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When love comes your way you experience feelings that you would never imagine. Sometimes you feel like you don't know what you want to happen in your relationship, where you want it to go, if you want to stay with that person or move on... Right now I'm experiencing those feelings. I didn't know how to express them by talking about them, so I wrote this poem...

Where To Turn

I'm so confused
I think to myself, "What am I going to do?"
My head tells me to let go
But my heart says, "I love you"

Why do you whisper sweet words of love
As if they do not exist
I don't know why putting my heart in your hands
Is something that you insist

Can't you see
I'm more confused than you think
Don't you sense the confusion
Of the love that I speak

I have a mask protecting my heart
And when it comes to acting my beliefs
I haven't exactly done my part

I'm a confused little girl
That doesn't know what she feels
I have a lot to live and learn
I still have yet to discover what is real

You're the closest to love
I've ever felt before
But as the days pass by
I fell my heart is slipping away from you more and more

Sometimes at night when my dreams are overcoming my fears
As I'm softly sleeping in my bed
I interrupt myself from my sleep
Just to say, "This is all in my head"

People always say, "Your first love never lasts"
They also tell me "Don't worry, your day will come
Your days of loss will quickly pass"

Then where is it?
Where is my day that I will see what I want and who I am?
Where is my next love who will teach me
what it's like to tell the truth again?

I'm trapped in a cage that has no key
I want you to hold me
But at the same time
I wish that you'd let me be

Only time will tell where we stand
But no matter what happens
I always want you to know
That your heart will remain in my hands
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2 Visitor Comments

This poem hits very close to home for me and it is how I feel quite often. It was nice to be able to find something that explains how I feel. It was a very powerful poem.
Brilliant! I cried.

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