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I had been writing since childhood, but it wasn't until my second marriage that I started seeing my work published on a national level. An article here, another one there, never for very much money. But it helped instill some small confidence. I started to believe I actually had something to say, and maybe even the skill to say it.

A few years passed. Then my wife, the woman most responsible for helping me find the courage to submit my work, decided our marriage wasn't enough for her. She left me. For another.

And I discovered that all the words I thought I knew, and all the skills I thought I had, weren't enough.

What Else Can I Say?

I said I loved you, Darling,
And gave you all my heart.
Yet you chose to leave our love behind,
You chose for us to part.

What else can I say, My Love?
I know this language well.
Was it the words of love I spoke?
Or was it the words I didn't tell?

For if that's the way I failed,
And you chose to leave that day --
I'm sorry, My Love . . .
What else can I say?
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20 Visitor Comments

The helpless is well said and the emotion is so true. Life goes on. Life goes on!
hi very good
i love that poem. I can relate to that alot
one of the best poems i have ever read.
this poem is so pretty!
I love this poem! It touched me because it also happens to me. hope you keep writing because your really good. !
It's treuly awesome!
Beautiful poem. I have been there and still after a year I love him. I do not know why we parted, he just suddenly left. I never saw it coming. Now, he embraces another woman and I am still in pieces. Wonderful Poem. Sums up all the sadness and loss of words.
Beatifully crafted, very succinct. Touched a chord by a reminder of a woman I had wronged and tried so hard to win back. Talked and talked it through with her. In the end I had to give up on the dream since I was all talked out. "What else can I say".
will i thin this a is a good poem and it is like hoe i fell to my love devin and ben
i just got out of a relationship dat took my heart away wen i found out dat she liked sumone else in- stead of me. i really liked her and thought yur poem was really good.
hey i know how u feel. i lost my guy and i didnt know what to say. i told him i was sorry. he didnt give me a second chance. u are the best poet. i love your poem.
Excellent, very well written!
Simple, sad, true.
Beautifully crafted expression; I've often wondered why we only have one word for such a profound and important emotion.
When I read this poem, I did shed a few tears, because I am a woman, and I know exactly how it feels to wonder and ask questions that you really want to know about the unknown. I mean, WHAT MORE CAN I SAY? I did extremely enjoy Ron's work of poetry. Keep UP THE GOOD WORK!!
Really beautiful poetry *clap*
I believe this is a very beautiful poem.. I am a amateur poet.....
i love it 'cause i too have been through this. i still don't know why she left me. it was almost3 years ago, and still i'm in pain. my only wish is that she tell me why. maybe something i said or i did'nt, maybe something i did or did not. my questions will always remain unanswered now 'cause she's married and won't meet me and i will never interfere in her life again.. from someone who understands.

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