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This is a poem about the loss of hope, the loss of love, and the loss of reality. Written for personal reasons, it has taken on a life of it's own. And this feeling haunts to this very day.


all I can see.
nothing remains.

dripping slowly away
the tides recede
and I stand

I look down from the precipice
that is my life
and wonder where the tides go.

will they return to fill
my gaping soul?

or will the waters dry
to flow no more
and leave me standing
and breathless?

all I can do is

watching from my precipice,
all I can do is wonder.

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19 Visitor Comments

i vote you're poem 10/10 becuase it reflects on my life with my dad as i always hoped that he would ring me for my birthday or christmas but he never did i thought i wasnt part of his life and the poem is exactly how i feel. i losted all my hope and i am now 12 and he has never rang me ever. please write more poems like this i love them.
u better win cause i put my vote on u k
Heyy. this is a really nice pome. its kinda what i feel in ways. from the years i lived. but yeah ceap up the work i will be checking for more. from. Jodie
I think you are in the position has iam now
Sadness will always remain
This poem is really nice and has touched till the bottom of my heart!
Never alone. love stands beside you, always!
i think this poem is awesome! great writing
This poem realy touched me i realy admire sad poems this one realy hade this edge that just made me feel something special about this particular poem.
i lyke your poem cause it give back my memories bout my grandpa cause my grandpa passed away by a heart attack
hey dat was a good poem its sad and it makes ppl think good jod ! keep on do wut u do :) ilona :)
that is amazing jade, you could write an antology with swtuff like that. You have a real way with words and that is a real gift. It describes how i sometimes feel perfectly. ;-)
This poem was very well done. It expresses a rough moment I'm going though, I guess that's why it caught me.
Really appriciating the author. It seems - all words came from the bottom of his heart. It reveals his stoic nature.
this was a really good poem and i like it a lot keep uo duh good work :oP
this is a very good poem and very true
Jade sometimes we need to just turn around and walk to a new beach.
great give it a 10!
Th poem expresses how I sometimes feel with my friends.

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