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I have found that love is an extremely powerful force, one not to be played with. I never knew love could be so detrimental until I watched my friend be corroded by the power of love.

She met a boy and they quickly fell in love. Yet his love was not hers to have because he had a girlfriend, actually she was more like a soulmate. For months she seemed hostile and cold to the world when she realized that she would never have him. Whenever she was in need I lent her a shoulder to cry on, and loving arms to embrace her quivering body. I felt as though she may never return to the way she was, but she has. She came back with everybody's support and love.

Lost In His Love

Your words of pain enter my heart,
I can feel them,
I can almost touch them,
Yet I have no real magic,
I can only give you my love,
But love does not seem to be potent enough,
Your wounds are too deep and painful,
I enter them and try to find a resolution,
There is none,
I try to find some glimmer of hope,
There is none,
Your heart is ice cold,
No fire can melt it away,
At least for now,
Please come back to me,
Open your heart,
Open your arms,
Open your eyes once again,
You are blinded by his love,
You are fueled by his love,
But where are you,
I look into your eyes
and a vast sea of emptiness floats before me,
You have given yourself to him,
But he cannot keep you,
My search for you is not over,
You will return once again.
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i just wanted to say how sweet i think your poem was i understood it all to well because iam there myself. great job
Your poem is beautiful! It really touched home and I sent it to the person it reminded me of.Thankyou!

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