you deserve a 10. That really got to my heart keep doing what you do.
This poem realy reminded me of my first love. And I bleave this to be true. I lost the love of my life almost a year ago. This truly was the heardest thing I have been through. We where together for a year and 1/2. Then he decited to all the way to Bangor Maine. Him and i are still good friends,but I still heart. And I still blevie one day we will be together again. Tihs poem is very tuching thank you for shareing it. stacy
I realy liked this poem it was good.
wow! on of the best poem i read here! it's amazing how true it is, i'm only 14 and i lost my bf for ever cause he lives too far away.
i really like this poem it is so great i love poetry like that its good keep on writing
I think it was really heart touching it mad me think of me and my x-boyfriend Shane.
this poem reminded me of one of my loves that i lost also. it was really good. made me cry though.
i think that was a great poem , it really spoke to me and it reminds me of my ex-boyfriend. that poem is just GREAT
i really liked your poem it touched me and it relaed to me really nice!
it reminds me that i was ment to be with someone who i met along time ago
it was wonderful it expresses exact truth about relationships
this poem explains my first true love's relationship with me. I lost him because of his mother. Sad but true. We were perfect. We were torn against our will. Someday I hope he'll come back. I love you Ash.
This poem reminds me of my ex-boyfriend Chris. It says everything that I have been feeling. Thank you for putting my feelings in to words!
This is By Far the greatest poem I ever read in my whole life.
again these poems remind me of my ex husband fred adn someday i feel that these poems will help me move on so thanks for writting them and good luck on your next one.
How I wish I wrote that poem!:) Exact words about my childhood love too. Artistically done yet simplistically authentic!
I just have to say thank you! I say this because I know I am not alone. I have loved and lost. We were together for almost 5 years. Then one day I woke up and it was gone. I know it is still there, we see eachother every once in a while and when we do I feel it. The way he looks at me. I just know!
My first thoughts out of all the poems I've read. I can relate because I too await another day when the person I love and me will be together again.
i love this poem. it is like all about me and my old BF, i miss him sooo much, but get to see him everyday.
This is by far one of the best I've ever read. i give you much respect for this poem, and I give thanks for know how I feel. It's good to know I'm not the only one.
i couldn't have said it better myself. i lost my brother, my love, and my best friend..and while i did realize how lucky i was, i never knew HOW lucky until i lost him. i know somewhere deep down we ARE meant to be, and that one day i'll find him again, but time will only tell. thanks for really hitting close to home.
This poem is great I can totally relate!
Seems like the author had been standing over my sholder the past week.. touched home.
This beautiful poem brought tears to my eyes.I've spent the past two years trying to recapture the one true love that i let slip away from me.

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