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This is a poem for those of us who naively refuse to take "no" as an answer and/or "suffer from amnesia." May we one day lose hope and never go back again.

Fool Again

I guess I love it when you break my heart,
broken mirrors are nothing to broken memories,
and my memory is broken,
I always forget that you broke my heart,
and here I go again, a fool again,

but I don't care baby,
because my memory is broken
and I can forget the answer that you gave-
twice a negative and still I think positive,
fool again,

You're my best friend,
but this is a job with no added benefits,
with no chance for a raise,
an occupation for hopeless optimists,
a fool again,

I wandered away
and it just took two rainy days,
and now I wandered myself back again,
just in time to seek my sunny day,
I know stupid mistake,
fool again,

I guess I love it when you break my heart,
I'm just a hopeless optimist,
here I go again,
always a fool again.
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7 Visitor Comments

yea. poem is good very good
this poem go to me because i can relate to it its true you love and you forgive and forget evertything the have done love ant only happiness love its pain that kills youre heart little by little
wow, just wow. Kinda stabs at the heart.
this poem rocks. i can totally relate to it.
Wow! Memories! I love this poem and I can definitely relate.
Great Poem I can totally relate to it. Keep up the great work
I can REALLY relate to this poem. Nice work, really.

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