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I'm not angry, but I do vent. This is a cry for the love I miss, and the love I still feel. The apology still lingers, but I can't force it out.

Missing You

The altar for you still shines,
Dust gathers on the sides,
But nothing can ever touch it.

I was the high priestess in the temple of you.
I need you more than I need cigarettes
You appeal to my damaged radar,
You entice my fragmented heart.
I can't remember ever feeling so empty
When I'm not in your arms.

My black nails are chipping
And my eyes are more haunted than I've ever let them appear.
My dreams taste of you
And I don't know my own pain anymore.....
Intermingled and laced with the loss of you.
I do need something
And I know its you
But I can't make my mouth
Form the words that dance along my lips.
That still shine in tear filled eyes.

You are my missing pieces,
You are my soul's brother.
And I feel your presence when you drive by.
I can't love another when I love you.
I can't claim passion for life when I want to die.
You took away all the essentials for my breath....
I have no heart, I have no passion, have no emotion.
You carry it around in your chest,
My heart still beating in you.

If I was stronger
I would tell you
I need you even more
Now that you're not here.
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6 Visitor Comments

i loved it!
a truly beautiful poem.
Says everything I am afraid to utter for fear I might stumble upon another silent painful heartache. missing you so. I've never needed you more. Dearest JOSH
I understand exactly how you feel. This poem touched my heart because I am going through that same pain. I liked it very much.
Well your poem i read touch me

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