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Four years ago, we fell deeply in love within minutes of meeting each other. Though our love manifested itself Spiritually, mentally, emotionally, as well as physically, it was not meant to be fulfilled.

He's married and committed to his family. We spent many magical, powerful evenings together, each time promising ourselves it would be the last time. This poem was written during one excruciatingly painful night, when I wondered if I'd survive this loss. It begins with an attempt to describe the pain, leading into a fantasy that he'd arrived to see me (hence, the title) and ending with the reality that I was indeed still alone. The activity described is literal. The stone I reached for was a heart shaped rose quartz, which is said to aid in the healing of a broken heart.

If you find yourself suffering from loss of love, know that from pain we develop strength, wisdom and compassion. These qualities can be purchased in no other way. They're priceless. I survived, and I promise you - so can you.

God bless us all.

Midnight's Fool

A cold, gray mist massages my heart,
Our Oneness was fated, why tear us apart?
Sharp icicles piercing, drain life from my soul,
My spirit is grieving, Love, why must you go?

Tonight in my sorrow, the phone by my ear,
I traced out the number whose ring you won't hear,
Pretended you whispered, your voice filled with love,
"Sarah, you'll always be the most special one. "

The pipes didn't clang, it's you finally knocking,
The chimes at my window are you laughing softly!
The floor didn't settle, it's you drawing near,
The clock ticks the beat of your heart, so dear!

I opened my arms overwhelmed with desire,
Your kiss and caress would consume me in fire!
I arched towards your body, to receive, be fulfilled,
Then reality bared glist'ning fangs - I lay still.

Now hot burning tears trace down - not tears!
Can't face it, too hard, so achingly clear.
See clouds of a storm? Hear thunder, see lightning?
I'm laying in the rain, that's all, not crying.

The mist's creeping back, so stealthy, so sure,
Must search for the strength to heal, to endure.
I reach for the stone to press to my heart,
The gray dawn approaches, I've played the fool's part.
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28 Visitor Comments

It's just touching. Sometimes reading smth. from somebody soul you can move on. Tks
Hey there, Sarah This is one beautiful poem. I read it three times! Your words are just perfectly chosen and the sound of it is really amazing. I'm Dutch, but I also write very often in English, but this poem is nearly perfect! Well done! With love Susanne
I'm speechless! Tears! Thank you!
this was a great poem it reminded me of someone i wish i could forget
Absolutely Loved it, I want to see more like this one here
ok sarah, hi. this is a wounderful poem. I also write poetry, and this to me is one of the best poems i've ever read in my whole life. This poem you wrote brought tears to my eyes,because you have written down the feeling i have hidden for the longest time and can only let them out through my poetry,and have never showed to anyone. Thank you so much for this poem. Never give up, is what i had learned to do, even though sometimes you really want to,don't!
Absolutely beautiful poem! So exquisitely written!
Oh my Goddess~ you truely touched my heart and spirit! Keep up the great work. you are truely a mystic.
this is have such passion!
very intelligent
Wow, I just lost my breathe. I really can feel the pain of the author, when she wrote this.
I to played a fool. She was seperated at the time. She had very little, including self esteem. I gave to her what once was taken. Her dignity, self esteem and spirit. It was great, until she decided to go back to the one who took everything from her, to give him one more chance. Go figure. Thanks for easing the pain.
I really loved your poem! In my opinion it is one of the best here,and too true.:) Keep writing!
Very moving and intense. Very true and some what sad.
This is a true sensation.
was really good thats exactly how i feel.but i believe im alittlemore torn
You see I can't write poems but the poems i read in this site makes me feel so good inside I would love to read more.
It's an amazing poem. Iunderstand what you felt only you say it more eloquently.
somewhat true
I was deeply moved by this poem. I felt the pain in her as I ead it. I too once played the fool, though not to a married man, but the pain was all the same. Thank you for helping me see that life does go on after such a loss. I still see him now and then and each time the pain gets less, but my heart still lurches at the sight.
Very deep and insightful. Nicely pulled together.
This piece is wonderfully written! I love it.
This poem is not only for people that have fall in love with someone married. But could also be for those of us that have fallin in love with someone that is committed to someone else but not through marriage but just a relationship. It just brings out alot after reading your poem.
this poems states a lot of issues people overlook.
I love this poem!
I loved this poem. I love rhyming poems that is my main reason. You should write more.
I hope be strong like you with god help, is a really perfect poem..a+++++

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