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Pledging devotion to a married woman, in the course of my own disintegrating future - insanity. But can you ignore the heart? Is it time to believe in omens? The gamble of a lifetime - and I have only one to give.

Rose On My Table

There sits atop my desk a white rose
A great silken blossom larger than my open palm
Sustained by something so ever simple as clear
Fresh water, unperturbed in a slender fluted glass.

The white rose stands for pure love, she said.
My wife, last night, said as we ate supper,
I don't know what it means.

And it sits there my
White rose, unmoving and steadfast for
Weeks, months! I know because
I have counted the days -
Since she found out
My wife, months ago, that I kissed your mind.

It has quietly sat there, my
White rose, through the storm front:
The wronged love,
The gut-wrenching search for soul-truth,
The secret, unrepentant conviction.

And now, my poor
White rose, now, in the
Eye of my storm, in the
Deceiving calm -
Will you still be there,
When the consequences of my
Decision come to pass?

Do you know what the yellow rose stands for? she asked.
My wife, last night, asked as we ate supper.

It stands for friendship, I said
And ate, and
Stared at the vibrant, young yellow
Rose on the table, between us.
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15 Visitor Comments

this is sortove like my relation ship (ex) with ma boyfriend
This poem moved me to tears, which I seldom feel. Very nicely done.
aww i thought this poem was really sweet ^_^ i like it alot
This poem was heart wrenching, and touching. A testament to love found and lost.
No flaws. This poem has to be one of the most meaningful peices of work i've ever read.
I am wondering . If anyones heart is big enough to forgive nad become friends after such acts. True Love is such a vow. when one is unfaithful and the other is able to forgive. I have had a hard time finding words to express the heart they must have. This peom is beautifully written adn depicts the character of a wife. many of us would fail in her comparison
very good
oh my god!it is a really sad poem. very well written. deep impressions left. touching.
This poem is GREAT. one of the best I have read. I loved it!
Excellent. Very Deep & Searching
That was an awesome poem! It was so well written, and very true.
I really liked that poem it showed alot of feeling

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