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This poem is about someone that meant a lot to me. He made me smile without even trying, but when it came to breaking my heart, he did all that he could. I thought that I could trust him with everything that I had to give to him, but he proved me wrong. He betrayed me and took advantage of the way I felt towards him, and because no one had ever done that to me before I didn't know how to handle it. So, I wrote this poem about how he made me feel from the beginning to the end of our relationship...


My body; my hands
Reaching and searching for you
To feel; to grasp
To hold you close to me

My mind; my thoughts
Contemplating what you want me to do
To make you happy; to smile
To make you appeased

My eyes; my ears
Pondering everything you say
Every move your body makes
Craving to see; to hear
Everything you do

My mouth; my skin
Here to give and still take in
To enjoy; to give pleasure
Here for your desires;
Most of all you

My words; my breath
Whispered and released just for you
To hear; to feel
To move you inside
They strive to keep your spirit alive

My touch; my caress
Filled with love to ease your pain
Here to help you relax; to clear your mind
Give you a reason to set everything else aside

My feelings; my heart
So much to give, but still enough room to receive
I need to need love to keep me strong

My life; my world
All shining bright when you were around
Dumped then crushed,
Everything gone wrong

My anger; my pain
Growing stronger everyday
So confused
So many questions
They will go away with time

My mistakes; my regrets
All thrown into a sea of forgetfulness
Never to appear again
Never to haunt my dreams
All away from me now

My happiness; my emotions
All given back to me now
To stay; to remain
Waiting to be given to someone better than yourself
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5 Visitor Comments

this poem is very touching in many ways. it reminds me of me and my boifriend and how i feel for him. thanks soo much and keep up the good work!
I feel as if I can relate to the way that Liza was feeling when she wrote this poem. I went through a terrible break up with my first love. He meant so much to me and so I gave so much to him. I knew that our love was fading so I gave more to him to try and keep him... Instead of finding myself even more hurt than I was before I tried to keep him. I sacrificed so much and gained nothing. Liza, thank you for putting my feelings into words...
I have read so many great poems on this site and your is one of them!!
Thank you for sharing your experience. I can relate to all of this, as I'm going through a similar situation right now. It is good to be reminded of the "light at the end of the tunnel".

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