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There comes a time when one person's love isn't strong enough for the both of you and one of you begins to stray the path. You begin to think to yourself, it may be time to move on. You think about all the times you had and wonder if there could have been more. When you look and see that what you have left isn't worth trying for anymore, the only thing left to do is to say good- bye on that Dreadful Day. I love you Crystal

That Dreadful Day

The Day will come when we must bid farewell to one another,
And although that day has not yet arrived,
I can, even now feel the pain and sorrow.
I wonder, can you feel it or even see it too?
Do you think these years of happiness was all it was meant to be?
Or is there more to be seen or discovered?
Look at it for one fleeting moment and ask yourself
Are you ready to give this up?
I think about it for a split second and realize,
The girl who put up with me everyday,
Listening to all of my problems, sharing my joy,
And dealing with my weird sense of humor with a warm and comforting smile,
isn’t going to be there anymore.
This is where the sorrow pours in and tears flood my eyes.
Knowing that in an instant a part of my life,
Someone who I cared for more than anything could disappear
without a second glance.
I look ahead a few years and wonder if you actually made it.
If you really became what you wanted.
But then memories arise and I go back to that day,
When the glitter of love shined in our eyes, and all of our dreams
Were a mere breath away.
And as we stood among huge crowds of people, we never felt alone,
Because we knew that we had each other, and we almost made it through.
But then it happened, some force drove us apart.
As I looked at you, and you at me, both of us saying good- bye,
I noticed a single tear of sorrow and remorse
roll from the corner of your eye,
And that’s when I knew in my heart, as we began to fall apart.
We would be seeing each other for the very last time.
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10 Visitor Comments

as i've read it. i couldn't accept that i became the character of the poem.
Wow great poem i loved it it really touched my heart. Keep writing you have a gift.
Beautiful, but sad I feel for those that have loved and also lost love. I am one of those, Only everyday I go on I have to see him, because OUR Daughter lookes just like him. And everyday I feel like I have lost him all over again. Your poem touched me I am actually still crying, "keep writing you have a gift. " A gift that touched my heart today!
i loved this poem it made me cry. it was like DANNY FORTUNATO himself looked right through me n my heart and felt and understood my emotions completly. GREAT JOB
great peom i loved it. keep ypur head up! maybe shell come back!
It was just really good and heartfelt.
I believe everyone has lost one love like that.
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i know exactly how you feel and u took my thoughts and emotions and made them into a poem.
This poem by Danny Fortunato really touched my heart. It was as if he himself looked right through me and wrote the poem of my love life. I think Danny is a great writer and i do wish to be able to hear some more poems by him.

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