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I wrote this for Todd, my first and only love, though many have touched my life. I knew someday I'd have him back in my life. Ten years later, I do, but it's bittersweet, as our love was eternal, but my faith was not.

And now I belong to another.

Lost And Forever

When the snow has melted and the birds begin their song
And the summer warmth fills my heart again,
I think of you
And how you once held me under the June stars.

Though it's been many years since I've felt your touch,
And your scent has faded from the shirt I wore that night,
I still think of you
And how you held me by the waterfall.

It was just an adolescent dream that we would last
Though I always thought somehow we would.
Which is why I still think of you
When my world seems grim and lonely.

I said back then no one would ever know me quite the same way,
And that I'd think of your face last on my dying day.
And eternally, I'd think of you
And the few short years we spent in love.

For heaven must consist of you and I as one,
Because I couldn't live my life knowing
That thinking of you
Was the closest I'd ever get to Eden.

Someday I'll hold you again - of that I'm certain.
And you'll look in my eyes the way you used to,
And you'll see life and reality,
love and believability,
truth and consistency.

'Til then, please think of me.
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19 Visitor Comments

i loved it. it really spoke to me emotionaly
I think it's a stunning poem, and having felt like that before this poem made me feel alot of old feelings
This poem touched me like it was written by myself. There are other people who feel the same as I do.
this poem really touched me because im goin through the process of living life.
i like ur peoms expecially when am in depressed. alone when i need my love the most. keep it up. i also have good peoms like urs
This was a very touching poem. I loved it. It is exactly how Iam feeling right now.
Kayla Mae
Hey i just wanted to say that that poem was GREAT it brought me to tears because i have a 'guy' friend and it just made me think about him and what we had been threw! I LOVE your poem and you should keep up your writhing! Thank you for making my day!
Baby Aka
It touched to mi heart . reali hope tat one dae he will return to mi side and stay 4ever
Wow, this poem is very deep. It brought me nearly to tears when I got done reading it because it related to my life so much.
this is the best poem that ive ever heard this is a real poem this is great
that poem was how i fell about my ex -g/f great peom
The first thing that caught my eye about your peom was that you said that your bf's name was Todd. My bf's name was Todd also. We arent together right now and we've been apart for almost two months but i hope, we will one day be together again. Great peom. keep up the good work
I would like to set your poem to music, but they tell me that your email is no longer valid. Poetry this beautiful cries out to be heard in music.
I was touch by your lovely poems! I hope soon I post my poems in this web site! I was once through that! I never taught that I will ever get over it, and I still don't! I hope you like my poems as much as I did to yours!
I cant beleive i have found people that feel the way i do now and have the words to begin to describe the feelings i feel right now. i dearly enjoyed your poem and hope that the person i love will come back into my life..thank you
It's funny I found this poem, I'm in the same situation. I emailed it to my ex and he liked it. Atleast I know I'm not the only one out there!
I truely loved this poem cause I felt it once.
~*~This is a really nice poem!! Its seriuosly how i felt, and its so right because that person did come back in my life~*~
This really say's alot about how a person still feels towards someone they are no longer with. How the love for that special person still excists. I know, for this poem really touched my heart towards someone I'm no longer with, but still love.

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