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I wrote this as I continue to reflect on how letting this person into my life was so easy when he chose to be there, and how letting go is so difficult when he no longer wants to be. I continue to question what mistakes I made, every word spoken, and wonder whether I will ever truly be able to let go or move on.

For Adam

Don't cry
My Love My Life
Always isn't always, forever isn't forever
Will tears fall with every thought of you?

Don't dwell
Mi Amor
Words spoken do not necessarily last
Will I hear your voice every waking moment?

Don't think
Forever's as far as you said you would go
Feelings return like a giant wave
Will I continue to feel I'm drowning without you?

Don't question
Two who tried
One unable to continue, one unable to stop
Will I ever stop needing to know why?

Don't dream
In sleep you always return
The Knight who vowed to fight for my honor
Will I ever close my eyes and not see your face?

Don't hope
It wasn't to be
To replace you with another
Will it always be too soon?

Don't remember
Words spoken, feelings shared
Promises made
Will I ever be able to forget?

Don't forget
Causing you to leave
Will I always remember?

Don't stop
Wanting your happiness
To see your smile
Will you ever leave my heart?

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12 Visitor Comments

I love a guy called Adam, too. Everyday he's all I think about, everynight. I wake up thinking of him, i go to school thinking of him. Every action i make is in hope of him seeing me and just relising how much he loves me. He used to, and now i've let him slip away. We used to be so close, and now. sometimes he doesn't even bother to come over and talk. Maybe that's because now I love him more than a friend, I can't talk to him as myself. It's a curse. I hope one day you get your man, and one day I'll be able to speak to mine. I know I could have him. if I was me. Your poem touched me. x
deborah, these are questions i ask my self everyday.
This poem touched me very deeply. Myself just losing someone I loved dearly to someone else.
This poem really touched me. i had an adam and we only just broke up recently. i still love him and this poem explained everything i feel so well!
this pome tells a lot. i'm sorry for adam and you :(
This poem made me cry, awesome work. the one who i loved so much n lost was an adam too, ur poem decribes a lot of whats happened since he left. thank you
I know just how you feel. I had an Adam too. :( This poem was full of emotion, I really, really like it.
I've been there too. Thank you for this beautiful poem.
I had an Adam too, and I loved him more than anything. This poem is us. And this poem is wonderful!
Very, very well said.
this poem touched my heart and pierced my soul
That is one heck of a very nice poem!You must have been hurt,really hurt to make a very,really nice poem like that.You're cool!Keep it up.

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