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This poem is about someone who came into my life and swept me off my feet. And then, out of no where, problems arose and I felt lost and confused. So I wrote this poem to express my feelings.

I Am Real

I wanted things to be different,
I wanted things to be true,
I can't stand my life now,
always wondering what's up with you.

You say you can't tell me,
exactly how you feel,
Sometimes I can't believe that this is even real.

I sort through the things you say,
and believe me it's pretty thick,
Just what does it mean,
when you say I'm a really cool chick?

I thought we were close,
much more than just good friends,
I feel like now you're trying
just to tie up your loose ends.

It pains me to think I'm not the only one,
I wish you would have told me
you were only having fun.

Your wife will never know,
She never will find out,
I wish someone would have told me,
that's what it was all about.

I wish you would be honest-
I think you owe me that,
I want to be a real person to you,
and not just Phat.
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9 Visitor Comments

iloveit it sounds like my life and this guy in my life buto will ill try and get over him but ilove this poem
so sad. i love it!
TYhis is the best poem i have ever read.
This poem reminded me of something that I have been through in my life and every single word I knew exactly how you felt.
You are th bomd 20
This is absolutely an awesome poem. It really touched my heart and helped me to see how I was feeling.
I went through the same thing so I can relate. He told me he loved me and that I was the ne but here I am today still alone while he is supposedly going through a divorce.
I liked the unexpected ending
this poem was so incredible! i just loved it! thats all there is to it!

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