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I wrote a few poems when I was in high school. They really weren't written for anyone. I just got ideas from reading other poems. I hope you enjoy them. Never really shared them with anyone except a few close friends.

Would really like to hear feedback. I would also like to set up a website for poems. I love collecting them. If you have any please forward them to me. I have a poem collection book and welcome all poems.

Don't Look Back

Don't look back
When you head for the door.
'Cause if you do,
It'll hurt even more.

Don't stop to explain,
Don't tell my why.
If you're going to leave,
Just say good-bye.

I love you, I'll miss you,
But I can make it alone.
I want you, I need you,
But I can hold my own.

'Cause I can't tie you down,
You've got to be free.
I can't make you love
Only one girl... Just me.

So don't look back,
I'll tell you again.
Just kiss me good-bye, darling...
If this is the end.
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29 Visitor Comments

your poem really touched me
i really like this it reminds me of one person that hurt m and it also gives hope that i will find loove again
i cant say a word cause this poem is really good. i think this person should enter a contest.
b-hams fimest
thats is what im talkin about jus let em' go
this is a really good poem i can so relate to what you are saying that is so what i am going through.
really touching poem and more people need to read it. Only if more people could say how they feel in a poem like that.
This poem rocks and I love it so much. It was just the words I was looking for.
Very good poem. I needed this not to long ago. Wish I could have found it sooner.
this peom is off the chain. its so tru. this b one of the best poem ive read.
your poem it's just amazing !
this is a great poem me and my boyfriend just broke up and it reminds me of our breakup
this poem truly explains how i feel. i can relate to it so much. i just recently had my heart broken and this poem made me realize i need to move on. thanks
You're absolutely right! If you're gonna leave, leave! It's like when you try to peel off a band-aide slowly it hurts, you just gota rip it off as fast as you can!
the first time i read this poem i was in 7th grade after reading this poem i started writing my onw poetry. i was touched by this poem iam not sure why but this is one of the greatest poems i've ever read
i love your poem. i'm sitting here at work with uncontrolable tears. thanks
This poem is beautifully written. Recently I went through a similar situation when I had to force the one i loved make a decision.
This poem I heard back in high school 7 years ago, are you sure you're the person that wrote it?
that was a great poem please keep writting. keep it real
i really loved this poem it hit a spot in my heart
I really liked your poem. It touched me. Im going through a end to a relationship right now and i wish he would just leave.
The poem struck me! The poem reminded me of someone I used to love.
This poem is beautifuly written, thoughtful and touching. Everyone will go through this throughout life, not that the pain lessens as it happens over and over. However there will always be that one person who will stand out from the others. Oh ADZ.I hope you see this.
I believe this poems has a lo tof potential. It no t only makes you thinking about your inner self but also make you hope for goals of unselfishness. I really like the poem.
Beatifully poem Its nothin but the Truth
I can relate to this poem because if the person you are with is not treating you right and you don't want to put up with that mess. You don't want to hear their excuses, they shouldn't even look back. I have felt this way before. That's why I enjoy this poems soooo much.
I really enjoyed your poetry. Continue to write I think your very good
I loved it, so true, so real, so touching. as they say the truth hurts, and everyone can relate to "Don't Look Back".

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