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This poem is about a love I'd had for 8 months when it suddenly ended. I wrote this after he unexpectedly showed up at my house to talk things over. The talk didn't turn out like either of us thought it would. But at least I finally realized one thing I had been missing - the fact that he never really understood me at all.

The Dream Of Lost Love

The dream begins as you open the door,
the wonderful feeling too strong to ignore.
Do you remember? Are you feeling it too?
Are you also wondering what to do?

Not knowing what to say,
please speak first, I pray.
Remembering all the promises and lies,
remembering the hurt that never dies.

The words that I dare not utter are flooding me,
the real you is the you that I never did see.
You swore to me you would never let go,
how the hell was I supposed to know?

Nothing you said was ever true,
you still don't realize you make me so blue.
How hurtful it is to finally see,
that even now you don't understand me.
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33 Visitor Comments

this pem is so lovely- i really like it!
i fell in luv with a guy who likes me but didnt really understand what i wanted from him,and he later broke my heart. now he shows some interest again but my heart cant stand another pain
Savage poem, just awsome. d last stanza makes me cry. :( neways, really powerful poem! lub it, -H (btw keep writing)
This poem had touched me and it had me thinking about what me and my ex-boyfriend been through.
I love this poem. It relates sooo much to what i have experience with my ex-love. After ten years of me loving him he never understood me.
i really liked this poem cause me and my partner is going through the same thing right now and i'm really hurting right now.
Wow. Whenever I try to write about topics like this, I can never find the right words. So major props on this one.
this poem is a relly effective one and show that gguys relly just dont kare signed angel
i really like that poem it says everything and very strong keep it up
I belive this is a great poem reminds me of my feelings toward's my boyfriend! Keep up your good work!
Joshua T.
I was so inspired by your poem I decided to give it myself her goes: clay hay day tray lay play gay fray delay say stay nay splay hope you liked it Chao
yes this poem is really touching me because right now i am goin through the same thing and it hard to get over it
i would say this is a good poem because i went through the same this a couple months ago i was dating the guy for a year in a half and thats how i felt after i got over him
I like your poem. thanks for sharing
i can really relate to this poem wen i was with my bf he said he'll never leave no matter wat happenes with us. but he left me for my own bestfriend right now iam so sad and my bestfriend her name is Kym i hate her so much she took everything away from me but one day i well show her how much i used to love my bf and still do. I ALSO LOVE THIS POEM GOOD JOBBBB BUDDY
sn ad
this poem is just awsome. i loved it i just simply loved it. the feeling which i could never describe by my poems. u did it. keep it up.
It's wonderful,I GIVE YOU A 10
The reason why i really like your poem is becuz it reall did touch me and i could relate to it. keep doing you
This poem amazingly described a situation I know well. Very good.
That was great i can tell you that i relate to it.
Hey that was so awsome keep writing I lost a guy that i really loved the he was killed skateboarding and the quote i gave his mom to put on his stone was " I was afraid to love u but when i did I lost u forever" and its really depressing but keep writing poems your awsome!
i loved it it was great it really explains alot!
This peom says how I feel
your poem moved me because that is just how i feel but could not put it into words myself, to fall into love and to have them turn their back on you is the worst pain in love that i have ever felt,i still hurt but it does lesson over time
Very touching poem very romantic very good
I loved this poem because it really a fact and each word in it describes my feelings.
This is a wonderful poems cause it descrides my past loves.
thanks for your wonderful expression of my truly feeling
These words are so true and full of real meaning. If people would think before they say things to hurt they would realize that you can't take it back later. I loved this poem because if people read it maybe they will think twice before saying somthing hurtful.
This poem was great, it described exactly how I feel. As I read this poem tears ran down my eyes, because it was so realistic to me!
i voted for this poem because i know from experiance how true this really is! i recently broke up with the cutest sweetest gentlemen in the world..or so thought!
What can i say? this is purely beautiful.i can also relate to this poem in many ways..

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