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This is a poem I wrote pertaining to what I knew would happen if I really did talk to this certain person about what's happening to me.


I stared past my preacher
as he lectured me,
tears poured down my face
I knew what this was
I needed no lecturing
I only came to him for help
all I needed was moral support
I looked into his face
I knew what he was saying,
(the same as everyone else)
though I heard no words
I only cried harder
I understand everything
I don't need people to tell me what's wrong
he seemed to be my last resort
he was the only person I had left to turn to
and he had failed

now what?
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23 Visitor Comments

nice one,keep up the good job!
Oh, I give this 5 stars
I was deeply saddened by this poem. I am sorry that you feel these feelings. I knew that I wasnt the only one, I've just never met another who had the same feeling of aloneness that I had. Beautiful work!
i am having a really crappy day something has triggered me off im ment to be doing work in class but all i find myself doing is reading poems and this one is amazing really it is the bit where you said you were my last resort and you failed really touched home its nice to know that someone else can relate to whats happening and put it in words thankyou very very much annabelle
Steven D
"Please take the matter that inspired you to write this one,. to one who listens kindly and lovingly, pataint and fair,. "Not the Man,. you need to take the matter too,. "but, the ONE whom the one whom failed you my freind,. "Go ABOVE his understanding and Head",. "vea-con-dios". (walk with GOD) "good write,. wish you the best,. Sincerley: *Steven.
yours is great. when we have no one, still there is God who will continue watch us over
This poem was really pure. It showed how people like me turn to the last person and they let them down. I loved this poem because it describes me, while I can't write poetry. Thank you for writing this poem and showing all people that life isn't like a fairy tale- always having a happy ending.
i liked this poem 'cuz it kinda shows how i feel,when you try to talk to the right person but it doesn't work out the way you wanted and then you feel lost.
I loved it Ya see i just lost my grandpa this morning at 4:30am And i'm pretty lost and it made me feel like I was'nt alone like there was more people out there ya kno. I'm a 17 yr old and I feel just as lost as what the poem expresses Thanks for allowing me to read on
I love that poem cause it relates to me so much cause now i don kow what to do cause he is my last resort and he has faild so yea i love this poem and i love the structure GREAT JOB swetti
There are no words to describe that poem. it is almost like it was writed for me it is so acurate.
i loved ur poem. i thinki have the answer though. God is the next person to go to. he is the 1st person acutally in my life i hope he is for u too.
i loved this poem i sent it to my friend and she loved it to keep up the good work your poems are very touching
This is a beautiful poem. I am really touched. I have felt this way many times before. You have a wonderful talent.
it great
Good poem! I have felt like that to when i have no-one and he doesn't guide me. It hurts. feel better. GREAT poem!
Hey! I just wanted to tell you that I absolutly loved your poem, that is the way I feel everyday of my life, like there is no one left to turn to. Well thanxs for sharen!
This poem was not meant to be beautiful,or good. It was a message of feelings and it was well thought. I like the poem on the scense that i do as well understand what the pastor is saying but I choose not to listen so I feel he has failed me. I'm glad that I'm not the only one.
larisa..good poem, there is someone else to turn to, here's a hint.he's been with you all along
it was great ,it touched me so much that is the way i feel
I give this poem a 10. I thought it was just beautiful. It touched home is some sense. Thank you for sharing.
this happened to me today, i felt so bad and i still do. When i read this poem i felt a little bit better.
Hello Larisa, Thank you! for writting this poem. It touched my heart and I hope it'll touch others.Where do you go when you have nobody to rely on?

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