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Sometimes we cannot always be where our heart longs to be. Yet if we have shared our heart with the person we love and they have shared with us then that part always remains, no matter the circumstances. If there is someone you love and can't be with them, find yourself in this poem. And by touching yourself, you will touch them.

Touch Yourself And You Touch Me

I understand the why
Yet I cannot grasp the how;
But if this is the way you must handle us
I will try to understand somehow.

There is one thing that I ask
As you walk away;
Please create a corner in your heart for me
So at least, there, I can always stay.

You will always be my love
That will never change;
Though we are going separate ways
That fact remains the same.

I know we must let each other go
Circumstances force us to set each other free;
But today, I give back to you . . . your words -
Touch Yourself and You Touch Me.
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36 Visitor Comments

I love this poem it was great and understanding
I love this poem. It tells me and others how we should act and how are love ones and ones that were onced loved are still apart of us in a way that is secret to you, not others. It tells me instead of getting hotheaded at the the time of breakup just ask for him to always remember me in a way that is good
I loved your poem it really touched three months ago me and my bf of 7 months broke up and i am still bealing with the pain. Mostly because he recently told me he had a new gf and i am really upset about it, because i still love him and want him back. I was hoping that in a couple of months we could try again but now the realization that it might not happen hurts a whole lot. I am thinking about telling him but i don't know yet. I hope you keep on writing your poems have a way of touching people's souls.
The poem did touch me and brought tears to my eyes!
This poem really touched me. In fact, it brought tears to my eyes. I am right now going through the hardest breakup of my life. The one man that I truly love, and always will love just walked out of my life. This poem is GREAT!
I understand this perfectly because this is what I am going through right now. Very touching.
yes ! i love it im going thru the same thing in the poem ( without touching myself ) you couldnt have written it better !
Wow, reading this poem, it was just like how I feel on the inside since my boyfriend left me! This is one I will definately keep forever!
this poem relly touched me due to the fact that i have just lost the greatest love of my life, i believe that it happened for a reason, and i got a copy of the poem to send to him, because the words are so beautiful and so true in our case, thank you for a great website and for posting such great poems on it!
I like this poem because that is how me and my boyfreind were. We went our sepreate ways and I asked him to make sure that there is still a place in his heart for me and I told him that you never kbow if I am coming back to you. Well I went back to him and in his heart there was still a place for me, now we have been togehter for 2 yrs. and we our loving each other more than anything.
that was a touching poem . I really loved it and it is exacly how i feel expect that i coudnt put the pain in words. What i mean by pian is that my true love left me and i still LOVE HIM SO MUCH BRENDON I LOVE YOU.
VERY good job. this made me cry. NEVER stop writing
My fiance and I just broke up. I printed this poem and gave it to him today. It said along with the poem that it came from the heart and to be quite honest this poem is perfect. I didn't find one that was better than this one. I can feel the pain and pride behind this poem. Whoever wrote this poem felt at one point exactly the way I do right now. Thank you for writing such a wonderful poem.
this poem is the poem i would give to my him, we had to separate for a stupid reason, we still love each other very much but we know we cannot change the fact that we cant be together, thank you for typing this poem, it puts what i feel in words. keeping writing!
this is a beutiful, touching poem!
I know whow you feel it muct be hard i felt the same way way when my first true love walked away from me it was so hard to see him go i loved him so much to this very day i set and wonder if he still loves me i trully feel your pain
This poem is great to put some understanding into some one or the words they can't say when they are going through something of this nature. This is a beautiful reprecentaion of life with words.
this is da most beautiful poem . i just loved it. i dont have words 2 say 2 my beloved but dis poem said it all.
This poem touched my heart in a very special way, as I am loosing the love of my life.
That is the song of my heart. I hope it will help other hearts.
When i read that poem it was the one that was jsut for me. So am going tp print this out. Cause i think this poem fits me. thanks for your time
I loved your poem it was very pretty i printed it and gave it to my boyfriend and he said it was really pretty
Beautiful. it touched my heart, and surfaced tears I had been hoding back, only because I have lived those words. Thank You
nice ;)
I realy love your poem. it had a special meaning to me. Your poem really touched my heart in a way that I couldnt explain. Thanx for writing this poem and putting it out here for people to read. I'd love to hear more!
Yesterday I lost the most treasured love of my life. Your poem was solace to my heart.
I liked this poem very much because it is very real. I am going through a situation that this poem describes in the perfect way. She has done a wonderful job.
so true and so sad. i wish you all the very best
This poem describes EXACTLY how I am feeling. Thank you for sharing this
I really enjoyed readin your poem and it was so sweet!
This poem is the greatest. Maybe because of the circumstances I'm in at the moment (Having to let a lover go).
this poem touched my have really nice poems.i love your poems!

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