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This poem describes the feelings I had for this special guy, whom I will never forget. I am now living with a broken heart because of that one regretful day when I let him slide away.

Broken Heart

I will never forget the days we once had
The days when you were everything to me
My mind used to tell me we'd be together forever
But now I realize that was all a big dream
The feelings I have for you will never go
I wish I could take back that one regretful day
The day when I willingly let you slide from my arms
Never did I think of the astonishing pain of regrets
That I would once have to live through
The sight of you in someone else's arms
Makes my heart shatter into a million pieces
I sometimes wonder if you still think of me
Or if to you, I'm just a face in the crowd
I wish so very much that one day we can have it all back
But for now, I'll sit here silently
Remembering all the memories we once shared
Everyday my love grows much stronger
Hoping that one day you will feel the same
And put back the pieces of my broken heart.
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I feel U gurl ;(
This poem is great. This is what I'm going through as well. 10/10
This poem is so deep and i am feeling like this right at this time. Thank you for letting me know i am not the only one who has felt this way. I miss him so much and this made me cry. Thank you
i love it
while im reading this poem. i remember my x boygriend,he is edward from isabela. last july 10 dat is our 7th monthsary,it should be;;and i call him up, but he told me that he has already a wife coz her girl got pregnat. and i was shock! my tears were rolling,coz im not expecting that will happen. But i told him that " i understand you coz i know that we are far to each other and i can't give you what you want as a man. and I told him to that im always here to help you watever problems you had. im just doin this becoz I really love you. brockenhearted is really hard. but we should always remember that God is always there for us.
great poem it really touched me i know how u feel as ive just had my heart broken by the love of my life he means more then the world to me and i dont think i will ever be able to move on it would of been 2 years this saturday. keep up the good work as i loved ur poem x
Well said. I'm feeling the same way.
Oh. my. gosh. Like all the ppl here. Your poem really touched me. What's written in your poem. I'm going through all that right now. My bf broke up with me 25 May. So one month now. I miss him. I want him back. all I have is hope, but he isn't very clear what he wants. We barely talk to eachother anymore. and I don't want to start a conversation because then I'm pushing him and then he can't think or w/e. but I want it so badly. It's hard. He is haveing a good time now. I see partypictures of him and it's killing me. My mind is thinking: He still thinks about me? Is he already over me? Thousands of questions. Time is killing me. My health isn't going very well, can't sleep, don't eat so well so last alot of weight. I love him so much for always and forever but the longer it's over between us some hatefeelings are coming. I'm so confused :( We were together for 4 years. Good luck and take care Crystal and thank you for sharing your awesome poem, hugs Rachel from the Netherlands.
hi, I really love ur poem, reminds me of the love i never really have but still i live wid his lil memories each day. dont knoe if ever i will feel the same i wonder wat went rong that i was his problem. no love should ever be cursed to being the problem itself. it hurts. anyways nice poem. i love it .
Reading this peom broke my heart. My current BF sent it to his ex recently. I guess I know how he feels!
u captured my heart from the first to last line.
i love thus poem it reminds me of someone i loved so much
that is a great pome
This is exactly what I am going through right now. Thank you very much for this.
=c Love it
i might say that i love this poem soo much! i relate sooo effing much! i write alot of poetry also
It's beautiful. & it makes me scared. God! I'd rather hold on tight
this poem made me cry it is the way i feel all the time i mean all the time i let my ex go and i wish i didnt but besides that it was a great poem it really made me think
i loved it! i just broke up with my boyfriend of 1yr and this is us to a T so thanks
Thank you very much for this poem. exactly what im feeling right now. i wish i was one of those ppl who could just let go after a day or two. keep writing poems.
I like this poem alot cuz that's how i feel rite now ,guys sometimes don't know how much they hurt us,girls.
i liked this poem because i loved someone and he left and i am going to show him this and i hope my heart will come back to pices.
i loved this poem it describes the feelings im goin through right now! it made me cry remembering all the great times i had with my ex
This poem made me cry. And made me cry even more when i saw the first name who voted this poem too. He has the same name with my ex boyfriend. What a coincident.
I love this poems this same story happened to me recently, and I'm here just waitting for him to come back!
ayy yo gurl i m realy diggn dis poem! diz is exactly how i feel i am goin thru da same thing rite now. its good to kno dat sum1 understands da pain im goin thru! BEAUTIFUL POEM!
this poem is great. i can really relate to it. im going through the same situation now and everything said in the peom i can totaly ralte to. thnks
Can you believe that I carry a torch for this lady for 42 years? AND the love keeps growing stronger. I just took an early retirement last year and now I have more time to think about it. My heart says "don't stop"; my head says "you are crazy". I would do anything!
Just beautiful Its like she is telling my about my lost love and regrets in this poem. I hope she has found happiness. Just lovely thank you.
this poem really touched me a lot im crying and it touched me bcuz i was going out wit this kid named Gianfranco and after 3 weeks we broke up . he was my first love and i dont no how i will forget about him . i wish that we could go back in the past but we cant . this poem is amazing . and thnx .
A wonderful poem, I just started crying when I was reading it. :(
Beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
This poem really touch my herat;and am even cryin rite now;anyways i just missed my ex bf;he was my frist LOVE;is like 7 mths but i styll LOVE HIM and i cant even move on;he keep pullin me bak;i wish we can go bak and try and make everything work out
i love this poem it descibes ny ex we were 2gether 2 years and not a day gose by i dont think of him he is my heart and my soul he is everything to me but hey things will get better they did 4 me
This poem is so touchn rite nw im hurt more than eva n i dnt knw wat 2 do . love will find its way home plzz cum bac secret love
this poem rele touched me ma bf cheated onme not so long ago he slept wiv 3 of ma freinds i still love himi will always love him he was my first love this poemis great!
I dont know wht to say but one thing that it really touched my feelings&explained every word I wanted to say about my broken heart,I really love him&Im waiting to get another chance to see his eyes again but I know that wont happen cause its not meant to be,I really love him&I want to hug&kiss him again to feel safe and protected. really thnx u touched my deepest feeling with ur words keep writing cause I want to read more
I love your poem. I am touched by this poem. My boyfriend had just broke up with me and go to my good friend. I hate and love him. But i still love him. I have a fake rose. The day its die is the day i will stop loving you
By reading this poem it reflects back on my life. On what has happened to me . But I can't seem to get over it. I don't think I will ever be able to love anyone again.
I loved this poem so much. coz at the moment im going though just the same if this was a true story that this poem came from i feel ur pain.
This poem is just like my feelings wrote down on paper and wrote by someone else. I love this poem!
Woah reminds me of well me Its great babes You got down
This poem is like a real live story about me and my first true love and this is what I really feel like. I am very glad to have seen this poem and glad to know I'm not alone.
i really loved this poem i am recently going through a problem like this and it touched me when i read this poem.
same like my feeling rite now. nice to read. good!
i really like this poem well being heartbroken i wish it wouldnt happen after being with each other for 3yrs&1week but i love you no matter wht tony
This poem captures exactly what i have thought now for near a year. I have listened to many songs that have came close, but your work puts it down exactly like i feel it. Great work, exceptional feeling, write more.
karlos kyle
this poem is realy nice. it is perfect for me!when i read this poem tears fell down from my eyes. it is a single drop but a billion drops for me bcoz of pain remembering my long lost love.
i send this poem hw left me in a middle of a highway where i am so alone ,and i miss her so much plus have not forgotten even a single day without her ,the way she talked the way she made her faces ,i just wish that if god can once again just once bring her back to me i will never let her go ,plus if she has forgotten about that love than i wish that god does not give a day like the one i m facing . but will always luv my angel forever and ever
this poem describes every emotion that has been running through my mind!
This peom hit too close to my heart. i liked it because i can relate too it in every line.
it was beautifully writen. i felt this way and still do about my first love. we've been apart for over a year.
All i got to say is that i like this poem because it touched me so deep
i think your poem was a ver nice poem and i understand just how u feel and where u are coming from
This poem really hit hard. Im going through a broken heart right now. My boyfriend ask me to marry him. Couple of weeks later he said that he made a mistake. So now all I can do is think of the memories we shared.
i really like this poem it reminds me of what is happing to me and i need to talk to someone im going through a heart break right now and it hurts so much and this poem helps me a lot
Probably one of the best poems I read in a long time.
this poem is so nice. i also let the love of my life go and regret it very much! is i could only go back!
i love this poem because it is so beautiful and its how im kinda feelin right now email me sometimes
this poem reminds me of my exboyfriend robert because he used to say he loves me and cared abiut me but he really didnt he lied to me alot enveyday
Yo that poem is hott. I could relate to that cuz i lost the one and only love of my life and i will keep loving him till the day i get him back, and if you wrote this poem of you and someone keep wishing cuz you get 'em back.
This poem was great
this poem touched me so well because i had just broke up with my boyfriend and it made me cry and really think about him and what he is missing
that waz a very touching poem i to lost a love that i wish to gain back love hurts
oh my gosh!that poem hella made me cry!
i loved this poem it really really says exactly how i feel and how i have felt for so long after i broke up with my bf of 2 years and then realized how much i really love and care for him and this poem resembles the way i feel in many ways.
Beautifully written
When I read this, it reminded me of my ex-boyfriend, it also made me cry
This poem especially touched my heart. This guy was everything to me, I couldn't wait to see him, to hug and hold him. I always longed to be with him but he cheated. It hurts me so bad but I still love him but I know I will have to let him go.
that poem. wow. it made me cry. it's very touching. rian was all i used to talk about. but he's with another girl now. we shared something! it felt like no other love. like nobody could compare to ours. but there is so many people out there who have gotten hurt by love. we all have to be strong. that poem was so beautiful. it relates to many people. poems just remind me of him. and i'm sure that happens to a lot of people. gorgeous poem! i loved it! :D
Crystal is a very beautiful poem , she made me tear. Because my heart is broken because 2 days ago, I was a very sad and mad at my ex-bf so he does cheating on me. But i do really love him but i do not want to talking with him no more. I loved him soo much so I don't understand he never send me e-mail for 1 month half so i knew it he loved me last month. Well, he should be learn a lesson by himself. I won't forgive him when he gonna to saying apoloize to me
Awesome I feel the exact same way your poem just sums up how i feel too
I just want to say that your poem made me cry! I just left my boyfriend of 3 years and now he has a new girlfriend. and I could have stopped it. I left him and now I am the one hurting! Your poem brought to life my exact feelings and put all my thoughts into words for me! It was absolutely amazing! ASH
I love this poem. It tells exactly how I feel
'tis poem rlly great,it give justice on me felings right now. kip up d gudwork
it was good
Joshua T.
Boys Lie. Period. Chao
This totally relates to me. I always think about my ex, thinking if she thought of me. But like must go on right?
this poem touched me because my boyfriend has just finished with me and i cant let go of him because its hard and i need him so bad
This poem was so beautiful. it made me cry. its exactly how i feel at the moment. im so in love with my ex-girlfriend. and i just found out that she has a new boyfriend. my heart is broken and im just so sad. thank you for such a wonderful but sad poem
I really like it. It describes how i feel about someone. I really love him but last year i messed up badly and i cheated on him w/one of his friends,he finally forgave me. Then we started going out again this year till about 2 months ago when the person i cheat on him with started saying stuff then we broke up. Now the other guy acts as if he's my best friend and he's the one who broke us up. I really love my x-boyfriend but i don't want to say anything about it to him now.
This poem has touched me because the words the person wrote are the same feelings I felt when I got my heart broken by my special someone. This poem is the best I have read!
omg this poem really reached out to me, its almost the exact thing im going through.
hi i just luv ur poem. me and myboyfriend just broke up and this poem is rlly touchin. i hope u rite more abou this stuff
I am currently experiencin a heart break and this was a perfect poem to show how i am feeling about my life at this point. Thank you for inspiring me.
u r an amaing poet gurl! u have touched so many peoples souls including mine. my heart is so broken, but my love for him remains in my heart. i just will never forget him. thank you again. write more poems gurl.
beatiful poem
i really liked this poem it relates to what i myself am going through right now.
that is how i feel right now and my heart is still waiting for those words "i will love u again" or "be my girlfriend again" this poem is very true and painful to my heart i know how u feel girl
i like this poem. it makes me sad and cry but its good that i know someone else knows what im goin through. thank you. cya take care nowz. keep it up.
this is true about me i love someone and they they left me
This is a great poem, because it represents exactly how i feel, i let my ex slip away and now I want him back, but he is with someone else right with whom he really likes, and just like the poem says I can't picture him kissing or holding her hand or looking into her eyes, all of which he used to do with me ::::sigh::::
i love ur poem its the best poem i have heard !
great poem ,your words inspire me and make me realize that there still people who have love in there heart and have the ability to share it with others who need to be inspired.
this poems is awesome .
I loved this poem, it touched my heart and was something I could relate so much to. Thank you for sharing this wonderful poem with me.
i just voted to let u know i feel this way to
I just got of a relationship and I also thought that we would be together forever. I hope you find somebody that is right for you.
I love this poem! I feel like that about my lost love. broken heart. why does it hurt so much? why can't you just forget :(? Keep writing it's amazing to read about stuff you feel. it's like you are not alone in this pain. Thanks.
i thout this was the beat poem ever . i just wonted to lut u knoe it touch me
ana marie
I bot this because it reminds my pass relationship.
Just wanted to let the poet know that this really touched me(tears, man, tears) because I'm feeling exactly like this now. Everything was spot-on, touching and heartbreaking. It's good to know that you're not alone sometimes. Thank you.
hello everyone. well i just wanted to say that this poem is one of the best poems i have read because the time she wrote this she was probably going through alot because right now im going through alot. well
I love this poem,I related to it so much you have no idea,well of course you do,lol. I myself had a 4 yr. relationship that is now over. I to am devestated over it, I admire all of you for having the ability to write so beautifully how you feel,I wish I could. I myself am a singer,and people say they can feel what I feel when I sing. I guess everyone has their own way of showing their amotions,I just wanted to let you know your poems bring alot of comfort and much understanding that we are not alone Please keep writing these wonderful words, because people really need to know someone out there is feeling the same way. thank you all,bonnie
When I read this poem it brought back memories of my exboyfriend whom I was with for the best 2 years of my life. I feel the exact same way about him as this poem describes. That was an awsome poem! Great job!
i really liked this poem. it reminded me of how me and my ex of 2 years used to be. well done, its really good
Me and my love are going through so many difficulties. we argued. because of a stupid thing as religions. now. she thinks I hate her. and. gave up on me. we had so many projects for the future. we were planing to live together once we'll get 18. then get married. maybe have a family. I just wanted to make her happy. but. I realize. that who she needs. is me. only me. and that I'm hurting her so bad. telling her she will fall in love with someone else. and when she says that to me. it kills me too. we shared everything so far. she means everything to me. I mean everything to her. thank you Crystal for your wonderful poem. Now. I'm more determinated than ever to get her back !
I really love this poem. Its how i feel for a guy right now. But i might be getting back together with him. I really love him and i let him go to. Just have hope.
its just so beautiful!
hi this poem was really great i can totally relate with this poem of me an d my ex but any way keep up the great work:)
Hey Crystal, that poem really touched my heart. My boyfriend recently left me and he was my true love. We haven't talked for almost a month and then I ran into him a couple days ago and he said we were still kewl and could be friends. I'm happy. This poem is so me and him. I wish he'd take me back and put the pieces of my heart back together once again! Great Job.
I really loved this poem. It reminds me of how I felt after I broke up with my baby's father. Good writing.
I love this poem. It really speaks to me and helps my open up my feelings on this one guy. Im going through the same thing. I give this poem an absolute 10!
i love this poem! it rocks.
I loved your poem and it hit right on the spot because i was going through the same thing.
this poem was great. i totally can relate!
i really love this poem,because it reminds me of my sweetheart who just left me.
i really like this poem it hit me really hard i was never really much on feeling until i lost the one woman i loved and well now i cant hide or surpress my feelings i give this poem a ten
WOW!. that poem was the best poem that I ever had read before, it really touched me and I cried. It's so true though, and I love it.
im a guy and i love this poem because it brings back loveable times i had wich i thought was my true girl but it gets to you and its sweet your realy good
OMG i was reading this poem and i started to cry. b/c i started to think about my relationship and i bet there are tons of relationships just like this one. Its also really cute. i still am not over my relationship and its been 4 months.
i can relate 100% to that poem it was wonderful.
Awesome poem! I can realate to it so well.
this reminds me of the regrets i have for breaking up with the love of my life at least that is what i thought.
this poems is how i feel about eric i love him and my herat is broken now but nothin i can do to stop it this poem is one of the best poems i have ever read
This poem touched me because it hit home so much. I hope that Crystal keeps using her talent and that it will give her a new sense of hope. Love is so complicated and that's why I am reading these poems to remind myself that I am not the only one feeling like this. Keep writing!
This is a great poem. :)
I was really feeling this poem because this is just what I feel about my ex
I loved this poem soo much. Because I once felt like that
This is an excellent poem. very touching and I feel the same way.
i love it. u just made me cry, crystal. just like what u're feeling, regrets of just slipping him out of my life has crippled my emotions. 'til now, am still bleeding. thank you for your poem. it lets me know am not alone.
this poem just said everything i am feeling it is lovely thank you
got to the very soul of what I am feeling of dealing with my broken heart, thank you for writing it.
Iam sorry what happend the same thing append to me to There right love does hurt my X boyfriend was Angelo i love him so much and where broken up know cuz he wanted to leve me for a notherr girl and some times i wish god what did i do rong why is he doing this to me i bye Peaceout Crystal bye
My boyfriend and I just broke up and your poem touched my soul.
tHis was a gr8 poem and it made me cry i etched out exactly what im feeling in exactly the right words i was really touched by it and if the author went thru this then im sorry for you! Thank you for sharing such gr8 work!
You are a realy good poem writter dont ever stop girl cuz you got it in you, we are in the same place it seems.
Memories can save your life but i can also take yours. I like this poem a lot, it reminds me of how memories can torment you in your sleep and in your every waking moment.
I love that poem! I have those exact same feelings. Keep it up gurl!
This poem describes exactly how I feel at this moment.
this poem so touchy and I think it's very awesome
Crystal Holtz, firstly i just wnt 2 say, dat diz piece of writting is so amazing, az im writting diz comment im crying, coz of wat yoo wrote in yah poem, diz is exactly wat i felt wen i lost da love of mi life, i felt like nuffing, mi heart was ripped in so many piece, dat it wouldn't be able 2 mend. i think yoo hav alot of experince, plz keep writting diz wonderful poems.
this poem really touched my heart. it made me cry because i lost somebody that i really care for and i know that im never going to get him back and it just makes me wanna cry cause there is no other guy that i want to be with the only guy that i want to be with is him. i loved scott so much i always talked about him but now i can't no more cause he isn't here in my life so i guess i have to move on but i just want to tell everybody if you love someone so much don't break there hearts cause it really hurts to lose somebody that you really care about the most
i really liked ur poem it touched me it made me think bout my ex, cause that's pretty much how im feeling, good work and keep it up!
This poem really touched me, because me and my boyfriend had just recently broke up. He doesn't know it yet, because he won't answer his phone to talk to me. Anyways, the way this poem is wrote i feel the exact same way. I wonder if he's going to think of me or just picture me as another face in the crowd. I can't believe i let my boyfriend slip away. You might think that 10 months isn't a very long time, but it was for me. And yes it hurts. I'm still crying over him, because i truly love him. I will never stop loving him, because he made me feel that i could do anything. He never stopped believing in me.
I really like dthis poem bvecause I can totally relate to what this person was feeling when it was written.
Crystal, Nice Poem it really touched me it reminds about a fight me and my best friend had and I still wish we were together but I think he has found someone new and I don't think he'll ever know how much I loved him.
i love this poem! it has really touched me. i have just split up with my boyfriend of 2 and a half years and this poem really describes the way i feel. this poem is brilliant.
Your poem was beautiful, your words fell perfectly. Definitely reminds me of my own situation. great job.
I read this poem and it made me verry sad because this poem is how my boyfriend feels toward me I believe so I wrote a simular poem but from my side.
This reminds me of my love. I have only had one boyfriend, so i know there are many more waitng. But this guy. he was my best friend. We finished each other's thoughts, he was more then just some guy to me. and because of me I lost him. So this poem touches me and I wish I could send it to him, except the last part. I loved him. maybe he was my first love, but I am okay by where we stand now, just friends. Really good friends and I know I can move on, but really great poem.
i luv it! i really luv it! maybe 4 me, it is based from an experienced!
I can really relate to your poem everthing you are talking about I have experienced. Its funny because I really liked this guy and he really liked me then I just stoped paying attion to him, I really regret what I did. I wish I could take it back.
THat was awesome poem! I sat there and looked at it i was like whoa maybe this is what i want to tell my ex! See i broke up with my boyfriend than hooked him and my best friend up and she cheated on him and he doesn't know and they're still together but she knows i like him and i know he still likes me so does she! Thanks for sharing it with all of us! I LOVED IT CDRYSTAL!
this is exactly what i am feeling, its been 5 months and i am still living in pain. hoping and crying everyday.
it reminds me of me and a guy i used to like and he liked me but someone got in his heart and tore it away from me it was heart breaking to watch the m hook up infront of me i was fixing to cry but anyways i rate ur poem and ten
I loved you peom it was so tauching I know were you are comming from because I went throgh the same thing. I was with some one for 6 yrs we boke up on v-day on our anerversery. It was a great peom it really tauched me thatnk you for making me feel better.
I love this poem it make me think of me and my baby daddy
Very outstanding poem i love it so much i hate it becuase of the way it makes me fell
hey, i really can relate to your poem! me and my boyfriend broke up two months ago and it seems that there is not a day that goes by without him on my mind. He is now seeing someone else and there is no worse pain than the one you love loving someone thats not you. ok well just wanted to say i love your poem!
im so happy that someone elses words could describe how i feel, it was like im not the only one hurting, thank you
it's simply the way I feel
Every line is & always will be true. Unfortunately my heart knows that we will never be together. As I go thru this life, there isn't a day that pases by, or a breath that I take and I don't think of you. What is so great about the saying " better to have loved & lost than to have not loved at all" There is no comfort in those words for me.
I loved this poem so much. I'm just going through a break up and my heart is broken. And when I read this poem it literally made me cry.
I thought this poem was outstanding, It reminds me how i feel now because i let the one that i loved so much leave my life. I think this is words that everyone feels. Good Job
this poem is the most beautiful poem i have read. cause it relates to me and my baby Jariet i mean i love him but i dont know how to tell him. but i love this poem that im going to give it to him to show my love 2 him.
i think this is one of da best poems I've ever read! the poem reminds me of myself n my good friend dat moved. =')
i understand the feeling of regret and this poem just show the emotions that we have to go through when we fall in and then lose it because we let them walk away. the way it is written shows so much passion and emotion. It's a wonderful poem
I thought your poem was great. I really know how it feels. I am going through the same thing
i love this poem. it touched me deeply and i will never forget it. it's how i feel because i broke up with my boyfriend and i think it was too soon. i still like other guys but i still always go back to him. when i see him a triangle forms and i start to like him too. I love this poem! GREAT JOB CRYSTAL!
That was a great Poem Crystal. I like that poem because it remines me of what i went through and still going through.
I like it it's nice. It's make's me realise how fool i'am giving my love for just one guy. I never even look for the other guy. that who can realy realy give me a real and true love. I hope I didn't wait that time. that i was fall in love with him. and know Im hurt
Oh my God - Iam in tears. I have just split from the love of my life after 6 years, not my decision. What a lovely poem, I relate to it. I shall print this and give it to Mike. Thank you so much, I just can't find the words at the moment to tell him how I feel
i vote this from a 1 to a 10 and it is a 10
great poems.
That was a very good poem!
I liked this poem alot it reminds me of my ex! great JOB!
This poem is so like what I'm going through right now. My boyfriend and I just broke up. I see him with other girls. I hear his friends talking about hooking him up with their friends. Its hurts so bad. Maybe if I send this to him it'll let him know how much I miss and love him. I want him back. I have a broken heart. This is the best poem I have ever read. Its better than some of mine.
i liked your poem alot
It was brilliant, great it just touched my heart
I think this poem is great, and i give props to the writter. she touched every feeling i had about an ex of mine in just a couple lines. great job
you write from your heart
wow that was such a great poems i loved it that hit home i had to give up my boyfriend because of my sister and my parents i had never felt the way i do for him and every day i feel i love him more and more ok even writing this makes me cry that is a really really great poems
This poem reminds me of me and my ex. Earl, i love him with all my heart and i hope one day he realizes what he is missing.
i really loved this poem. it made me sort cry.
i can relate. great poem
This is truly a wonderful work of art. As of right now I am going through a situation like this. My boyfriend and I broke up. We desided that together. Now I regret it and I want him back. Maybe this will change his mind.
your poem was so good, props to you, im going thru this pain right now, i made the worst mistake and i threw everything away , and the guy i love hates me now, and theres nothing i can do but wait
i like it it was very nice
everyone before me has said it all. thank you.
if I had taken the time to remember the little things I wouldn't have felt that we now both are caught up in our own worlds, separate, apart forgetting a friendship ever existed,but i made a mistake an now am goin under a cloud of a false facade hiding myself , shedding my true self to hide my embaressment,and now by going through this poem which is so lovely made me understood how sorry i am for wht i did!
Me and my x-boyfriend broke up in October,and it is now February. And as of right now, I can not stop thinking about him. I wish so much i could have him back, I was reading some pomes and i thought o my self none of these people know what im going though then i found this one. It is exactell how i feel. WORD FOR WORD nice job! i loved it.
The words you used in this poem describes me and what I'm going through right now. I love him still with all my heart, and wanting him to mend the broken heart he left. The words that you used is exactly how I feel. Thanks for writing and keep up the excellent work!
i just want to say that i can relate to this poem so much. i almost cried.
This poem is sooo true! when i was reading it i couldnt believe how much i can relate to it. i love it. GREAT JOB!
your poem is really sad
This was a great poem. It reminds me of a girl I once had, and after we were over, I ruined any possiblity of friendship. I truly regretted every word of it.
this an incredable peom. this soo decribes how i fell about my ex girlfriend. thankyou foir writing it. dont stop. and be strong.
Hi,I want to say that i liked your poem it is so true. It reminds me of my first true love . i love him with all my heart and soul and would have gave up everything for him and one day he was gone i am married now but not to him but i love him and i think about him everyday and i miss him and i will never have him again so good luck to you and your lost love thank you for sharing that poem.
This poem meant a lot to me because I could relate EXACTLY to it. I thought the words flowed very nicely. Thank you for sharing this poem.
I know you don't care much about how much I liked it, because I know you wrote it cause you needed some1 to listen to you. Well, me, I'm living in regrets everyday, and it's good to know I'm not alone. but still truly, I am. Take care, and be strong
This poem reminds me of this guy name darwin, i really liked him and i still do everytime i see him i just think about everything we did and the moments this peom describes everything from my life.
thank you. this reveals what i feel for my PANCAKE who slipped away. and hard to admit it, I think there's no way I can have him back or how it was all before.
I've gone through at least a dozen internet lost love poems, but this one has got to be the one I can best relate to. I'm going through the EXACT SAME situation, so I can truly feel your pain, and I'm sorry you have to go endure it too.
I can't belive how true your poem was it is totally how i feel and im glad im not alone.
I really like this poem very much Crystal! Actually I also like this guy, whose age gap is the main problems which stops him from being with me.Hopefully your poem can give mesome hints on wat I should do! Anyway, thanks for your great poem.
I like this poem a lot. It reminds me of the guy , i fell inlove with, but lost him.
That peom is tight, it means a lot.
All I can say is excellent poem.
I can relate to this poem so much.I just broke it off with someone I love and it killed me when he told me that he found someone else.I wish that I would have never let him go and now I am the one with the broken heart.
i really liked this poem, cuz it right now thats what im going through, and it's really tough, i hope you and who ever you were talking about in the poem eventually see each other again
This poem is one of the only poems that explains what i am going though! I am glad to know that i am not the only one that has to go though this! Thank-you !
i really liked this poem, it was very moving, it made me cry. It wasn't just a 5 tissue deal, it was a must have the shoulder to cry on feeling. Amen!
This poem really reached out and touched my heart. It was so real, it brought tears to my eyes. This is wonderful work.
This poem perfectly describes our situation and feelings. Beautiful.
Wow! This poems tells exactly how I am feeling. I met a guy this past summer and fell really hard for him as time passed we grew closer and closer. Then out of the blue he found someone only to leave me here with my broken heart
i really loved this poem. I Cried throughout the whole thing because no other words could express the same exact feelings that i am going through. feelings of regret, sadness, hope that one day he will tell me yes i am thinking of you and im willing to put those broken pieces back together again.
this poem reminded me of my first and latest girl. i loved her too much to let her go. it was hard. this poem is a good one. it does tell the truth
This poem touches home because I lost contact with a friend with whom I am still in LOVE with.
I loved the poem it made me cry It brought all my emotions together I am going through a situation that fits this poem by every word in it
This poem also reminds me to my first love whom I never forget until now.He really broke my heart.This poem is really awesome!
Crystal, I love to write poetry and it's usually about lost love. Your poem literally made me cry though. It's everything I was trying to write and more and I could feel the hurt you were writing about. Thank you for writing such a thing.
I can relate to this poem because I am having those same exact feelings right now. I just lost my boyfriend, my first love, and I do have so many regrets right now, wondering if anything will ever get better and be right again. Really good poem.
I like this poem so much cuz, this is what my mood is now and this is what i feel now. I'm going to send this poem to someone i love. Thanks for the poem.
I loved this poem..i can totally relate
I love your poem.It relates to me and the way I feel for my ex..
sometimes when u love someone & u really want so much to share and for that reason you may commit mistakes.True love is only felt once in a life time.that touches your heart deeply.When i read this poem i feel that one should never give up in his love & should never break the heart of one that you love 'coz it might not leave it marks forever.
this reminds me of my First Lover and only lover that ill ever have til he comes back to me!
What can I say? I'm sitting here crying because I just read your poem. I had that happen to me about 2 weeks ago. I made a mistake that my girlfriend took very seriously, and because of my stupidity, I lost my best friend and the girl I've been waiting for all my life. She's not like anyone else I've ever met, and that's why I love her so much. After reading your poem, all I see are my thoughts, because I think everything that your poem says!! Incredible poem. I also am a writer and I want to commend you, from one writer to another.
This poem is hott! It describes excatly how I feel about someone! I enjoyed readibg it and thanks!
I liked your poem because i have a broken heart over ISAAC
i hope that one day your broken heart will be mended just like i hope mine will i know now that when someone loses there true love we all feel the same beautiful poem well done :)
When I had read this poem it reminded me of what has happened to me last week and it also helped me realize what I had done wrong without him.
Very good it really sums up any breakup.I sent it to my ex boyfriend so maybe he will get a little taste of just how he has made me feel.
Wow that was a good poem the hard part know is having someone new in your life and trying to get that deep imprinted memory out and move on when someone has already mad such an impact and difference in your life.
This is just like my relationship that i had with a good friend of my.
It's a great poem.truly describing my last relationship.
This poem truly shows the pain one will ecounter when they feel much in love and out of hope. I to have felt that pain as many others too.
I just want to say your poem is so good it made me think of my x and how I miss him more and more every second of the day this poem touched me it was so true just so true.
I relate so much to your poem. I left my boyfriend two weeks ago, If only I knew how much I was going to miss him.
really good poem..
I went through the samething and as i read it tears poured from my eyes. crying because of the memory of the one I lost and crying from joy to know that I am not the only one who has felt this pain.
I really liked this poem. I can realate to it myself because i right now am going through a broken heart. I wish i were still with my ex-boyfriend.
A beautiful poem! It made me feel like crying, 'cause I know exactly how it feels. Regrets can break us into pieces, but that's so wrong. We have to live, go on, whatever has ever happened.
this poem hit home for close.
this poem reminds me of what happened to me a few moumths agoe
This poem reminded me of a great boyfriend I lost and when I read it tears slowly rolled down my check
it has to do with what feel about someone and jus very touching yet sad
is a nice poem i like it alot
I love that peom.I even printed it out.I had someone i really loved once.And i still miss them.I think they really miss me too.(I hope).
very good poem! I sent it to my boyfriend who I recently broke up with,it wasn't an easy choice so this poem related to me very much! Good job!
This poem was excellent. It tells about what I want to tell my ex-boyfriend so bad.
i loved it. ..i can really relate
Reading this poem brought a tear to my eyes...Because it reminds me of my first love..and how here i am, hoping that one day, one day he will come back.....:(
This poem feels like it was written for me.... I am in love with this poem!!!
This poem really touched me.i just lost my first love because i let him just slide away .I really love him and that will neve change.this poem was great.
this poem explains everything about me. i love it!!!!
When I read your poem it mad me cry because my boyfriend broke up with me we had so much plans for the future. We were going to get married after he got out of army. The reason he brole up with me was because I went to a party. I LOVED YOUR POEM
This poem made me cry. I'm finally facing what I truely feel inside... Thanks.
When i read this poem, i started to cry. 6 days ago my loved one left me behind. I know she regrets, thats why i started to cry. I still love her, as much as before. And i don`t wan`t her to live in regret..for letting me go..
i LiKE diS PoeM a Lot...n iT reaLlY reLaTEd Me
This is the best " Sad Poem " I have ever seen in my life
I really like this poem. It desirbes how I felt about my first love and what happened between us.
I really love this particular poem of yours. Simple yet it speaks every single words I would want to say out myself. Well done
You have taken the words right out of my heart...
i love it it was so maginifici love it bravo
this was a brilliant poem, i have just recently split up with my boyfreind and i thought that it was very moving
This is a wonderful poem. I, too, have lost a love and am trying real hard to get on with my life. This poem says it all. WONDERFUL poem
I reall like this poem. When i first looked at it and read it it made me cry. Cry becuase of the pain that the one love of my life made me feel. I let he leave and now that i look back on it i am better off without him
This poem is one of the best I've ever read, because it exactly describes the way I feel. While reading it, I couldn't stop crying. But knowing that I am not the only person who feels the way I feel now takes some of the pain from me. My deepest thanks to the author, you don't know how much this poem means to me!
brillant it is so very original real feelings in words are always appreciated.
I really love this poem and it made me feel somthing in side because I really love this guy but he doesn't like me so this poem is like the same thing that im feeling because he was mt bes t friend but now we aren't even friends so thanks for writing this poem
it's very impressive. i like it so much!
i'll never forget
that is exactly how i feel! nice poem!
that was a great poem i can relate to it omm gi liked it alot
very nice,it got me and my partener back
I really love this poem because it brings up memories of this guy that i knew and know i miss a great deal and ill never forget him
I thought it was one of the best poems I have read in a very long time. And it explains excacty how I feel..
This poem was very touching and I related to it very well. She took the words right out of my mouth!
OMG i love this poem so much it explains the exact way i feel about my x-bf. This poem just totally blew me away! I give it TWO big thumbs up!
I LOVE this poem it reminds me of a lost love that i wish i could have back and with this in mind you have gave me a little push with this poem to have the courage to talk to him. you have a great talent keep on writing!
This poem describes exactly what I am going through right now. About a year ago I broke up with a girl I was going out with because one of my ex's was leading me on. Not until a few weeks later when I realized what a mistake I made. Since then we grew closer as friends and I came to love her. Now though I want to have her back but I have to wait until she is ready I guess
I am feeling the pain on someone going through it!
I like this poem and I read this poem that time I have seen a feeling mind I very like this
i like this poem it reminds me of my lost love kimmy
I can relate to this poem its what happened to me.
I am sure many write to tell you how touching your poem is to them and I am one you can add to that list. It touched my soul and said so much. Thank you for sharing it.
This poem totally relates to me. About two months ago my boyfriend of 2 and a half years and I broke up. To this day I still love him, and we are the best of friends. I hope that one day we will get back together. This poem describes exactly how i feel
this poem really expresses how i feel about my ex boy friend taylor i still love him and want him back!:)
This poem has touch me so much. As soon as I read this I started to cry. I could relate to everything the author has wrote about.
I would like to thank you for writing this poem it really made a big diffrence in my heart and also in my loved one. Thanks
the reason I like this poem so much is because it reminds me of the time me and my x-boyfriend had
I understand the pain that exists in the canyon of seperation. I realize that the climb to the top is a long hard one, but you must do it. I think there is going to be a better guy for you than this one. I thought the poem was really a heart felt one keep up the good work.
i thought this poem was awesome it had so much expression and i could put myself in her place. i sent this poem to a very dear friend of mine because we r having very rough times right now
it happened to me too
This is a very good poem it describes what alot of people go through and it describes how i feel now it is very moving.
your poem really touched me. it's exactly how i'm feeling right now and it made me up on love is hard to do.
I love this poem so much bcuz every word of it relates to me and this one guy that I am sooo in love with. Thx so much for writing a poem that actually explains my feelings and helping me relaize that I'm not the only person who's heart is broken over a guy.
This is a very well written poem, and I can really relate to it. Good Work!
This poem is very emotional and it's like u took the words from my mouth
What can I say, it was stunning, it just rang so close to home. coudn't believe it excellent
This is a great poem! I know exactly how you feel! I've been there!
this is a great poem because it explaines how i fill about the dude who dumped me not to long ago
It's touching
I know how you feel. You expressed the regrets that we all feel eloquently. very well written. I applaud you.
I can realate to what your poem is saying its so touching. I loved it!
I love your poem it relates to me alot.
I loved ur poem It felt like this poem is made for me Its was all true
Great Poem!
i loved this poem. it said so many of the things i wanted to say but couldn't. it had so many meanings. it was great! keep them coming!
Its the way I feel but never could express
This poem reminds me of me and my ex
Threre are no "words" to pen, that can truly convey the pain, of a Broken Heart Your poem gives a glimpse into that sad chapter in Life
Just reading this poem brought back the feelings and the tears,that I have been trying to deal with for so long.Memories that will always stay thanks for writting this poem .
this poem really touched my heart, I really felt the pain in this poem, cause I've had the same problem.
this poem really touched my heart,it speaks out on how my relationship i used to have turned to me with emotions.Thank her for this poem which teaches me im not alone.
Lovely. truly great *S*
this is a great poem because it reminds me of the feelings that i had during my last big breakup. this is everything that i was thinking, but couldnt put it into words.
I really liked this poem!
These words describe me and my ex so very well. I made a mistake by letting him go. Because we argued so much and now i regret it more than anything in this world.
superb poem
I really loved this poem. It was word for word about how I feel for this special guy. He once loved me, but now I really don't think he even knows I exist. Maybe someday we can get back what we once had.
I had something like this happenen to me so when I read it I almost cried
this poem really touched my heart and when i always read it i almost cried. this about a special guy for me because he`s my first boyfriend and he never know how much my love exist for him. i really like it!
your poem touched me as few others have....I too, let the one man I will love always, slip through my fingers and he will never know just how deeply I did and do love him because of simple pride. Thank you for a beautiful,beautiful poem
this poem is great, this poem explains exactly how i used to feel about this girl and what kind of pain i went really touched me alot!
This was a great poem
It describes everything at this exact moment. Such a beautiful work of art. It says everything I could never say!
I can totally relate to this poem. It made me cry when I read it.

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