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When you really love someone, you have to let them go sometimes. This is the internal struggle I've had with letting go. And how I wished, and always will wish, there was an alternative way to work around the problems we faced.

Goodbye my love.

Never Before

Gazing at the moon
My heart loves to the core.
For once I fell in love
like no other time before.

I met her from the hills,
just text, and window based
The butterflies set in,
with such beauty, she was graced.

With kindness and a voice
She patched up every sore
Was it meant to be,
as it's never been before?

Summer, it came with fire
For at that time we met
And as that wood door opened,
I knew where my heart was set.

Hand in hand we walked,
My faith to her I swore,
as we kissed that first sweet time
We melted on the floor.

As the leaves fell off the trees
Warmth shared through the winter,
of course we had our problems,
flicked off as though a splinter.

Lots of hurdles came,
With those came the pain.
But after all that we've endured
one fact remains the same.

Seasons spent together,
In fact, we lasted four,
the fact remains, I still love her
Forever, and ever more.

I pray that she'll come back
I Hope I'm in her mind,
So much I want to share,
Don't care if love is blind!

As she drifts away
there's nothing I want more
then to feel her love again,
As I've never felt before.
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32 Visitor Comments

I have to make the same decision to let him go. just 6 hours ago. which i thought i would have and dreamt of having a beautiful and wonderful future. Its a very very say thing. but some times it comes to a point where u have to let them go and wish all the best to one that u love. The one way to keep him forever with me is in my heart and dreams. Forever.
this poem is really good and it touched me
THos touched me in a way nothing has before. I can totally relate. You're a wonderful author. Thank You -*Kayla*
your poem was amazing and im sorry you lost her "its better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all" best wishes
This poem made me cry, it encapsulates everything I'm feeling at the moment. Me and my wife split up a couple of weeks ago, and I so want her back.
your poem is incredible, I also feel the same way about someone, I loved how you put it in the poem, you have incredible talent.
this was a great poem. u word everything perfectly. it was one of the best ones i have read in a long time. i look forward to reading more of your work.
This poem is REALLY GOOD!I have never read such a poem. It really touched me :] I would love to read more of your poems sometime. Keep up the good work, my friend! I could learn a thing or two from you
this poem touched me because it expresses a deep emotion and it was just a beautiful poem. EXCELLENT JOB
this is a really great poem, very few guys talk their feelings like that, it's very sweet.
This is a great poem. My wife just left me after three years and this is just the way I feel. Thank you!
this is indeed the best poem i have "EVER" heard in the longest time. you should go out more and share your gift. man your a great poet!dude i dont know what that chick was thinking,but best of luck in your future and hopefully she comes back,or you meet another girl that treats you better. once again man to make you feel good about your work. the "best" poem i have ever heard!
Just wanted to let you know that your poem was amazing. I hope to hear more!
ur a great poet. i wish i had someone who cared for me like that. loved the poem. keep up the great work:)
this is an awesome poem. i really dont get to hear guys talk about there feelings about girls and its good to know some guys think the same way as girls do or at least show there emotions. great job.
I think that a good poem is one that others could relate to & feel what you were feeling & I think you captured my exact feelings with this poem! You have a talent.
that is such a sweet poem!
I loved that poem because every thing that was said happended to me. I know one thing that forever and ever no one would ever compare to the woman I lost, nor do I every want to let go.
Your Poem was nice keep it up!
Thank you soo much
i just wantied to say that i really loved your poem and it shows that not all guys don't know how to wright or say how they are feeling. keep wrighting poems you are very good at it
even though you wrote this about a chic i put in his him and he to make it fit for me! i love you poem and can really relate to it! the poem is outstanding
i really loved your poem, me and my bf broke up and i really loved him and still do and that was a year ago, but your poem was very touching and it was very sweet loved it lots!
Hey, I really like your poem. It's very beautiful and heartfelt. I enjoyed reading it. I hope you continue to write poems from your heart, as you do an extremely good job at it.
I really love your poem.
My girlfriend,Fawna, and I just broke up two days ago and this poems expresses exactly the way I fell right now. We started dating in the summer and broke up a year after. So we have been together for four seasons.
It hit home very hard. Everything I am going though but I cant tell her that.
I love your poem!
cool poem
A very nice poem,distinguished in feelings and style

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