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A old friend of mine--Sean Porter--and I wrote this back in high school. Although our experiences were different and happened at different times, they are summarized by this poem. This kind of resolution to a relationship happened to me more than I care to think about.

She Said

Sorry, sorry, sorry, she said,
I’m not myself today.
I can see your lips move,
But I can’t hear a word you say.

Love, love, love, she said,
Is a feeling I might recall.
I lent out my heart to you,
But I didn’t understand it at all.

Sorry, sorry, sorry, she said,
Our stage is set to play;
But the sun isn’t out tonight
To burn our fears away.

Time, time, time, she said,
Tell me what it’s done for you.
Seems to me to be an obstacle
And it’s corroded my soul through.

Sorry, sorry, sorry, she said,
In time you’ll get past your pain.
And when the noonday sun ascends
You’ll feel yourself ripe for change.

Life, life, life, she said,
I could throw myself into a wishing well;
And chances may turn to change,
Or remain the same just as well.

Life, life, life, she said,
May at time be cruel to you.
I’d rather you not think of me that way;
There’s nothing I can really do.

Sorry, sorry, sorry, she said,
If you feel shackled to this day.
I really feel the time has come
To go our separate ways.

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3 Visitor Comments

Really awesome poem. I had one with the basis of this. It's incredible and a great job.
this poem is so tight dude! write some more!
The flowing verse coupled with repetition in this poem reminds me of the repetition of sadness and heartbreak that so many people face in this world. That said, the style of this poem really adds to the lasting effect it leaves.

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